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Posture Prep = Amazing!

I got those as a gift and haven’t found them to be well received by any remotely sensitive horses. I think the “teeth” are pretty stiff and aggressive.


That’s my experience, too. Which is too bad because they are really easier to us, especially for legs.


Mine does this too! She’s definitely trained me to groom her favorite spots and avoid the places she doesn’t like as much. Now if only I could tell her I wouldn’t have to curry her arm pits as vigorously if she didn’t get them covered in mud all the time…


Now I want of these! But sadly, not available in Canada and the company doesn’t ship here either

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I’m another Canadian who would love to try one.

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Amazon carries it, will it sell to Canada?

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Amazon.ca does carry it, and it’s $62!!

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Amazon in the US will not ship it to Canada, and as posted above, Amazon in Canada has it for $62. I’m not THAT interested in it that I would pay that price lol

Just use the technique with a regular curry. You will still get the benefits. I use a regular curry and my horses still respond the way you want to seem them respond.


I haven’t proceeded to checkout yet, but it seems that amazon.com will actually ship to Canada. I know they will ship other things, so was curious why they might not ship the Posture Prep and looked it up.


ok that’s weird! I checked yesterday and said not available for shipping to Canada. I checked just now after your post and now it’s okay.


Maybe Amazon tracked the interest and changed its policy. They do know everything that we do. :slight_smile:


It still comes out to $45, so I’ll stick with my old Unigroom!

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I don’t regret buying the posture prep at all. It’s been a fun and maybe beneficial addition to my grooming tote.

But… if I were in Canada and wanted to try, I’d just buy a similar style big finger curry for a reasonable price and watch the YouTube video on the technique. Just saying.


I’m Canadian…I just put it in my cart, went to checkout and go a message saying can’t ship to this address. Dang.

I used it on mare tonight for the first time. I went into it not expecting anything and slightly leaning towards it being a gimmick more than anything else. Alas, the areas that the bodyworker says mare is sore in are the areas where the PP clearly affected her.

She was good with it in her glutes, bicep femoris, and quadriceps, but would shift away if I used too much pressure on her semitendinosus. Sensitive to it on her back if I used too much pressure but was okay with it with light pressure at first and medium pressure after a few minutes working the muscles. LOVED IT on her brachiocephalicus and morphed into the most ridiculous looking tobiano giraffe that’s ever existed! That muscle group in her neck has been pretty sore before during bodywork sessions and I could feel how tight it was with the PP. But she luuuurrrvvveddd it right there!

Overall, she was bright eyed and curious about it the whole time which she is not normally during grooming. By the end of it her head was super low and she was relaxed. Since it’s gotten colder she will slightly flinch if I use the normal curry comb or hard brush on her back too quickly into grooming, but she didn’t react at all to either. Definitely a very solid $10 purchase and absolutely an upper body workout for me lol.


I’m cheap, so I bought the $10.99 dog one. I think it’s actually better for my beat-up hands than a stiffer one would be. I used it for the first time today and got a lot of stretchy wiggly lip action–especially along either side of the crest of the neck (firmly) and the pecs (very gently.) He also really liked it up above his eyes. He was mostly pretty happy with it everywhere else, with a bit of side-eye on the flanks.


I didn’t know this was an identified “thing” but I’ve been consciously currying my horses for the past couple years. Beyond just grooming the dust off. My big, slightly downhill 17.2 gelding is very expressive about what he wants rubbed, and will freely move himself in the grooming stall until my curry is exactly where he wants it. I’ve been doing the cross-fiber motion without learning it officially, using pressure and short vertical strokes, sometimes just wiggling the skin over the muscle. He enjoys the crease of the shoulder, occasionally wither/shoulder area, and ALWAYS over his croup and SI, then down along the hamstrings. He sometimes “sits” on me with the curry over his hamstrings, applying far more pressure to himself than I would have initiated.

I don’t have a posture prep curry; I have an ancient Grooma groomer, and a newer “Curry On a Stik” that I won at a show. I use the Curry On A Stik most of the time, but I don’t find the stick handle all that useful; usually I hold it like the Grooma curry anyway. I do like it because it’s a little smaller in diameter, easier to hold than the Grooma, and the big cone teeth haven’t been worn to nubs yet. It’s also heavier in weight, and requires less force to achieve desired pressure on muscle groups (I’ve noticed fatigue complaints with the posture prep). I don’t think you have to use a particular brand of curry to get the desired effects, it’s more in how you use it and adjusting to your horse’s demands. Most of my horses particularly enjoy it, and even a typical black rubber toothed curry works too when you don’t try to use it to scrub the horse’s hair off. :wink:


Oh maybe that’s where I saw it, thanks!

Try again? I just ordered no problem. @Horse_Daft try again. I had zero problems ordering from Amazon.com.