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Posture Prep = Amazing!

I just tried again and it seems okay, however with the dollar conversion, it would have been $45, so I didn’t order


Ya’ll are ENABLERS! Lol. Bought one. Love it. Did a grooming session and my horse stood at the gate after I finished and turned him out and whinnied For More ! So I obliged.
He moves himself into position. And I’ve had him for 8 years … not a big fan of grooming. He loooooves this thing over his withers back and scapula.


HEIDI Dog Report!!
Puts paw on arm when I stop
" More, Do some more".
She loved it all over even found a sore joint.
Lots of kisses during and after. Not once did she want to walk away.
Grumpy Stoic Mare Report
Actually loved the areas of mutual horse grooming. Many contorted lips which she has never in her life done. Didnt’ want me to stop.
But not quite ready for hind end yet.
Did a 20 min. session on front and got so semi-
sedated I thought she might fall over.
Human report
So far I only did my feet but OMG, can’t believe
the feeling of relief and good stimulation.
This has to be a “healthy” tool, just based on how my feet felt afterwards.


Which kind did you use, the dog, horse and human or … ?

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I bought all 3 then mistakenly used my human one on my dog. That’d OK, I think the human and dog are the same, the horse one is sturdier and thicker base.


I just tried the new Poster Prep that I bought on my horse, and she made the exact same faces as your boy in the video. (She’s also a gray and tall–16.3).

I was kind of amazed that she had such a over the top positive reaction. She’s always liked grooming, but this reaction was a whole 'nother level!


Yay!!! So glad your girl loves it! :heart::heart:


I have noticed that though I still wake up some days with my neck hurting this does not continue for HOURS like it used to.

My right arm/shoulder gets hurting from overuse (playing Mahjong on my tablet) so I use my Posture Prep on it every day. The pain is not as bad as before. My swollen ankle (probably from my case of Covid-19 in Jan. 2020) still swells up but not as bad or for as long as before I started using the human PP on it. Wearing my BOT compression socks also helps but my ankle is not quite as bad as it was before I started using the PP on it.

I find that it works a little bit better if I used it up and down the length of the muscle fibers as well as diagonally. This is after I use it across the muscle fibers.

My neck is the big success story with me. I have been waking up with my neck hurting for almost 40 years since I had a drunk driver hit me head on one day as I was driving out to feed my horses. Nothing had worked on it as well as the PP.


Wow!!! @Jackie_Cochran, you post brought tears to my eyes and great hope to my heart. My neck has hurt ever since I had radiation. Fingers crossed. I’m thrilled for you!!!


Before my PPs arrived I called my breast cancer survivor sister and suggested she try one.
She has several other areas on her body that
would benefit from extra circulation and gentle
stimulation. Now I’m even more convinced she
would like the effects.
Just guessing that any area of our body that has
been injured, cut on, or diseased or over-used (like my feet) would benefit.
Heck my late horse used to get and enjoy
e- stim and Reiki treatments so this is much, much cheaper.


Mine finally arrived. I had been using a similar curry — long-spiked and soft — and got some happy reactions. Today I used the PP for the first time and La Mare made cooing noises, licked, smacked her lips and — my personal favorite — yawned. In the hip area she whispered quietly: “Yes, yes, yes. Yetttttttth. Yeth! Yeth! Ooo, ooo, oooooooo. YETH!”


After viewing the linked video, I tried similar curries on my boys, who loved the currying method. Based on their reactions I ordered the PP, interested to see if the real thing made a difference. I liked the combo of blunt and sharp points and loved how it felt on the deep tissue bruise of a horse bite on my upper arm from a grumpy mare.

Both boys loved the PP curry. The big grey delicate flower of a OTTB who only tolerates a tiger tongue stood quietly and even yawned. He is not afraid to express his displeasure by wiggling, nasty faces, and showing his teeth if he disapproves of a grooming tool. His little “brother” a morgan/quarter cross who is more laid back was also happy and relaxed. He did have an opinion about the amount of pressure around his wither area. He turned and gently took it from my hand and dropped it on the ground. I took the hint, and he has not seen fit to take it away again.


If you compare the green dog tool is a bit sharper than the blue human tool. You can easily feel the difference on your scalp.


Love the video share and preface.


I had to report back today about our latest PP experience. So I’ve got this mustang w PSSM2 who has not liked grooming…but he likes the PP. He’s got an old wicked wicked 3in long - indent scar over his bony prominence at his hip and I’d wondered just how much a scar like that might interfere with a lot. He didn’t like it groomed or much touched. Until the PP.

He’s allowing me to gently go over the area. I’d been reminded not long ago that scars can really be uncomfortable with their adherences and tightening down tissue. This guy has been like peeling a giant onion and finding one thing after another and each one improving things a little. A girl could like seeing the PP move things forward a couple squares.


Today I used it before and after the ride, both times w a few squirts of Sore No More. She was OK w the first treatment but got REALLY into the second round.


You all convinced me to get one; it’ll be here in a few days. I’ve been using my Haas curry and my very old Grooma curry in the same way. My pony likes having anything done to him so I’m not sure I’ll notice a difference with the PP (like I need another grooming tool!)


I ordered one last Friday and it arrived yesterday. I’m in Canada so thought it would be longer than the expected date of tomorrow! I used it yesterday and pony for sure enjoyed it. When I used it on his hamstrings he was racking back and forth. When I used it around his hips there were non-stop yawning releases! I’d call that successful!


Now temporarily out of stock on Amazon, 50+ sold in the last month! COTH should get a cut of sales :joy:


Jelly! Mine got lost (or something - unclear from the updates) and they are shipping another.