RIP Anissa Cottongim (acottongim)

Anissa passed away yesterday. She was a huge ambassador for the Trakehner breed… but those of us at COTH, would know her as @acottongim, the owner of the wonderful Tatendrang.

There is a fund in honor of her memory hosted by the ATA, called Anissa’s Fund for those who would like to send something in lieu of flowers.

Sending lots of love and thoughts to her connections, Abby, her parents, and of course, Tate.


I am so sorry to read that. I remember reading her posts. She was always very nice from what I recall. A friend has Trakehners and I remember Tatendrang.

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I found a really neat article about Tate visiting her in the hospital in December


How sad. But I’m glad she got to see Tate once more.

Godspeed Anissa, your influence on the breed will live on.

Oh how sad! She seemed like such a warm and friendly person, even on the internet. Prayers for all of her friends and family.

So sorry to hear this - like others have said she seemed like such a nice person who loved her horses.

One of my favorite COTH memories was Dove her maiden mare foaling during some storms and us watching via Mare Stare. One of us even came up with Ruby’s name. :grinning:

I’m very sorry to hear this. I missed this thread completely. Warm thoughts to her friends and family. She was well respected and liked here on COTH.