Potentially awkward - sweating thru breeches at shows

If it’s humid all the wicking fabric in the world will only help so much. The air around you is too wet to help you out.

Always maxi-pads are your friend.

Coolmax type show shirts, polos, etc do help a lot. But there’s only so much a powder or fabric can do. When you’re pouring sweat all over, something’s gotta give.

While I do not have an issue sweating on my lower half I will say that I sweat a ton when I ride (and just in daily life unfortunately–hoping to talk to my doctor soon about hyperhidrosis) and I’m so glad I’m not alone! I definitely need to join the “I Sweat Like A Pig When I Ride” clique!

Thank you. Seriously, every one of you who has responded, thank you! I’m so glad to see I am not alone. Just posting this made me so nervous.

I will definitely check out the Ariat Pro Circuits. If they really don’t show anything, they are obviously going to be worth their weight in gold for someone like me.

I will also mention hyperhidrosis to my doctor. Maybe she will have some ideas, too.

If anyone has any other ideas I think we would all love to hear them! :yes:

Can I just say, looking back, a bunch of us girls used to giggle at the sweaty older ladies after their lessons and especially at one that had the “butt circle”. Well now that I am the sweaty older lady I realize that karma is indeed a bitch (and a bitch that is in menopause)

Anyone try this? http://www.perspirex.com
Wouldn’t help in the nether regions lol but I’m thinking might cut down on the soaking wet circles under the arms :slight_smile:

Another suggestion, try riding in underwear styled like bicycle shorts, you can get some coolmax ones or similar from sportswear stores. Although you won’t feel any cooler, they do help with unfortunate sweat spots in embarrassing places. :cool:

I have the same problem, too.:no:

I didn’t know other people were in the same situation…I usually just try to slink off and hope I dry fast.

How about an I Sweat Like A Pig When I Ride clique? LOL![/QUOTE]

Sign me up! I’m in Miami, aka “The Swamp” and whenever I’m at the barn I sweat like a 400-pound man running a marathon in the the Amazon. It is gross! I have been toying with the idea of Botox injections, but it kinda creeps me out.

I did see some seersucker breeches in Dover, which seems like a good idea. They would be quite unflattering, but then again, so are most breeches. :lol:

DrySol has changed my life!

It’s a prescription-only antiperspirant. I was worried about compensatory sweating, but my doctor and the pharmacist conferred and decided that I could cover as much of body as I wanted! They weren’t worried about aluminum toxicity apparently. They said I could even put it on my face, but I haven’t. You apply it before going to bed, and it works for 24 hours. Ask your doctor. Hope this helps.

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[QUOTE=SunBelle;5023988]DrySol has changed my life!

I was about to post this same thing!!

Probably wouldn’t help sweating in the nether regions, but is great for other places! I’ve only used it on my armpits and it’s made a huge different. I use to sweat a ton- even just sitting in class or at work- not out in the heat doing stuff, and it was really embarrassing. Anyway, the DrySol is beyond amazing. I don’t have to apply it each night, just once or twice a week and it works great!

what, you mean swamp ass? :lol:
honey, this time of year when I load my dirty laundry into the washer, the whole dang basket is cold and damp! you should see my bras!
they aren’t show breeches, but tuff rider aerocools can be completely soaked through and they show no difference in color.

if you aren’t sweating you aint riding hard enough!

I think this is definitely a fabric thing. It was unavoidable to sweat one’s ass off in the recent 90+ degree weather here in VA. A friend of mine came to watch me ride my new horse and we went into town afterwards for icecream. My butt felt so wet (and of course there was a mark in the center of the saddle once I got off) so I asked my friend (a guy, I might add), if my butt looked wet. He said no. He’s been my friend for 20+ years so I know he’d tell me.

I had Ariat Fairfax breeks on.

Well… I picked myself up a pair of Ariat Pro Circuits before I showed this weekend, and they really work! You can see water on them, but for some reason the sweat doesn’t show up. The breeches were sopping wet in some areas and you couldn’t tell!!!

So… thank you to whoever suggested them. Best $250 I’ve ever spent. :smiley:

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Wow, I’m glad it’s not just me! And I swear it never happened when I was younger!!

I’ve found the Tuffrider Aerocool work the best - nothing shows up even in the dark grey ones. They feel damp, but the don’t look it, at least!


My name is naters. My back sweats, which rolls down to my butt. Ergo, I suffer from butt sweat also.

The nice new fabrics don’t seem to help, but again, when it is that hot outside… I just say screw it, if people want to look at my 30 year old but sweat, let them have at it!

I feel your pain! It’s really bad when I sweat through my jacket and my number comes off…leared that the hard way and now reinforce my numbers w/ duck tape before putting them on! There is nothing that will cause me not to sweat (my legs sweat sometimes even when I’m wearing shorts!), so it comes down to just seeing what I can do to hide it. I have gone as far as to soak my breeches in water before putting them on just so at least the color is the same throughout and you won’t notice the sweat as much! I do think the TS 4-way stretch breeches don’t show as much as others, but it still shows.

One thing that I have found helps with having those embarassing moments when sweat has formulated around your “nether regions”, is wearing padded underwear. I sound like an old lady, but I promise I’m not and it’s a bit embarrassing to admit that I’ve tried this, but it does help and you can’t tell it’s padded when you’re wearing it. If you don’t like panty lines then your SOL on that one, but I’d rather a slight panty line than a nice big sweat stain there!

I saw a lot of small, round sweat spots right where you don’t want them at this past weekend’s eventing derby here.

sort of … um … distracting. and ick. if I knew that I had that sort of spot on my rear when I jumped I’d be mortified!

[QUOTE=Frizzle;5022745]Sign me up! I’m in Miami, aka “The Swamp” and whenever I’m at the barn I sweat like a 400-pound man running a marathon in the the Amazon. It is gross! I have been toying with the idea of Botox injections, but it kinda creeps me out.

I did see some seersucker breeches in Dover, which seems like a good idea. They would be quite unflattering, but then again, so are most breeches. :lol:[/QUOTE]

LOL. I am in Fort Lauderdale. I sweat a lot, as does the horse I ride. If I pat him as I ride, my hands become so sweaty that holding the reins is a challenge.

Cotton underthings (for me, that is) help - they let the sweat evaporate rather than collect.

FYi I posted the bit on talking w/ physician about hyperhidrosis - if this is an issue only when you ride (or do sports/activity) then it’s probably not necessarily hyperhidrosis… many who suffer from hyperhidrosis sweat no matter what - which can cause social and professional problems -i.e. sweaty hands when meeting a new client = embarrassing etc.

If its just when riding/activity then maybe switching clothing types maybe from synthetic to cotton blends or coolmax etc. This summer has been so blasted hot everyone sweating like a pig

Picture round getting an 87 video. Just lovely… Until the view is from the rear! :wink:

Oye, at least it’s nice to have company! :smiley:

One of my trainer has said that I’m the only person (male or female) he knows who sweats as much as he does. :lol: