Quiet QH bloodlines

I’ve been riding my whole life, went from western to English decades ago and still compete mostly in dressage but a little jumping.
I’m 61 now and am looking to get a young horse to bring along to just have fun on. My current horses demand 110% (all on the hot/spooky side) and I am worn out by it, truthfully.
I’d like something that isn’t too specialized in anything, just well balanced and a quieter mind. I definitely do not want spooky and hot.
So as I’m starting to look, are there any lines to look for? Avoid?
I’m fine getting a yearling and starting it myself, I’d probably prefer it.
Thanks for any advice in advance, it’s been a long time since I looked at these horse, also wouldn’t mind an App as I used to show them back in the day. :smiley:

Wish I knew the bloodlines of my young QH as that is exactly what you are looking for. Even today something made him explode on the lunge but he almost immediately settled and was quiet for our short training ride about 10 minutes later.

He is the best minded, most agreeable, inquisitive and loving youngster I have ever had, especially as a 3 year old. He has been this way since I got him as a yearling.

I guess I ( personally) would focus less on specific bloodlines and more on the personality of the individual horse you may find ? I know there are some bloodlines that are known for certain undesirable traits and would stay away from those but I think maybe some of the lesser known lines may have what you are looking for ?

Appaloosa are good too!! My Appaloosa mare is a bit hot but my daughters Appaloosa mare is one of the steady, unflappable ones.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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I’d avoid the halter & race bloodlines.

Stick to the pleasure/ all around/ small fry and even reining lines.

A good place to start is looking at some videos of horses at congress, see which ones you like, and track those bloodlines. The papers are almost always public so you can see which lines come up the most.

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Avoid bloodlines altogether.

Find a quiet horse.

Bloodlines are all fine and good, but horses are individuals!


Much of the QH world has gotten away from breeding the hot/spooky bloodlines so you should have a lot of luck finding something quiet, balanced and fun. Agree about individual personalities, but I have found bloodlines often have certain characteristics. Look at the hunter under saddle prospects, there are a lot of nice Quarter Horses out there - good luck!


Cutter99 I agree for sure but I have had more than one person tell me to stay away from certain bloodlines (sadly I didn’t pay attention then) so I was curious what people who have owned/been around them recently thought.

Thanks all for your replies! I’m in no hurry so I’ll keep paying attention more this next year or so. :smiley:

I have owned everything from Impressive bloodlines to Doc Olena to Pacific Bailey to Skipper W to Joe Cody to Holidoc to Docs Quixote.

That ranges from halter bred to reining bred to cow horse bred to all around bred.

I was told Impressives do not ride or work cattle. They do both, some better than others, and one Impressive mare we had had the sweetest jog I have ever ridden.

I’ve been told certain reining and cowhorse bloodlines are hot. Not the ones I’ve owned.

There are some things I have found that contribute to how quiet a horse is- how they are handled and who is handling them, what they are being fed, and the amount of time they are stalled versus turned out.


Where are you located?

My best friend sells a TON of horses for a woman in central Texas who has a very large QH breeding program. Every single horse I’ve seen her stud produce is super quiet, trainable, and amateur friendly.

Happy to see if that might be an avenue if you’re local.

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Gunner bred horses are typically very calm. But you can find anomalies in any bloodline.

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Depends how they’re bred on the rest of the papers. :wink:
I have a daughter of Colonels Shining Gun out of a double bred Little Peppy/Smart Little Lena mare. She is spicy!


I am in Lexington KY, I’d love to have more info even though I am not ready to purchase yet, thanks!

If you’re up for considering a well started 3 YO…let me know. Not mine! Located in Tx.

For sure you have to look AT each horse as an individual and i also agree that it dépends on many Factory liké feeding, turnout etc but i believe a lot also on thé influence of thé bloodline. I only have owned reining horses and many of them. IME there are Indeed bloodlines that are more on thé laid back side. Gunners (and specially colts or geldings) are normally really calm, almost too much sometimes. For sure it also dépends on thé dam Line.
I would look first on thé bloodline and, if you buy an allready under thé saddle one, how they have been trained because it influences also a lot on how they are under thé saddle. Good Luck, that IS an Amazing project, i would also buy an unbroken one.

@DLee1, the newly formed Ranch Horse Association of Kentucky (they have a Facebook page; not sure about an actual website) has a show series at Lakeside. I’d recommend you try to go spectate at one of their events to talk to people/trainers. Ranch Horse people are generally very welcoming, and the types of horses that do well at these shows tend to have the brains you’re looking for.


You also have the addition of Shining Spark on CSG with that pedigree.

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And Smart Little Lena :wink:
What can I say, I like spicy red heads :rofl:


My CSG two Years old. Out of a wimpy x smart chic olena mare, hé s very quiet.


How old IS she?

Oh thanks, excellent advice! Yes a ranch type is exactly what I’m looking for. :slight_smile:

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