Ride IQ

Has anyone used the Ride IQ app?

For those who don’t know what it is, it’s a app for your phone that has lessons from event trainers that you follow along with while you ride by playing the lesson and putting in an ear bud. Since it’s a pre recorded lesson I’m curious about how it works, there’s a free 7 day trial and then $30 a month subscription. Do you like it? Do you feel it works for you and allows you to focus and make progress?

I’m a subscriber and am very happy with the service. I rarely get the opportunity for an in-person flat/dressage lesson so the app has helped provide some useful structure to my (previously sometimes fairly aimless) flatting. If you’re in a regular program and have frequent lessons it might be less useful.

I definitely have a favorite “instructor” and mostly use this person’s rides, but I haven’t really disliked any that I’ve listened to. Even rides that aren’t specifically geared to me - young horse, green OTTB, rehabbing - have been interesting to listen to.

After using it for a couple of weeks I sent an email to the RideIQ folks with some questions and some comments / feedback and I got an almost immediate reply letting me know how to do the things I was asking about and detailing the upgrades and additions they’ve got coming. It’s clear that they’re invested in making this as good as it can be.


I’ve been using it since it debuted and absolutely love it. Like… I’m shocked by how much I love it and use it, honestly. I did the free trial not really expecting much but it’s helped me tremendously… lots of great little tips but mostly it helps me stay on task and focused. I don’t get regular lessons so for me it’s pretty invaluable, and I find it easier to keep progressing in between lessons. I would definitely recommend giving it a try. They update it weekly with new lessons and are always open to feedback for more rides. They have a facebook group for members with lots of discussion and they’re excellent at helping out and listening to what the users want.


I use it also - it keeps me focused during my riders without a coach/trainer there. I do really like the lessons as well, but I do pause them sometimes if I am not moving forward as fast as the coaches are lol.
The one feature I really want to work is the queue, so I can line up my rides the night before I ride them, but I just cannot get it to work for me!
The customer service though is just absolutely fantastic and I do like the office hours and other chats with coaches they have.

I mostly ride alone due to distance from trainers and I love it. So helpful to get me out of my own headspace and remind me of things I do know but sometimes when in the middle of riding I forget. Highly recommend!

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I’m pretty sure you can do a 1 week free trial! I downloaded the app but didn’t create and account/activate since it is starting to get cold now and I’m not riding much. I planned to activate in the spring to get me motivated and started back again.

I just downloaded it…my coach is on there so I am really looking forward being able to ride “with her” more often then just my lessons!!


I wish Jane Savoie were still here to see this and to participate. :slight_smile: Ages and ages ago she had recorded lessons on CDs and digital files you could load onto your ipod to listen to while riding.


I love it!
My coaches seem to be around less and less lately, and this has done amazing to fill in the void. Plus you get to ride with so many different coaches.

I am a rider that becomes complacent, or just repetitive. This has spiced my rides up, made me more aware of what I’m asking in my rides haven’t been enough. My horses body definition changed drastically in a month, his topline has become so much stronger, and getting abs.

I have yet to try the jumping lessons, but I do highly recommend it. There is a 7 day trial, and it’s so nice to just have someone in your ear to help you stay focused or even bring you back to earth if you start to get stressed, frustrated or irritated. Really like it!

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I am a huge fan as well. I’ve found that listening to lessons while driving also gives me good ideas of things to try in the future if I don’t necessarily want to do the full ride. I also get a lot out of the podcasts/conversations with coaches in which you can ask questions specific to your horse, etc.

Biggest takeaway so far: my walk breaks are a lot longer and more frequent than most of the coaches :slight_smile:


I have used RideIQ from day one. It has changed my riding for the better. I do not take a lot of regular lessons, as it is very costly. This app has helped me focus more when I ride which is so important. My dressage scores have been lower since I have started using it and I mainly use it for flatwork. There are a variety of trainers, so you are bound to find one you like! I really like the podcasts, which I listen to on long distance trips. The dressage tips from Peter Gray are great! I cannot imagine not having this app for riding now. It has changed my riding for the better and I think my horses like it, too!


Signed up on day 1 and have not been disappointed! I ride alone 100% of the time and had all but given up on doing anything more than hacking until I started getting motivated from my rides with coaches. I went from the same old boring rides with no real focus to legit training rides with purpose. My horse looks and feels so much better and I’m thinking of ways I can get to some shows and clinics next year. It’s so hard to stay motivated living where I live with no access to decent trainers, but Ride iQ has helped me get my mojo back and I look forward to riding every day now. I no longer feel so alone! Plus, I love listening to the conversations with the coaches and participate in office hours when I can. The only negative comment I have is that there are so many lessons to listen to that I can’t keep up! Not a bad problem to have :wink:
Love it!!


Just wanted to thank everyone for the recommendations, had no idea about this app and rode with a lesson going yesterday. Absolute game changer, love it!


I also have it and LOVE it. I usually ride alone and it’s hard to focus and make sure I’m riding my horses long enough. This gives me something to do and focus on doing. The instruction is amazing and easy to follow.


Dressage rider here- but how long are the lessons typically?

Because I need some direction when I’m riding between lessons too. I’m intrigued.

Some are short like 10 or 20 minutes. Others are longer. There’s a lot of good short warm up ones. I had an awesome ride tonight using one of them!


From about a 10 minute skill lesson to a 45 minute full lesson. Some of the “warm ups” are great to be used as a full lesson as well.

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I did the free trial and couldn’t really get into it. I like the concept but there wasn’t enough content for me, or not enough that I was interested in. I also think it’s a bit difficult to follow the instructions for some of lessons if I’m riding in a much smaller arena than the trainer or there are other riders in the arena while I’m trying to do a lesson. Oh well

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Sorry to bump up an old thread, but I am looking into starting to use Ride IQ and am curious what ear buds you guys are using? My Airpods will fall right out of my ears if I do more than walk and will be lost forever. I’m thinking about just using my old school Apple earbuds that are wired and carrying my phone in my thigh pocket. That way if they fall out at least I don’t lose them. Thoughts?

I’m excited to have a purpose to my rides again!

Maybe Shokz (used to be AfterShokz)? I’ve never used them but they’re bone conduction headphones and they look like they hook over your ears so they’d probably be fairly secure

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