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Preakness 2023

I think it’s time we all move on from the Derby thread to what is normally my favorite two weeks of the year. This year is different for a lot of reason that I may or may not get into later but the show must go on. It’s already shaping up to be a super weird race due to the Forte ineligibility and Two Phil’s skipping the Preakness but looks like it could become a very competitive race with many legit contenders.


I kind of love that Two Phil’s connections have opted not to run him back in two weeks.


I am fine with it as well, it just takes away the rematch angle obviously

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The possible entrants look so different, its hard to believe its the 2nd leg of Triple Crown.


Looking forward to seeing Red Route One. I really like a come-from-behind horse. I was probably imprinted by watching Silky Sullivan and Carry Back.


I think Disarm will be back - did I read that somewhere? He ended up a good 4th and I like the Gun Runner horses.
i have sort of a love-hate relationship with the Derby. Always watch, but I think that with a 20ish horse field the results are more luck than talent - what with all the bumping and getting trapped inside or having to go really wide, etc etc. IMO something like a 14 limit would be better.


Yes to those Gun Runners!

And the 20 horse field is just wrong. Too much luck is involved. (And I don’t care about Rich Strike.)


Not that I expected any different but I am happy to hear that the Derby winner Mage is in fact racing in the Preakness. Hopefully he will go in the Derby winner’s stall and all will be right in that little corner of the world for a week


Anybody else see the Peter Pan yesterday? Arcangelo and Bishops Bay?

Interesting to see how these two very well bred colts who hooked up hard the entire stretch perform should they start in the Belmont. And Arcangelo’s trainer sounds fantastic from her backstory.

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I did not see any races but thank you for bumping this thread now that the other one has devolved to the point of no return


Arcangelo is by Arrogate out of a Tapit mare. And gray. Anyone surprised? :grinning:

Getting to the race though, they both looked good.

What is a surprise with Arcangelo is his yearling price. 35k. Apparently he is not textbook correct and the big guns all passed. Bishops Bay is Uncle Mo out of a PotN mare, not too shabby and likely more then 35k as a yearling.

He brought 450K.

The people putting up the money (current owners):
Spendthrift Farm LLC, Landers, Steve, Schwartz, Martin S., Dubb, Michael, Ten Strike Racing, Bakke, Jim, Titletown Racing, LLC, Kueber Racing, LLC, Big Easy Racing LLC, Kanter, Rick, Caruso, Michael J. and WinStar Farm LLC

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Came upon this nice photo from BloodHorse of Disarm and Asmussen schooling in the paddock at Churchill.


Thanks for the bump, I am going to head there one morning this week, not sure when yet. Will try to get some decent photos. The good photos will have to wait for Saturday most likely though. I am very anxious for the draw tomorrow to see exactly who is in the race.


Article about the two Gun Runner colts;

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We always go to Belmont when a TC is on the line so I have been fortunate to be in attendance for 2/3rds of the past two TCs. Not going to happen this year though as my daughter is getting married on Belmont day so if there is a triple crown to be had it will have to do it without me


Shame on her for picking such an important racing date to get married!

Congrats to your daughter. I hope your in-law to be is a good one. :blush:


Well I started warning her when she was in 5th grade that the only thing I was missing Preakness for is my own funeral so she knew to steer clear of May! My other daughter is getting married in September so it’s a crazy year for us. Both future in laws are wonderful