Pony Stallion Meadowbrook's Special Edition

SSFLandon…I think you’d get a winner.

He is SO, SO, SO nice. So is our baby. The only chance of you getting a pony is if your mare is a maiden.


if you are going to breed large ponies you do not breed large pony to large pony or horse to large pony you breed the large to a medium and or a small, but not bigger than a medium welsh

I’m not sure I agree with that statement. Perhaps in this case it would be true (who knows?) but many of the BRPs are bred large pony to large pony to get large ponies.

I think you have to look at what is behind the pony. If you breed a medium welsh B to a medium welsh B - you would probably get a medium because of the genetics behind the pony.

I wish our larges in this country weren’t always a small pony stallion bred to a horse mare. It is hard to find something to breed a 14 hand mare to to get a large when she doesn’t throw a lot of size.

Trailing of course a bit here, but size speaking… what would you breed to an 11.2hh mare to get a large pony… well something in the 13-14hh range? (Not a maiden.) I bred her to my 14hh+ in hopes of just that, but her daughter is just a coming 2yo and I’m not exactly sure where she’ll finish, but I’d like to possibly rebreed her next year. Thanks!

I think you’ll end up with a bad size, personally.

I also do not think you are going to get the size you want. It would not be safe to put the pony to a horse with the genetics you need …and otherwise–a large pony not going to happen.

I bred my 11.3 mare --Little Bo Peep-- you can see her on my webpage–(broodmare section) to my large pony stallion and the filly–coming 3 --named Empire’s Paris–you can see her on the page too-- will most likely finish a big bodied top of stick small (12.2)

Thanks, VABred and Windswept… Wow, I thought for sure I’d get some more height by using a small horse (reg. ApHC w/ quite a bit of TB way back) vs a pony as the stallion. This pony’s daughter has been taller than her since she was 5-6 months old (watching her nurse was a riot!!) Unless it’s a colt, these are keeper ponies for my son to continue moving up as he outgrows everyone else, and well I’m kinding liking the ponies, or “honies” if it were. I mean I have other horses, but he needs more confidence before he moves up to an actual horse. He also doesn’t like them REAL big, like I do. :wink: He also likes that he can “manhandle” the ponies, which is a real help.

[quote=VirginiaBred;2859710]SSFLandon…I think you’d get a winner.

He is SO, SO, SO nice. So is our baby. The only chance of you getting a pony is if your mare is a maiden.[/quote]

Hey, are you referring to breeding my small horse to him or or my Lg pony to him?? They are both maiden

While Special Edition is super nice, with your small horse, you’ve got some equally nice (in type, pedigree and produce) choices out there with 13-hand stallions. A LOT of choices, in fact. So maybe, for that mare, you might want to shop around a bit more?

PM sent to you and Virginia

Your large pony.

April Axe

for those helping me out here is the dam’s side she is by April Axe whom I know little about other then he did produce some hunters


I adore April Axe. Just last week saw a lovely TB out of an April Axe mare by Forest Service.

I was impressed!!!

April Axe

great to know Virgina…I had heard he was well liked but, don’t know any horses with his breeding. It’s like the game clue when you buy a pony and only know 1/2 it’s genetics…ha!!

I have to disagree as we always breed crossbred large to crossbred large and we have had all of them stay ponies. The one that we had go over was out of our large pony mare by Rofantina Gold Soverign, who is a small pony!

Interesting to me–as a mare with those same blood lines-- had a foal by my large + stallion and it went over . I thought it had more to do with the 50% TB genetics in the equation. Ever since, I have cautioned mare owners about breeding to my stallion if there is 50% TB in her pedigree -regardless of how tall the mare is.

the mare was 13.2 

By Rowfantina Gold Sovereign out of Sincerely

How big is Rowfantina Gold Soverign? Wonder if he is on allbreedpedigree?
Is he known for throwing size?

Rowfantina Gold Sovereign is really small, 11.3 I think.

That is really small.
Is there a website?

No web site. He stands at Champlain Isle Farms in VT. I don’t know if he’s known for throwing size because he’s pure Welsh … no TB in there. The mare was a 13.3 h Wel/TB Woodlands mare that had a lot of TB in her. She went on to breed to my stallion who is also a TB/Wel and is 14.1 and produced 5 foals all of which are larges. We have typically breed large crossbred to large crossbred and like I said so far the only one to go over was the one that was bred to a pure Welsh. Go figure. It could just be our ponies :wink:

Bred my 13.1 1/4 hand crossbred mare by Carolina’s Red Fox (her dam was by Al Marah Lord Elope so there is some size behind her) to Meadowbrook’s Special Edition and got a huge baby that came out with the longest giraffe legs I have ever seen. He is a 2yo now and has grown but seems to be filling out more than up. I was scared of his size because we have never had anything this big as a weanling. And I will most likely be holding my breath up until he gets measured as a 6 yo. But I have to admit, of her all her babies (and I have bred her to purebred welsh stallions 3x and a Connemara 1x) I like him the best as far as attitude and general common sense. I rebred her back in the hopes I’ll get a filly to replace her.