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Practical Protection for Private Parts - or - "Get Thee to a Nunnery"

I personally prefer breeches and chaps. I used to only wear breeches and tall boots for a long time. Then I switched to chaps, but I still wanted the stretchy feel…riding in jeans feels weird to me. I only wear dark colored breeches at home (navy, dark green, black) so they have that slimming effect. I even wear them around after riding…in fact, I just got back from a post-lesson sushi fest!!!

Beezer… I believe Mr. CWP has noted that riders… including Mrs. CWP ARE more… well, you know…

sorts of issues… I know all about her… Its all her fault… laughing… Actually I’m going to try some really wild outfit for a lesson sometime and see if my trainers notice. On Woody, it would be allowed, but on Hallowed Handsome Howie, any transgression would NOT be tolerated…


in their own way

ok…ok… I have no idea how to word this at all…I ride in jeans and chaps practically everytime I ride, are you all saying that it is harder to um…er… be satisfied?

“Polo isn’t a sport. It’s golf on horseback, without the holes. It’s a great concept, but it’s not a sport. And as far as water polo is concerned, I hesitate to mention it, because it’s extremely cruel to the horses.” - George Carlin

<BLOCKQUOTE class=“ip-ubbcode-quote”><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> Oh dear, need we start a therapy group for Spider?



“Polo isn’t a sport. It’s golf on horseback, without the holes. It’s a great concept, but it’s not a sport. And as far as water polo is concerned, I hesitate to mention it, because it’s extremely cruel to the horses.” - George Carlin

Oh I feel your pain. I can clearly remember the chafes and raw skids all down the inside of my legs from jeans. Never ever again!

BTW “Get thee to a nunnery” refers to a house of prostitution not a house of G**.

Laughing with many tears now! Merry - you crack me up!

I almost always wear jeans and chaps when I ride. My jeans are relaxed fit boot cut, so they are fitting but as VTRider pointed out…no Camel Toe action over here. Shudder
Also, I am technically not single as I have an S/O thats been with me for 7+ yrs.
Another solution for summer riding attire…why not try kerrits? They are a schooling tight but pretty thin and I don’t think they are too tight…you could always get a size bigger.

DESITIN! This is the dressage rider’s cure! Trust me it works, a little messy but no real dressage rider is caught without it! Think of all that sitting trot and in breeches no less! You know who has cool schooling breeches is Equissentials, really comfy, breathable and they don’t have any seams where it counts! Check it out! Poor tussies!

Plus they come with that cute little bag of carrot seeds!

isn’t there another brand on the QH circuit too? I can’t remember what they are called, but they have no pockets in the back - a look I despise. They only look good on those blessed with a flat, skinny a$$…unfortunately, that group does not include me!

Oh that VT Rider…Rockies are the ones I am thinking of. It’s another TGFVTR moment!

Behind every good woman lies a trail of men

Hmmm… so, should I wear my TS rust breeches underneath my custom brown schooling chaps at the show this weekend? Or is that just too much “autumnal” coloring?

Hey, I got the dang pair of things, I gotta wear them!

“Charter Member of the Baby Greenie Support Group of North America”

DMK, I think the word you are looking for is more spirited.

“The older I get, the better I used to be.”

on this subject.

He agrees spirited is a good adjective to use.

As a writer, he also had some other adjectives, but spirited was mentioned here already, so that’s what I’ll stick with.

Beezer, what exactly is Mr. Beezer’s biggest fear? You really don’t want MY imagination running wild!

But Mr. Studmuffin didn’t understand the question. Plus, I had to remind him about a previous DQ girlfriend. Methinks asking an ex-NFL player about the difference between old flames is like asking your horse which pellets taste better.

Well, thanks for ruining my research project!

But in the “there must be something unique” category: Once when I was looking at new pickup trucks, the salesman got very interested when I told him I needed the truck to pull a horse trailer. It seems one of his ex-girlfriends was a horse rider. That’s the only time a saleman has ever told me to keep taking roads farther and farther away from the shop during the test drive. In addition to offering to sing for me in the truck, he dropped a few not-so-subtle hints about how… special… horsewomen are.

There’s one dealership I won’t be going back to anytime soon!

nah. I’m just sore and am off limits right now.


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in their own way <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Surely you mean infamous in this particular situation…The Inverness Problem; gotta love it!

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I have ridden in jeans and chaps since Day 1. Got a pair of chaps when I turned three. Wore jeans every day of my life til I enter corporate world.

I don’t wear baggy jeans under chaps (however, they are not tight enough to enforce a camel toe…think back students to a thread this past spring - do we all remember what a camel toe is?)…However, my chaps days will soon be coming to an end as Saturday, I am picking up my half-chaps at Journeyman’s - VTrider is very excited.

Calvin Kleins are great riding jeans (Inverness, go to the White Elephant in Middleburg, that’s where I got all my CK riding jeans for $2/pair!)…

Hmmm…if I don’t want to end up an old, bitter, wrinkled up, single woman like someone else on this BB, should I start riding in my boots and breeches every day?

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Dosn’t “BOUNCE” make a schooling tight? Are they any cooler than B&B? I see them in cats for Dressage and 3 day equipment.

What about traditional cotton type jods? Do they even make them anymore?

I have always found boots and breeches much cooler than jeans any day of the week. Then of course everyone knows it rains up here every day of the year and never gets above 60*