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Rethinking New Name - New Horse


So some of you might have seen my post recently about naming my new horse after my recently passed Dad. My horse will be here Saturday from the Netherlands and I still haven’t committed to a name :frowning: Originally I wanted to name my horse after the litigation case that we’re winning and has just been god awful. The outcome of the case is unbelievably in our favor, so recently has been a huge relief. However, a friend made a good point that I won’t want to be reminded of the legal battle for ever.

Originally, someone on here mentioned the awesome name
Vindication and I loved it, but again, a memory of the the legal battle, not my Dad himself. I’d like to remember my Dad for all the wonderful things about him and I’m having such a hard time committing since the name is connected him, and he was my absolute best friend. Everyone use to say I’m a chip off the old block, because we are so much alike. See some special things about who he was below:

  1. A damn good prosecutor and trial lawyer for 40 years
  2. A fanatic for cars, especially Porsches 911, Carreras . He would have a different car every month (no lie :rofl:)
  3. Reform Jewish, LOVED his bagels and loved Israel.
  4. A watch enthusiast
  5. He loved to entertain, had a huge personality and was a very big, strong and sometimes intimidating guy, though everyone loved him.
  6. The best story teller!
  7. Drink of choice was always Patron, chilled with a lime. He always brought a bottle of Patron Silver to gatherings.
  8. A devoted Dad!

Any ideas for show names and a shortened barn name? I truly appreciate my fellow COTHers for all your support and ideas this far!

Do you know anything about the horse’s personality? Pictures?

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Quiet, willing, definitely has personality, a little silly.

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My goodness, he’s gorgeous!

You could think about car names - you could name him Carrera, Bugatti, Veyron (seems we had someone here who named their horse Veyron a few years ago, didn’t we?), or if he also liked British cars, you could think about Aston-Martin (DB for short, maybe?) or go the Italian bent - Maserati, Aventador, etc.

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Reading your lovely description, what came to mind was a show name of “Always There”. Barn name? What was your Dad’s middle name? Maybe the nickname for it?

Beautiful horse with dreamy eyes!

Based on what you wrote about your dad, show names:
Watch Me (because your dad loved watches)
Invite Me (because he loved parties and entertaining)

Barn name:
Papi (Daddy)


My Cousin Vinnie?

Adding: Paper Chase

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Your horse is gorgeous and your memories of your Dad so wonderful.

I’d be inclined to stay away from your Dad’s actual name(s) or nicknames. Just in case down the road your horse isn’t right for you - it won’t be so hard to separate him from your Dad.

You have so many routes to choose from. I’d short list a couple, then see how his personality shines through.

All The Best!


Good suggestions above. I just want to ask that if you change his name that you please make sure his registered name (and breeding, especially if he has a more common registered name) makes into into his USEF record so that he is searchable under that name as well. It is nice when a breeder and a horse’s former connections can still find them and follow them. I have heard from so many breeders (and, as a breeder myself, I’d be very sad if it happened to me) that they wish they could follow more of the horses they have bred and how hard that becomes once they get sold to the US and their name changed with no record of their former identity included.

Congratulations on your new horse, he is very cute!


Hi Weixiao,

I’ve already spoken to KWPN and they said there’s an easy way to link the names :slight_smile:

Good advice, thank you!

None of my animals kept their names (well, barn names. And the others are dogs). One was Champ, that sure didn’t fit. One didn’t have a name for almost a month, but her personality finally came out and something stuck. And my horse was “Plum” when he arrived, then “Theo” for a while until it really wasn’t working. His name fits perfectly now.

All this to say, I definitely would be careful tying your horse too closely to your father or a legal battle that was stressful. Heaven forbid something happens, or the horse just doesn’t work out! But more than that, if you’re changing the registered/show name for whatever reason (so a nickname won’t work), get to know the horse first. Something will come up and be perfect.

Make a list of options that you like, and toss them around to see what fits your horse. And don’t be afraid to give it time to let the horse show you his personality!


I’ve advised this on CoTH before, and I suppose once more won’t hurt.

When the horse arrives, with just you two, ask him, out loud, what he wants you to name him. Then let it go for about a week.

It will come to you.

This has worked so well for me with so many animals. I think it just gives the subconscious time to work on it.


I think that your barn name for him will come organically as you interact with him. And I agree with your friend and the poster that mentioned about how tightly you tie in his name with your court battle and your dad’s name.

So my show name offerings are:
Sliver of Silver - his small star and the type of Patron your dad liked
Order in the Court
Turbo Charged
Chip off the old block (like you stated earlier in your post)
Time Will Tell or Right on Time, - a watch reference, I am grasping a straws now

Since your dad was a car lover, perhaps name him after a Dutch car manufacturer:
Donkervoort (someone needs to name a donkey this)
There are others but these were the ones I could pronounce

Perhaps incorperate some Hebrew into his name?
What brand of watch was his favorite? Although I feel like I know way to many Rolex, but Cartier would be a good name.

Everytime I see your new horse, Charming keeps popping up.


I absolutely LOVE Order in the Court! Barn name Judge?

@Lacej81 your description of your dad sounds uncannily similar to mine who I lost when I was 15, except sub the love of bagels and watches for guitars and music :slight_smile: your new boy is stunning! I love his soft kind eye.

Thinking of Porsche themed, Turbo comes to mind as a cute barn name.

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Show Name: Top Shelf
Barn Name: Bagel or Twist or Agave

Show Name: Tapatio
BN: Patron/Agave
^ Patron/tequila originated in Jalisco, Mexico. The local people refer to themselves as Tapatio (no negative connotation)

SN: Lindenau
BN: Linden
^ this is a stretch, but Lindenau is a town in Leipzig which is where Carrera’s were manufactured. Leipzig is derived from the word Lipsk , which means "settlement where the linden trees stand.


Why not just keep his registered name and a name that fits him for everyday will come to you as you get to know him.

I had a name all picked out for my youngest dog. I picked her up and by the next day I knew it didn’t fit her at all.

It is ok to wait and name him later.


Keeps on Ticking

It goes with your dad’s love of watches, and alludes to the fact that your father is still with you in spirit even though he’s gone. (old Timex catch phrase: “takes a licking but keeps on ticking”)


I’m going to ask my watch enthusiast boyfriend later if there are any high end pieces that would make for a cool horse name, but if you can’t name him George (I will hug him and love him and call him George!), then I’d go with The Entertainer. Not sure on barn name…could be whatever speaks to you, like @Sparrowette said.

I also think Aston-Martin with DB is fantastic because your Dad sounds like he was very 007. Good luck! The horse is fabulous, as was your dad.

ETA: Adi is an Israeli watch making company!

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I agree the barn name may come on its own. But, since you asked for more…
Keep In Time
Keepin’ Time
Step In Time
Steppin’ Time
Father Henry


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