Ponies of the 80's and early 90's

Okay, some of us have only heard stories about those ponies you mention so here goes one for the younger crowd…

Who rode???

Center Of Attention
Farnley Tribute
Lucky Me
Special Effects
Fancy Star
Llandfalle Lady Slipper
Glenmore’s Best Shot (this one should be easy)
Touch Me Too
Brownland’s First Light
Brownland’s Third Light
Polaris Masterpeice
Polaris Starship
Captain Courageous

that’s enough for now… they all had multiple riders so you have a few chances.

Fun Thread, i can’t believe I read the WHOLE thing! Impressed that someone remembered Even Gamble and Karen Leabo, she had a really good medium too but I can’t remember it’s name.

Didn’t one of the Geitner’s (I think Daniel) do Pillow Talk?

And Rodeogirl do you remember Swizzle Sticks? And then Lizzie got a large Palomino, do you remember it’s name? And who can forget Rag-a-Muffin (not famous perhaps but notorious to be sure, tormented you by calling her Raga-T-muffin), and I have to get Whitney Snowflake Brown’s name on this thread, because he certainly belongs!! Although I do remember him running out of the ring at LV with you on him on time, ended up behind the main barn and would not let your mother get near him (he was no fool!!!). And do you remember the grey pony LV got from Firestone’s for a little girl, can’t remember name or the kid’s but it was a famous pony (also heavey, used to wear nebulizer regularly)I remember Beau Breeze for sure, didn’t Melissa Jane also have a good large?, I think it was grey. Or maybe it was a small and then she had Beau in the meds…

Catherine Miracle had some good ponies too, names are escaping me…maybe Private Eye as a large, or Dreamboat, but also had some others. Sassy Ellis rode some of Jim Chaplins ponies, but again grey matter is failing me Peaches and Cream was one for sure.

Woodlands Super Cloud is in California with Scott Wilson, Lauren Walter (I think) is currently showing him.

I can’t believe this fun thread resurfaced from a year ago! And that I have missed so many pages! This was so much fun last year during finals! Lily- remember that??

Ryan! I didn’t know you were on here! Email me!

And I just have two notes…

Bugle Boy was definitely leased from Cullen by the Lane girl at Andre’s for a while. Around 1994. And as for Pocket Rocket, i can’t remember his name, but I think there was a boy who rode with Robin Greenwood who showed it around 1991 or 1992.

Wait, I remembered his name. Justin Gregory… I think.

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Courtenay Cooper had Treasure Hunt at FFLD. The Crowley family (who had Kiss Me Not pre Sarah Prant, Galen Mica, and Silver Lining) bred Treasure Hunt. They also bred Wynette Chu’s medium pony Chardonnay. Wynette also had Captain Courageous; was leasing him to Courtney Jackson {who had Windridge Haagen-Daz after her sister, Ashley} when he passed away. Wynette also had Nautical Ned.)

Sloan Fleckman had Change Of Heart during her green year. I think Sloan may have also had Strike It Rich at some point, but my memory fails me as to when.

Merrill Indoe had Jordache; a girl at FFLD had Glannant Prelude until retirement. (Can’t remember her name at the moment!)

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Welcome to the party!

If it’s the same Turtle Express, the pony must be 100 by now! I last saw it in Canada at the Royal in Toronto about 15 years ago.

I know Rebecca! She is showing her mare Mainstreet in the A/A’s now. Did you show a lot in Zone 2 back in the 90s? I was good friends with Rebecca too, maybe you and I know each other???

Calvin & Macallan…my boys!!


We had Lucky Me as a 4 year old. Now if there was ever a pony to terrorize a child she was it!! She could stop and spin at a jump like she was doing a reining pattern. She always hated the brush under the jumps. The most annoying thing about her was she could go lay down a gorgeous first trip and then go back 2 seconds later and jump into a 6-7 stride line and get halfway down it and just spin out and run to the in gate. Thank the lord she worked out of those issues and has been a better pony for the rest of the kids who have been fortunate enough to have had her and won on her…LOL

<BLOCKQUOTE class=“ip-ubbcode-quote”><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by strawberrykiwi:
Here are some off the top of my head. I don’t know why these particular ones are coming to mind.

Number One Frog
Snuggle Up
Sligo Frank
Prince Henry
Circles In The Sand
and our old little guy… Spumoni.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

someone has prob. said this already but i think sligo frank is doing walk trot and budweiser is being shown by my friend olivia esse.

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Beajoulais(sp. is def. wrong) was trained first by Megan Gross, while Kara…(last name?) had her- before the pony got really good. Megan’s large was named Street Wise- he was really fancy. She rode w/ Louise Serio as a junior.

Who was the last person to have C’est Moi? I bought a tack trunk from her about 10 years ago, and that pony was just sitting in the backyard. She had a sister who had also done the ponies, and they got a green large from Jimmy Lee. The kids lost interest and quit.

I remember that I bought one sister’s tack trunk and she apparently had a fit when she discovered that her Mom had sold it (like a month after I bought it!). I wound up getting the other sister’s tack trunk instead. It has the name Kerry on the cover–got, who were they? They lived on Berryville Rd in Seneca, MD.

We have Buttons & Bows at our farm now, she is a wonderful pony, we all just adore her. She is still going strong… and let me tell you… that pony jumps SO good! and still moves great and swaps her leads… amazing.
Sage was also at my barn too… she was shown with Jesse Hoyer for a bit in the 90s… but before that I don’t know. She lost an eye due to a halter accident I do know that. I heard she died a year or two ago… she was a spectacular small pony!

<BLOCKQUOTE class=“ip-ubbcode-quote”><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by RodeoGirl:
Farnley Sun Lilly-Katherine Miracle


Does anyone know if Farnley Sun Lily is still kicking around up on Long Island? After Katherine, Abbay Brownlow (before she got Right Royal from Neely Bates) had this pony, then the Stimmels on LI, who trained with the Toppings at the time.

formerly Emily A My karma ran over your dogma.

<BLOCKQUOTE class=“ip-ubbcode-quote”><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Alex Trebek:
Original riders:

Farnley Blue Chip: Mary Ellen Coenen

Even Gamble: Janice Lee Bledsoe and Karen Leabo

Sparkle Plenty: Tres Abernathy<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Is this the same Sparkle Plenty that Saddler Gay bought through Jack Towell in the early 90’s?? A grey large pony. She rode with Jack until she quit riding, I think she had the pony a few years if its the same one. Did WEF a few winters with it.

Yeah we had Unlock the Magic at our barn last summer and then she left and I heard several much later that she had passed away


[QUOTE]Originally posted by critter915:
there was an ad in the Chronicle a while back for Captain Hook from owners the Lindners[QUOTE]

Captain Hook was one of my all-time favorites!! Cool pony! What an awesome career he had. I was so sad to see that in the COTH.

<BLOCKQUOTE class=“ip-ubbcode-quote”><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by LJD:
For Kid’s Sake was DAISY Johnson’s pony I believe. Maybe I am confusing that one and Another Kid though. I distinctly remember Daisy being reserve @ WIHS a few years back on a “Kid” pony.

Strike It Rich was for sale more than a two years ago. I think Taylor won Devon in 1998 or 1999 with her. She was up for sale shortly after, but I never heard who got her.

Pocket Rocket was in NJ a few years ago, maybe as recent as 3-4 years ago? Very cute pony. It was showing in the Shorts I believe.

How about these ponies:

Memphis Belle - Caitlin Lane won PNHS three years (give or take) on her a few years ago. Haven’t really seen her since. Grey, medium mare.

Cookie Monster - Ancient, if he’s still alive. Was a Zone (2?) small pony champion in the 80’s I believe. Quite a spunky pony even when I rode him in his late teens.

Straight Talk - Lost track of her after Jessica Speiser owned her. Absolutely, positively my favorite pony EVER!

The Artful Dodger - Julie Befeler’s grey medium gelding.

- Lindsay -<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

“Belle” was donated to Chatham Hall and is here now. Logan Reilly showed her for about a year and was circuit champion last year in the mediums on the raleigh indoors circuit. Belle was also circuit champ in gulfport a year or two ago!

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I believe Foxlair’s Fascination is in PA with Meryl Olson, but I’ll have to get back to you on that one.


Thanks DCN!! I was wondering. He always had the rearing problem, it would resurface periodically, especially without a Depo-Provera program I’m glad to hear he found a good home; I was a little disappointed that he didn’t continue to show sucessfully. When he was on he was a heck of a pony. I think he’d be about 19 now, and he actually did barrel racing and western stuff before the people I bought him from started him in the hunters. Of course I didn’t know that until Sidelines printed a tongue-in-cheek blurb about the “former barrel racing pony recently champion at an indoor show”.
Thank you for the update

I thought Avery Dimmig’s little brother, Walker, had Yes I Can last?