Please share experience with Belgium agents European Sport horse Imports

I am looking at importing a horse from Europe. I’ve imported quite a bit in the past with the same agent but I’ve found one with a different agent I’m interested in. The agent representing the horse is European Sport Horse Imports.

Any experiences to share? Honest? Concerns? Good or bad ?

Thank you!

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Have a friend with a not-so-great experience, but the gist is the same for most euro brokers— if you have your own references of people with a “name” to them, you likely won’t get screwed. But… never say never. I’ve known and experienced certain brokers to be wonderful, while others have had bad experiences with the same people.

I would say based on their social media presence that European Sport Horses is decent, just take that with a grain of salt

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We just imported a young horse from them and it was a good experience, based on that I would recommend. As we were in the process, we reached to out a a number of people who had purchased from them previously and only heard positive feedback.

Our horse arrived, if anything, nicer than represented, personality wise, maybe a little greener but we knew that after speaking directly with their rider. Happy to share specific details via DM if you’d like

Hi! I have imported two amazing horses from Jessica (European Sport Horse Imports). Both were exactly as represented and she’s wonderful to deal with. Have had a lot of success in the hunter ring including WEF. Would be happy to share my experience as I plan to buy again.

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Hi! I purchased 2 from them, both young (4 & 5) but accurately represented. She was very honest with me in everything, handled the vetting well, and I felt like personally cared about how the horses were when they arrived & I started riding. We have kept in contact regularly showing her the progress & they have been nothing but a positive experience for me, I am looking forward to importing through them again. Both horses were sound, X-rays matched the correct horse, in good flesh, and well mannered like they had been handled well. Definitely a thumbs up from me!

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I actually worked for European Sport Horse Imports as a rider a few years ago. I was there for the day to day care of the horses, trying new sales horses and the weekly competitions so I feel that I can say I have seen the whole process and stand behind them 100%. The whole team is extremely honest and all the horses were accurately described to client and matched appropriately to the rider. Jessica rode in the US originally as well so she does a good job in presenting horses matching American training styles - especially hunters. I ended up purchasing a horse from European Sport Horse Imports myself and he is so wonderful, overall highly recommend.

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I am an outlier from the above positive experiences, and the horse was retired to pasture within 6 months, then put down within a year of import as it was neurologic. I specifically worked with them because of the good reviews and the hope that if something went sideways, they would make a real effort to make things right. That did not happen. Please feel free to PM me.


Hi there, this is Jessica from European Sport Horse Imports. I sincerely do not recall any horse that was put to pasture let alone put down! we always try to find a solution if there’s an issue that we believe we are responsible for. Can you please whatsapp me with details because this is a mystery to me

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I have lots of experience with European sport horse imports. Jessica is hands down the best! I have done multiple Horses with them as well as flown to Belgium to meet her and her business partner. Jessica is honest, hardworking and will always try to make everything right by the client! Every horse I have received as been exactly what she described and she has always been very easy to connect with should any questions arise. She is my number 1 go-to in Europe! Feel free to call me with any questions I may help with.
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Hi, recently imported and had a fantastic experience with Jessica and European Sport Horse Imports! I was referred to them by a friend that imported from them years prior and raved about them! They made the process smooth and simple and answered every question I had! I loved how they kept me updated on him since his import was delayed due to weather state side! Once he got here, he was not only exactly as described but honestly exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend them and I will use them again the next time I import!

A thread with a bunch of new and/or long dormant members posting glowing reviews is always… slightly suspect :wink:


Really with this? Ask the clients directly then :wink: of course I asked my good clients to chime in. They’re available for references anytime! Anyone who really knows us knows how much we care for our horses, how honest we are and how good hearted. It’s all transparent.

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Better yet, scroll through the ESHI WINNERS highlights on Instagram. Speaks for itself.
I will now exit this chat to take care of my horses :wink:

Also with a pattern of most of those new posters starting their reply with some variation of “Hi!”, which is a bit unusual on a message board…


We have imported three with them, and all three have been exactly as described. All three were purchased without us traveling to try them in person. We just asked LOTS of questions, and asked for specific video footage of whatever else we wanted to see (beyond the sale videos), and that allowed us to make more informed decisions.

I, personally, trust them as sellers. Yes, at the end of the day, their job is to sell horses, but, they have always been honest in answering our questions, forthcoming in any issues or quirks with the horses, and they are rather selective with the horses they accept as sale horses in the first place.

Hope this helps, and good luck in your search!


I have imported 3 horses, in the last 2 years, from Jessica and European Sporthorses. Yes, I have heard the horror stories about importing in general but all 3 of these horses were exactly what was explained about the horses. People often tell me there is no way you can get 3 great horses imported sight unseen and be this good. Yes, there is and we did. What I love about her is she is honest and funny and made the whole experience enjoyable. She went above and beyond to explain things. They were in great shape when they arrived, calm and relaxed considering what they have been through to get to the US, and all have puppy dog personalities. Each of these horses ribbon at every show and are Champions in most divisions. She also loves seeing her horses do well and will post about it. We can’t wait to buy from her again. Best wishes to you and your new horse.

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Houseguests all say “hi.” Don’t you know :wink:


I get what you’re saying, but I was a long time poster years ago (when we were previously in horses) but couldn’t remember my password or username so changed it. In any case…

To expand upon my earlier post, the horse we received was clearly extremely well cared for, arrived in good flesh and ESHI was in touch every step of the way. He is exactly as described, puppy dog personality, literally couldn’t be sweeter. Their current rider does make every horse look good, so ESHI put us directly in touch with her so we could discuss riding style as I mentioned, we’ve been out of riding for some time. The rider accurately described this horses’ level of greenness, so we knew what we were getting.

I feel bad for anyone who has had a bad experience in any transaction involving horses, as it does make everyone wary but it does happen even when you have long standing relationships. For example, we purchased our last horse from a trainer we’d been with for years, 4 months later, the horse ended up having to put down directly because of the trainer’s negligence and all we received was an “I’m sorry” text.

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