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Posture Prep = Amazing!

I used the posture prep on my more sensitive girl tonight. She enjoys grooming, but has always had spots she dislikes.

What an interesting contrast. Her skin was much more loose and pliable than my other mare, however, she did not want pressure. There were times I got some very serious warnings from her, especially on her hindquarters. I had to use almost no pressure in those areas. However, like the instructions suggested, I kept at the areas for at least 30 seconds each despite her protests, just adjusting my pressure to match her tolerance.

Overall, I think she really enjoyed it. She was soft and doey eyed at the end. She also had some very bizarre places she absolutely loved, like the inside of her hocks. And posture prepping her was a lot easier than my other horse who wanted all the pressure.

I’ve got two more to try it on.


What is the difference between the Posture Prep for Horses and Dogs besides the one for dogs being half the price?

@Libby2563 I have one you can borrow to test out!

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I got one and tried it out on Lola tonight, after riding her. She can be tight, and I think her new way of being ridden, not having draw reins holding her in place, has her relearning how to balance with a rider. She loved it!

(BTW she is a BLAST to ride. Super forward and a quick study.)


I don’t have either, but the Posture Prep website says that the one for dogs (and for humans) has a thinner or less dense backing, so that it molds more easily across curves in the body.

From the FAQ page:
“All three tools are of the same material, density and design except the handle is twice as thick on the horse tool. All three are very user friendly and designed to be an extension of your hand with 26 massaging fingers that can be used with varying pressure and across the contours of the body. The three tools have different techniques for their use supported with video instructions.”


Thank you so much! In an uncharacteristic burst of profligacy, I ordered the one Tex linked when it became available again. I know, easy there big spender! But thank you for the offer and you aren’t off the hook for meeting the new donkey. :grin:


@Libby2563 that sounds fair to me!

I am lucky, I have had Dr Pat Bona come treat a few of my horses and I get the Posture Prep as part of the initial visit. She is quirky but a good chiropractor. She developed the Posture Prep. One of my favorite curries.


I have never heard of this, but I am so excited to try it now! Couple horses at my barn are meh about grooming :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Has anyone ever seen long-term changes from consistent Posture Prep use? Mine just got here today and I’m going to start using it on mare. But does fascia massage have lasting benefits? How do you know if it is working?

I have one and my horses love it. I was told that you know its working because the skin seems to “slip” over the underlying muscle with use over time - there seems to be a “pressure wave” of skin in front of the tool as I push it across the muscles. And @Texarkana, I use a lot of body weight with my arms but in general you are right its a workout!!

Something my guy really enjoys is when I get it into that crease between neck and shoulder and really dig in there… and across the muscles below the crest of the neck… it jsut gets floppier as I go along!


OK yall convinced me I need a PP for my rehabbing pasture pet who hates grooming and one for my lame dog and one for old and broken down ME.

I’ll report back . :smile:


I just ordered all three for the same reasons today. I’ll report, too.


I received mine and it’s a thumbs up for my guy (PSSM2). I do have to start light, very light over the areas he’s most sensitive. I’d also been looking for a rubber chew toy as he had a root canal on his incissor and LOVES the PP to bite down on and noodle around on that tooth. So win-win!


I tried this with a regular jelly curry the other day. My mare has been very sensitive to grooming lately but she loved this, especially on her withers and neck just below her mane. I have a sharp toothed rubber curry kinda like the posture prep I’ll try next.

I found it interesting that she says in the video that the top point of the shoulder is a huge junction for a lot of muscles to connect. How interesting that that’s the same spot horses love to groom each other. How cool that nature has evolved horses to want to massage themselves at a critical juncture.


FWIW, I did a second round on my mare who was so tight and wanted so much pressure the first time. She was definitely more loose this time and I didn’t need to put so much weight into it.

Did the PP loosen her up in a single session or did I just catch her on a bad day the first time around? Who knows.

For $10, if nothing else, my horses are enjoying the extra currying. :rofl:


Heehee, isn’t this a fun area to find out how to groom correctly according to a horse’s wishes! Mine does a little dance. If I leave the area too soon to try to groom that rest of the real estate I will find my horse leaning forward or sitting back to get to curry back in the “right” spot.


I really pay attention nowadays to the subtle reactions the horses give when we groom them.

I especially search among the newer horse grooming tools for ones that sort of mimic the horses’ innate grooming methods–the dam licking off the newborn foal, mutual grooming, the horse grooming itself with its teeth or using something to scratch against, and rolling.

The reaction from the Tiger’s Tongue seems, to me, to replicate the foal’s reaction to its mother licking it dry right after birth.

With horses who do not have sensitive skin the HandsOn grooming glove can give some results like the horses get from rolling and/or scratching against something. My previous lesson horse had a sway back that prevented the whole back getting scratched when he rolled and he LOVED those gloves.

I have not been out to the stable for weeks due to my cataract operations and my coming root canal, but the two times I got to use the Posture Prep on my current lesson horse I got the feeling from him that it was sort of similar to what horses do when they groom each other. I know this is vague, but I picked up a different feeling of satisfaction than I’ve gotten from the other grooming tools I use on him (mainly Haas brushes and New Generation curry.) This horse has not been affectionate with me, except that the first time I used the Posture Prep on him for a short time he reached out and nuzzled me for the first time ever. I am pretty sure that using the Posture Prep on him in the future will please him greatly, maybe it will even please him enough so that he shows pleasure when he sees me because I can make him feel SO GOOD.


I love reading your posts as they show you have a sensitive intuition as to the horses’ reaction.
Here’s hoping you continue to grow the bonds
you have with them.
Thanks for sharing.


I’ve been using it on my horse with kissing spine. He can be a bit weird about new sensations in his body but he’s starting to enjoy it. He really likes it between his neck and his shoulder and also his back which makes me pretty pleased!

Weird enough I had found before that he didn’t like the hands-on grooming gloves… But that was before the diagnosis so maybe I’ll try again.