Rich Strikes Mama bred to Munnings!

Let’s hope this sticks! In any event, I was wondering what the TB breeders on here think of the cross. It does bring in some more Mr. Prospector…

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I’m not a breeder, but Munnings seems like a decent choice to me. It’s difficult to tell how they match up physically without a conformation photo of the mare. I wonder when they bred her?

I don’t have any thoughts on this specific match, but I do find it sort of funny how these mares seem to totally fall off the radar, and then when their foal from a few years ago does something big, suddenly they get tracked down and get lots of attention.

Didn’t the same thing happen with the mare who had last year’s temporary Derby winner? I seem to recall the breeder had actually given her away by then.

It’s a funny world.

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Similar to exported stallions that are repatriated when their get start winning GR1 races.

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Shocking how that might happen…

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At lest, they may get a chance to live out pleasant life instead of becoming a nice steak alongside some asparagus in Europe; this topic has been discussed elsewhere … and I know that racing is first and foremost an industry and business intended to make money. But the concept that when an animal no longer “produces,” something of value" for humankind, they are considered or labeled “VALULESS” by some. in the horse industry. Now that RS is here she has some “VALUE.” Once something is labeled “valueless,” I would think it gives free latitude to do or treat it in any manner in which I wishes, after all it has no “value.” It is not just horses, the poor laying hens and egg industry is NOTORIOUS for just dumping the "spent hens ,"like trash once they are not producing/laying. The dairy industry is not much better and with exception, those poor cows are go through.hell. Is there are better way of describing brooddmares that may no longer bye producing marketable offsprant rather then teh term “valueless.” It is just term, I know but it is a disparaging one. Afterall, one once one is deemed “valueless” for both animal or human who really cares what happens to you?

You can passive aggressively insult my use of the term “valueless,” but the mare was literally given away for free.


Excuse, me, but the term "VALULESS, " has nothing to do with you! I have seen the dam Rich Strike referred in a multitude of articles when is discussing her. I DOUBT YOU wrote all of those articles 100+ by now, and they all referred to her as being “valueless.” I assume you have “repeated,” what you have heard/read this you are not involved with that mare. So chill. And if my words touched a nerve then you may wish to review your use of the term “valueless,” when discussing a living being.

WE all know that words condone actions, I am POSITIVE that every one of your horse and pets/animals has a value to you and even if they were not productive or had market value, .you would not consider them to be “valueless.” So why does the industry use the term for aged broodmares that have not produced offspring value in this manner?

If you don’t like the fact that I point out that is rare that an animal ( or human) deemed 'Valueless," ends up in good place, then work with the industry to change that term/concept.

. And yes, she was “given away,” She was lucky. I believe is a whole a discussion on The Chronicle of the Horse about “Giving horses away,” and the outcome of many of those animals.

Sincere apologies. I used the term in the other thread. I was picking up on a lot of vitriol in the post that I assumed was prompted by that. I shouldn’t have made that assumption. I should have realized it was total coincidence.

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I do not think that it is unreasonable to believe that “Richie” winning the Derby changed the trajectory of his Mama’s life. We’ll see what happens next.

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Having a child who accomplished something great will change the trajectory of anyone’s life. Animal, human… :woman_shrugging:


Probably not in quite the same way for humans. Lol.

Apologies must accepted. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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Definitely a gamble. It’ll be interesting to see the conformation of the foal, assuming all goes well.

That should read " Apologies MOST accepted." Sorry

I understood the term “valueless” as you said it, to mean valueless in monetary terms as a broodmare at that point in her life.
Technically she was, being 20 yrs old, and having always been difficult to get in foal.
Valueless is an unfortunate term, but accurate in that sense. (Most people here know that you aren’t a heartless meanie who thinks the mare’s life has no meaning.)

Old broodies do have value in the non-monetary sense. I can’t count the times I have heard a breeder say “she owes me nothing” when deciding to retire the mare from breeding.

There are some people in every aspect of horse ownership who don’t do what I consider the right thing (we all have our opinions) but TB racing certainly has no corner on that market, and there is no publicity and thus some general ignorance regarding all the owners that do right by their old girls.

It’s too bad that the irresponsible owners overshadow the good ones in the public perception.
It’s rather like selling newspapers. All the bad is reported,when good things happen every day. It can really skew peoples perspectives.

Edited to change “and” to “but”.


Many thanks for sharing this with all. No doubt in my mind that ALL of your old mares are blessed with a happy retirement. Thank you,

You’re very welcome! It’s nice to know that it’s not all bad news, and that so many people do the right thing by their horses, isn’t it? :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, it is thanks. Take care.

As a long time horseowner, I have had many OTTB horses. Some have been mares, and they some have been major competitors in dressage and eventing.

Be assured that when the time came they were comfortable til the end.

So you worry about your, I hope, neutered cats, and leave us to worry about horses.