Prepare for proud and happy farm brag

This isn’t even going to be that fabled humble-brag, this is straight up brag-brag. Google Earth finally updated; I had been checking about once every two to four weeks since last year because I was just desperate to see what everything looked like now that all the big projects were done. No, can’t fly a drone for pictures here because I’m in the literal flight path for the Navy base - if you try, it goes up about six feet and then comes back down :laughing: Does it get noisy? I think of it as a daily free air show!

I bought nine acres of bare land with a random Barnmaster barn on it Dec 2016. Fast forward to now!! I have house, two 1+ acre paddocks, sacrifice paddock off the barn, landscaping, arena, 40x40 garden, chicken area with rotating paddocks (that’s the fenced thing under the garden), covered parking for trailer, tractor, misc stuffs and DONE. The only other thing is to eventually fence the bottom ~3 acres but it’s in hay right now and not super high on my list, and slowly plant and build a hedge between my property and the ghetto to my west. Several COTHers gave me great advice when I was starting the house build and for that I want to say thanks :hugs:


This is what I started with :blush:



How green is my valley, look at all that grass!
You did great, grasshopper.
Thank you for sharing your pictures.

Very happy for you and your critters. :star_struck:


Wow! Your property is looking amazing. Great job! For sure worth bragging about.

(How did you post so many lovely photos and manage to not having any Burrito cuteness?)


Love it!!!

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You’re place looks fabulous! You have every reason to brag! I really like your rotating chicken paddocks.

I live near a “crop dusting airport”. Drones won’t even go up here. I was so disappointed lol

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Yes, I too was looking at the pictures to see where burritos may be hiding?

WOW :star_struck:
Love it.
You did an amazing job.

That is awesome!
Isn’t Google Earth frustrating?! In 2019 it flew over the day in September that we had about fifteen trucks parked all over the place on two major excavation jobs, which is sort of funny, I can almost see my husband, I know where he had to be. But this year…wonderful leaf off, or should be, as it was a February flight in 2020. But for some reason there is horrible resolution, it blurs out at about 5000 ft. So the best leaf off flight is still coming on five years ago, and every time I open it up for work…there is my beloved thoroughbred out there grazing…and dead these five years. I should pin it to a different address.
Anyway, sorry for the maudlin off topic. So happy for you!


Well here is one from this past summer but I have a video from today I’m currently uploading so hang on…


And today’s shenanigans :laughing:


Super nice, Jenn! I am so jealous of your flat acreage, your outdoor and your adorable donkeys. I keep trying to convince DH we need one…or two…

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I lucked out finding this place, I rly did :crossed_fingers:t4: Flat-ish and no big trees. And yes donkeys make everything better!! Except when they are being aholes and break their own stupid legs but that was such a fluke and he’s fine now! :blue_heart:

These three look like soldiers at inspection, straight and attentive. :innocent:

Do those burritos ever stand still very long? :stuck_out_tongue:

No, not really… Sometimes they are peaceful and serene but usually it’s this.

Perpetual motion invented by burritos!

Ever thought of driving them as a pair to a donkey cart?

At least they are getting well exercised.

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Too fun!

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What a beautiful and well designed property! I dream of stumbling across a property like this in our budget but few have such a logical design.

Can you please share some photos of your chicken set up? I like the rotating paddocks idea for the chickens.

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They are probably hidden in all that lovely tall grass :rofl:
Looks awesome @TheJenners :+1:
Somewhere on GoogleEarth is a pic of my place from many years go, with aerial view of the pastures & my first 2 At Home horses. :two_hearts:

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