Rich Strikes Mama bred to Munnings!

Having a child who accomplished something great will change the trajectory of anyone’s life. Animal, human… :woman_shrugging:


Probably not in quite the same way for humans. Lol.

Apologies must accepted. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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Definitely a gamble. It’ll be interesting to see the conformation of the foal, assuming all goes well.

That should read " Apologies MOST accepted." Sorry

I understood the term “valueless” as you said it, to mean valueless in monetary terms as a broodmare at that point in her life.
Technically she was, being 20 yrs old, and having always been difficult to get in foal.
Valueless is an unfortunate term, but accurate in that sense. (Most people here know that you aren’t a heartless meanie who thinks the mare’s life has no meaning.)

Old broodies do have value in the non-monetary sense. I can’t count the times I have heard a breeder say “she owes me nothing” when deciding to retire the mare from breeding.

There are some people in every aspect of horse ownership who don’t do what I consider the right thing (we all have our opinions) but TB racing certainly has no corner on that market, and there is no publicity and thus some general ignorance regarding all the owners that do right by their old girls.

It’s too bad that the irresponsible owners overshadow the good ones in the public perception.
It’s rather like selling newspapers. All the bad is reported,when good things happen every day. It can really skew peoples perspectives.

Edited to change “and” to “but”.


Many thanks for sharing this with all. No doubt in my mind that ALL of your old mares are blessed with a happy retirement. Thank you,

You’re very welcome! It’s nice to know that it’s not all bad news, and that so many people do the right thing by their horses, isn’t it? :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, it is thanks. Take care.

As a long time horseowner, I have had many OTTB horses. Some have been mares, and they some have been major competitors in dressage and eventing.

Be assured that when the time came they were comfortable til the end.

So you worry about your, I hope, neutered cats, and leave us to worry about horses.

Tell me why I shouldn’t worry about my two OTTB horse RESCUED horses as well… are your’s better than mine or more deserving than mine? You don’t know me so just save the personal attacks. I am seen so much “cattiness,” “bitchiness,” and “viciousness” here from some posters here for absolutely NO GOOD REASON! For those who are inclined to make personals to other posters, I say strive to find some love and happiness in your life to, perhaps think about doing good for others. You might feel better.

Reading the above quote reminds me of this thread, Maximum Sercurity and Stage 1 Lamness in ALL 4 limbs, feltlocks, hocks, gaskins -- Why is this okay with racing industry

There was no love and happiness evident from @penelopeandthecats on that thread.
Or this one; What have we learned or seen in Triple Crown 2022 to date - Thoughts of a TB owner and horse lover

Can we discuss this on the welfare thread or somewhere else, other than here? Geez. Skydy, you know that I am not referring to you! :kissing_heart:

What do we think of the cross discussed in the OP?



There is another thead here; Gold Strike was bred to Munnings. The foal will be inbred 3x4 to Mr. Prospector. TB breeders can please explain inbreeding?

With more discussion of the cross, as well as some photos of the Dam.

Agreed … those are old threads/discussions. And some posters shared some amazing and useful information. The book though is closed on those topics .Thanks… take care.

GEEZ is Right!!!


Thank you. :wink: Apparently one poster thought that you were.

Well aren’t they just silly! YOU know me better than that!

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Yes, I do. :grin:

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