Renegade hoof boots- anyone hate them?

I am considering getting a set for winter riding. I would get the studs. If anyone here hates them, please tell me why. I have seen a friend use them on the hinds and they looked pretty great. I have always had an interest in them. I do not want a boot that will come off all the time. I do plan to get Orange, just in case, but I am only interested in the RENEGADES at this time. Please do not tell me about OTHER types of boots. I have been looking at many types, and my old Easyboot Edge were amazing, but don’t fit my current horse and they don’t make them any longer. Right now, my focus is on the RENEGADES. I would probably order the Viper style.

I like them. I had renegades for the hinds on a previous horse (for trail riding), and a client has vipers for her gelding for if he pulls a shoe. The latter horse has used them for turn out in the winter…not ideal without studs. The only bad thing I found, is the velcro can struggle to stay attached in wet snow

I have some Renegade Classics. They are ok. I think they stay on well enough. No issues with them turning.

I have the Copper color.

I hated taking them on and off for turnout and had minor issues with wee rubs and a bit of thrush leaving them on 24/7.

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My trails are all rocky (New England) and I swear by mine. I have Vipers on the fronts and Classics on the rears as they seem to fit better that way. I’ve worn through a lot of pairs, just replaced the fronts again. I get about a year of steady use before they are worn through. One has come off exactly twice in six years, although once she kind of tore one off and it ended up shredded around her ankle. I use a set with cleats for winter. I favor Dragon Red. No rubs ever.

I put them on when I saddle up and take them off when I unsaddle. Why would you keep them on otherwise?

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I’ve had excellent experiences with both the classic and Viper. The winter studs work well in NE winter snow/slush/ice. I only use them for riding, not turnout.

One note on the Vipers - in my experience they are a bit less forgiving on fit than the classics. I have one horse that flares a bit and I need two different sizes to get through a six week trim cycle. I could likely make the bigger size work by adjusting the cables throughout the trim cycle, but they are a major pain to deal with. It’s worth having a second set to be able to set it and forget it.

I’ve also had good experiences with Scoot boots, but I believe any winter studs are DIY for them.

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My mare wears out the front toes on all boots. I loved my Renegades and went through 3 pair but eventually I got fed up with the parts, I didn’t have the dexterity or grip to switch out broken cables easily or adjust the size.

I ended up switching to Scoots which require more precise fits but don’t have cables.

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FYI - if you want to look at Scoot boots, they do sell the ice studs. You’ll need to install them yourself -

I agree with @Scribbler that Scoots require a more precise fit than Renegades. I’m now mostly using Scoots for the same reason but have kept my winter Renegades because they last forever and I know they work :slight_smile:

Love my renegades. Use them on a warmblood with huge hooves and an Andalusian. They fit well, stay put on x-country gallops thru mud and water. Do not rub. I’ve tried all the other brands, except Scoot boots. They have lasted forever. Have both the classic and Viper. Best fit was the determining factor in which I bought.

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As stated above, i am not looking at other types of boots at this time. Thanks

It was always my understanding that hoof boots are not for turnout. they can turn and your horse can be injured. Are Renegades designed for turnout?

I personally dislike them.

I have had a miserable time with slippage with Renegade vipers (to be fair, haven’t used the studs) and I’ve found that the front velcro tightener stretches out in about 2-3 months…or breaks another part. They are pretty hard to replace or tighten as it is metal cables. Water and mud aren’t good to their velcro, and they get “Fuzzy” aka don’t stick as well over time.

Note, I had custom renegade vipers… and I still had these issues.

The back bulb hammock has slipped off on me a few times (it was tightened enough) and they have twisted off a few times as well (My mare has a round foot that doesn’t throw boots typically). They don’t fit through a full trim cycle (at least with my mare who grows a good foot), and even with my mare who doesn’t rub easily they rubbed all the hair off in the back of her foot (Was not turned out with them, I just ride in all sorts of terrain including mud and water).

So, I don’t use renegades any more…

But again, might be different with your own horse.

and I don’t think the Renegades are designed for turnout, I’d be scared of rubbing…

Just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

We used the Vipers short term for turn out as the one horse can’t go out without shoes. We would take them off when he was in the barn, and only use them for a short period until the farrier could make it out. We never had issues with them turning, but he has big feet…

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I had very similar issues. Don’t know if it was the shape of the hoof or what, but Scoot Boots fit like a glove. I know people that use renegades and love them though so I suspect it depends on how they fit the horse.

I have used Renegades for years. Current set-up of original boots on the rears and Vipers on the front. She wears the toes out on the front and the Vipers last longer. I do get tired of the velcro but it works. I have tried multiple other brands and it appears Renegades it is. Most of the others just don’t fit her right…including Scoots.


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My renegades don’t fit through a whole trim cycle unless I do some rasping toward the end. The velcro is very simple to replace and they send extra sets with every new boot. The cables are quite difficult, and only my husband (an engineer who loves to fix stuff) is able to do it, not me. But the cables do not need replacing very often. I had one fray a couple times and it was replaced before it broke. My trails are often very muddy, which requires thoroughly washing the boots after every single ride. Otherwise the velcro won’t work. Those are down sides, but I have never had rubs nor any slippage with mine.

I think boots are a little like helmets – one brand does not fit all.


No, they are not designed for 24/7 turnout. I did use them on my warmblood for 8 hour pasture turn out for several months until the sole issue was healed. The boots stayed in place and had no rubs. The boots came off when he was back in his run out stall.

Renegades will not work on horses with a long toe. Check their website to see the preferred trimming method and see how the shape of the hoof matches your horse’s hoof.

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Many boots are designed for turn out. 24/7 is a problem with many boots though.

Currently the same horse is in different boots particularly for turn out and not ridden work. 24/7 as ordered by vet, no issues.

I like mine. They are jade green.

Update. Horse camping this week and my mare had a loose shoe. Removed loose shoe and put on her “spare tire” renegade. Problem solved!!!

A few riders at my barn and the horse I used to lease have gone in Renegades - both Vipers and Classics. I’ve only used them for fronts, not on hinds. My experience has been that they are more likely to twist and/or pop off if the boots are too small or if they are adjusted too tight, so better to have a boot that is slightly too big or err on the side of slightly looser. However this can also present its own issues if you have a horse that overtracks. My gelding was fine at w/t but used to pull his own boots off at speed, especially on hills. I think Renegade offers a custom cutback version that can help with this, or you can do it yourself if you’re handy.

I’ve heard anecdotally that newer Renegades have had an issue with cables fraying. You do have to keep them clean (I would scrub and rinse the boots after every ride which was sometimes a hassle in winter) or grit can get into the cables and accelerate wear. YMMV.