Ride IQ: where do you put your phone?

I just activated the Ride IQ free trial and rode a warmup lesson today on both my horses. I really enjoyed it and look forward to trying more lessons and probably paying for the subscription. My problem, though, is I don’t know what to do with my phone.

For today I stuck it in the back waistband of my breeches, but that doesn’t seem particularly safe if I get catapulted off and land on my back (definitely something that has happened to me… I don’t fall off often, but when I do, it’s epic). I ride at home in my outdoor that is not too far from the barn, but not Bluetooth distance. I usually ride up to the arena from the barn. I don’t have fence posts around the arena and I’m a dressage-only rider these days so I don’t have jump standards.

Do I need to install a phone holding post just so I can use this app? Do you strap your phone onto you or the horse? Where? How?

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Good question, I am interested to hear the solutions. I have considered using this service. I know you can email them for help, I wonder if they have any ideas

I have a running belt I use, or a vest pocket when I get to wear outerwear. I have some tights with nice thigh pockets, too. (The belt is nice because I can stash some snacks, too. I have a big thigh bag, but I always feel off balance schooling with it.)

You could probably get a small pommel bag, if you didn’t mind being potentially separated from your phone - I started using it when I only had access to a field/trails, so wanted to call for help in an emergency, but in a more structured environment, that would probably be less of a concern.

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Can’t speak to using Ride IQ but I have a phone holder that straps around my upper calf that I love. It’s barely noticeable, secure, and I think not in a bad spot if I fall on it, but still easy to access. If it’s not this it’s very similar: https://www.horseloverz.com/horse-gifts-jewelry/handbags-purses-wallets/cell-phone-holders-cases/magnetic-cell-phone-case


I’d probably just get a barrel or something similar to plop down by the arena and sit the phone on top. If there comes a time when you don’t need it anymore, it is easily removed. (It can also be a handy place to put anything else you might want while mounted, like a water bottle, or if you need to remove a layer of clothing etc.)

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A barrel! Why didn’t I think of that. Where does one obtain a barrel? I think every jumper, eventer, hunter barn I ever rode at had barrels, but I’ve no idea where they came from.

Thanks everyone for super speedy replies! I really appreciate the ideas.

I have never purchased one myself, just been at barns that had them available. But if you look through Facebook Marketplace or similar online sales, you can usually find the blue plastic ones for $20 or less. It seems like some people also get them by asking food distributors/bottling companies/other businesses if they can buy or have old ones.

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Ah, my easy answer was atop a jump standard… but alas! I do think a barrel makes sense here. Alternatively, I’m a big fan of Spi Belts when I run, and that could work here too. Absolutely love the app—it’s worth every penny!

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Ah, I have a student (high school, not riding) whose dad is a brewer at a local brewery. I wonder if they’d have some. Thanks for the idea!

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Lol, I’m tempted to get or build a standard, but then I’d need two (or a dozen) and then I’d need a new jumping saddle (or two) and I swear I’m just doing dressage now!!!


Wait 'til you get into the fun pole/gymnastics exercises on the app. :smiling_imp:


I put mine in my breeches thigh pocket (which I think every pair should come with or on top of a jump standard or fence post.


I only buy breeches with thigh pockets for this reason. Highly recommend getting a pair!


I just started the app with dressage lessons and am using it with the $30 Anker Life P2 mini wireless headphones. I just pop the right one in, press play on the phone when ready to start and leave it on the arena wall. Works GREAT!

But the OP doesn’t HAVE an arena wall!

If I’m riding in field boots I make sure to wear breeches with deep pockets. If I’m wearing my country boots, like Dublins, I just stash my phone in my boot.

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One arena I use has a length of 12" board horizontal on top of the fence. I’ll have to look underneath and see how it’s attached. I think it slides so it probably has two shorter boards perpendicular that sit on either side of the top fence board.

Going into summer you may need to have it in the shade somehow. My phone overheats. (I learned this with Pivo when it recorded for a little bit and then said “nope!”).

A quick internet search also turned up this arena caddy to hang on the fence: https://corralcaddy.com/collections/frontpage/products/corral-caddy-single-shot

But the OP said she doesn’t HAVE a fence around her arena.

Ok then, phone in a little backpack on the ground.

I like to have my phone on me when I ride and found the gardening vest from Duluth Trading to be perfect for riding. It has a lot of pockets and one of the front pockets is perfect for putting my phone in and lots of other pockets for gloves and treats. It’s nylon and I wear it over sunshirts in the heat of the summer.