Pull on chore boots

I’m looking for something at least paddock boot height that pulls or zips on for doing horse chores (feeding cleaning stalls etc). Need not be waterproof as I have big rubber boots that I can use for when I am dealing with mud/snow… Want something that is easy and fast to get in and out of for am and pm horse chores. Thanks in advance

Stylish too : )
My horses don’t want to be embarrassed.


I downcycle my paddock boots, and use it as an excuse to get new paddock boots


I wear my muck boots. Or my old paddock boots. Whichever is closest to the door.


I think I want something a little beefier than paddock boots.

I 100% recommend a pair of Blundstones. Best boot I have ever purchased. Bought them cause they looked nice, fell in love because they are extraordinarily comfortable, praise so highly because they are multi functional… I ride and work in these boots… I also wear them out around town after I’ve cleaned them up a little of course.

Well worth the money!


Muck boots!


Until recently I was wearing Muck boots for this purpose. I recently upgraded to Ariat’s mid calf height boot that looks similar to the short DuBarry boot. I love them. I can step in and out of them without bending over (important!). They are very comfortable, have good support, and they look much nicer than Muck boots. They have Gore-Tex so they are waterproof as well. I can’t say enough good things about this boot. For me, these are the perfect barn boots.

I love my Redbacks.



I like my Bogs North Hampton boots quite a bit. Maybe not the most fashionable, but very comfortable and the handles make for easy on and off. After a year and a half of daily use, mine do have cracks in them and aren’t really waterproof anymore… I’ll be ordering another pair.

Those look nice. I like that they are pull on and the hefty sole too. Wish they were cheaper but I suppose they last a good long time.

I like ariat zip terrains.

They last for freakin’ ever! Really, even at the price they charge, I don’t know how they make any money. The last pair I had lasted several years and I wear them pretty much every day for horse care and outside work.

Well I need to do something. Right now I am using a really old pair of running shoes that has a big huge hole across the top of the foot!!! I’m ready to treat myself to some good boots. After all, I have to do horse chores twice a day every day. Those two just won’t quit poopin’!!!

I tried the redbacks a couple years ago and they were way, way too small at the top to get my normal feel in there.
They were too tight to feel comfortable or that they would stretch much.

I think Blundstones, about the same type, fit a little better all around for my feet.
May be the opposite for someone else.

Today, with returns so easy, you can try until you find what works best.
I am still on my very old Dansko pull on booties for farm chores when dry.
They refuse to die, but sadly they don’t make those or any other close to those any more.

Western boots today come in so many kinds, from the short fat thick soled ones to inbetween to fancier ones and they are pull-ons.

Next time I find some that really fit well, I will buy two pair.

Good luck on your search, have enough to go by now, so many choices out there!

Yes, Redbacks do last quite a few years. I ignore mine as far as cleaning goes. Well just the tread anyway and they will generally last me at least 4 yrs if not more. I used to buy Blundstones but when others on COTH were saying they were made in China and not lasting worth a dam*, I decided to try the Redbacks. Actually Redbacks were selling at a local event and so I could easily buy them and then wear the rest of the day!

I recently bought the Ariat Zip Terrains and have been very pleased.

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I have these ankle boot sloggers. Certainly didn’t pay $40 for them. Comfortable and light weight.

I love my lace up terrains for barn work. They are more comfortable then my sneakers. They give more protection then my muck boots if I get stepped on. Last a solid year or so ( and by then I’m happy to toss them ) and I can usually find on sale for under a hundred bucks

The last two pair of Muck boots I bought weren’t worth what they want you to pay. Both of them leaked by the end of one season. I think they outsourced them about two years ago.

I usually wear the slip-on sloggers, or some other version.