Pony Stallion Meadowbrook's Special Edition

tell me about Meadowbrook’s Special Edition…crossed with a 14.0 TB Welsh cross. I want to be sure I’d get a large from him. What does he seem to through? Has be been bred to larges? What’s the temperament of his offspring?? He seems very nice.

He is a doll baby.

I’d not breed him to a mare of that size however. It’s been done before and they measured over.
We have a 2007 foal by him, and he is to die for (see the foal picture in the Pony Breeding Issue in the article about my Mom and me).

Special Edition now stands at Richard Taylors. I’ve seen him in person on more than several occasions and he is a good as he seems. I love him. He is a very nice mover also.

All babies are gentle lambs, too.

Edited to add ~ He’s 3/4 TB

You meant half, didn’t you, VABred?

OP, wanna be impressed? Do a search for his name. Lots of hits leading to pictures and information about his get.

Yes, theoretically. But, take a look at his pedigree and look at all that TB.


I love the Rain Fox babies. I have a coming 2 yr old by Hidden Creek Rain Fox out of Benlea Minuet (Shenandoah Arclight X Duntulm’s Waltzing Matilda) - stands 13.3 at 18 months and should finish at about 14.1 1/2. He is 3/4 Welsh and will be showing this coming year with Oliver Brown in Pony Hunter Breeding. He is a liver chestnut sabino.

Elvis, Rain and Web - 6-21-07 029_edited.jpg

Elvis, Rain and Web - 6-21-07 044_edited.jpg

Meadowbrooks Special Edition

I believe he has been crossed with large mares that are 15.3 and one mare that is 16.2 hands and they are all very safe, height wise 14.1 3/4 at the ages of 4 and 5 years of age. The breeders are very pleased with thier crosses with him.

That seems very very odd to me. Could happen but not something I would want to rely on. I bet many more would go over height bred that way.

Glad the breeders are pleased with that cross, but I personally wouldn’t dare breed mares that large to him.(if I wanted it to stay pony size!) To much gamble for me.:wink: That said, I would love to breed one of ours to him. I think he is stunning!

Hi, thanks for your input. I have spoken to Richard and he feels it would be a safe gamble…but, I wanted some other opinions. I have also spoken to the stallion owner my pony is by and she thinks it’s a bit risky…UGH!! I know that Richard is really smart. My pony has a lot of small in her and that is why Richard does not feel it’s risky…I have googled the stallion and it does appear his get is quite nice…and it looks like there have been a few large crosses…

I would be willing to take the gamble with your mare especially if the mare is a maiden.
keeping fingers crossed for you!

[quote=blton9th;2857790]I would be willing to take the gamble with your mare especially if the mare is a maiden.
keeping fingers crossed for you![/quote]

Thanks!! I think about about 90% sure I’m going to do it…:smiley:

He is a lovely, lovely stallion but he does throw size. Know off the top of my head of several honies. Anytime you put that much TB genetics into the equation with your size of mare you are taking a gamble. Your mare with 50% TB / he is 50% TB (prob. more)… not a reliable safe gamble. I am speaking from owning a part bred stallion myself-- one with only 12% TB genetics and I would tell you the same thing. Risky gamble. Too much of a risk. I would not even recommend it if your mare was a medium because of the risk. If you love him, find a smaller mare to use as he is nice.

You won’t get a large pony. You’ll get a small horse.

If you are determined to produce a large out of a large crossbred Tb/Welsh mare, then go with a smaller medium Welsh Section B stallion. You’ll have a far better chance of getting what you want, plus you will also be able to register the foal 1/2 Welsh.

I agree it’s entirely too much of a gamble. I’d stay with 13.1 or 13.1 1/2 and under.

Just as an aside, he stood at Fay Strasel’s for several years. http://www.sunnyscorner.net/
I’d definitely check with her on the size issue. 2008 will be the first year’s crop of foals since he’s been standing at Richard’s.

As much as I love him, I’d pass on him this time around. Like everyone has already said, that is A LOT of TB blood. I think that the odds of going oversize are far too great.

It also would give the pony brain a double whammy of a TB brain. Coming from both sides. Sometimes not the most desirable in a child’s mount. NOT ALWAYS… but having broken many, many ponies here-- the ones that come with a flighty TB brain are NEVER fun to work with and take a long time to come around to be good for kids. ( Generalization here-- not aimed the sire being discussed at all as I know he --himself is ridable and gentle).

What about breeding him to a horse??

Again, thanks to all for helping a novice breeder learn about the do’s and don’ts…I will take all this into consideration…odd thought what about breeding him to a horse?? I wonder if something at least 15.3 would evolve?? Just a thought.

Y’know, it’s a durn shame that a stallion with his potential genetic contribution to the show horse world (Thomirror (sp?) and all that–great old blood!) is limited by the size he might throw. Whaddya suppose that maybe being stood by a BNB (big name breeder) will finally get “someone” others will listen to to throw some support behind the creation of a legitimate and attractive hony (14.2+ to under 15.3) division? So far, the only old name I’ve ever heard proffer the idea has been Vince Duggan.

Well I agree with you Wynn as I love that pedigree too. That’s the main reason I bred for my colt and put a purebred Welsh mare to Rain Fox - to hopefully get a really nice large pony stallion that wouldn’t pass on as much size. I have a couple of really nice smaller mares that I don’t want to breed to Adagio because I would probably get small mediums. So my coming 2 yr old colt by Rain Fox will stay a stallion as long as he behaves and matures nicely - and only time will tell what size he will throw, but it will be fun to experiment. I do love Special Edition, but wouldn’t put a large pony mare to him. The mare I bred to Hidden Creeks Rain Fox is 13.2 1/2 and this colt will finish a top of the line large.

I’m happy to have one 15.3…as long as it’s scopey and big striped. Even if it does the children’s hunters and does not make it to the junior ring it’s still worth some good $$ if it’s fancy. I had a 15.2 roan gelding that did the children’s jumpers and she could leave strides out safely in the jump off…he’s awesome…

so, I wonder what would happen if I mixed this stallion with my other mare who is a 15.3 Swedish Filly turning 3 in March. I don’t’ think she is going to grow much (her parents are 16.1) as she has always looked mature. She is very nice and did well on the line…hmmm by brain is churning!