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RIP WILLEM 1982-2003

I am so very, very sorry to tell you that my beloved Willem went to the Rainbow Bridge at 3 PM yesterday. He did his best, we all did our best, but it was not meant to be. He never suffered, but when his respiration suddenly became elevated from one minute to the next, he whinnied to me, had one of his beloved red apples, rubbed his head against me for a long time and told me that he was read to go. I called the vet immediately, she was there in no time and he went quietly and with great dignity. His friends and family were all there to say goodbye to him.

I will miss him more than you will know. He was my best friend and my dance partner and each day of the eleven years I had him was a dream come true. But the most gracious gift we can give these gentle giant friends, who put their lives in our hands, is a dignified, pain-free passing without any heroic measures. We had done all we could, but he was not meant to have the gift of years.

Your kind words and prayers and jingles and emails and calls have meant more to me that you will ever know.

We always cover the horses whenever possible, so that they are not laying out there for everyone to see while waiting for the truck to come. And it brought a huge smile to my face to see that the tarp that Julie brought over was actually a huge yellow banner that had HAPPY BIRTHDAY written across the side. We all found it to be highly fitting that we were sending him off on what indeed was a new birthday for him with a banner that said exactly that.

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Daaaddddy. sob

<Duc is inconsolable, as is his Mom>

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Coreene, I am so sorry for your loss.

I am very proud of you for making a very brave and selfless decision. All horses should be so lucky to have owners such as you who put the horse’s well-being first, and their personal desires and goals second.

Willem is now in the land of Free high-speed internet connections, and will be sharing his wisdom with a whole new group of horses and people alike.

He can now live in a lush field, with lots of pretty fillies and apple trees and he can eat goodies to his heart’s (stomach’s?) content.
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I am so very sorry to hear of Willem’s passing! He is at peace now. How lucky he was to have such a loving, caring partner! trish

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You, my dear Coreene, deserved every ounce of Willem’s love. You showed your admiration for him in every word of his that you brought to the board. He enchanted you, and you, in turn, enchanted us. We will miss him!

I sent a quick word up to my beautiful Fancy. She has promised to see to it that his journey is an endless joy. Have to go cry now . . .


If you’re lucky enough to own a horse, you’re lucky enough.

Your loss is our loss too.

Godspeed, Willem.

Im so sorry Coreene. We all loffed and will miss his witty posts.

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I just can’t believe it. I’ve been following the threads but not posting. I feel like I knew William so much. Coreene, I can only imagine your heartbreak. My eyes are filled with tears. Gosh I am so sorry and can feel how devastated you are. I just read on another list a rider had to put her horse (named Willie) down yesterday and I thought of Willem and was wondering how he was doing. I felt terrible for that poor lady as well.

I can’t imagine logging on and not seeing any “Willem” posts. My deepest and most profound sympathy is with you.

So very sorry . . .
With you, he had found heaven on earth. That told him it was okay to move to the real place.

Oh Coreene, I’m so sorry for your loss. What good fortune, though, to have been able to be with him and see him travel to the next life with dignity and peace.

I know that Kennett Square, Dublin, and Cactuskate will keep a close eye on him and keep him out of trouble - heck, they may even go for a trailride.

What a lucky man Willem was to have been loffed by such a good mutter.

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I am so sorry, Coreene!
{{big hugs!}}

So, so sorry to hear this. Thanks for sharing the oh so articulate Willem with us.

I am so sad to wake up and find out the news.
I am crying for you and the loss of your great friend, Willem. I am glad he told you clearly it was time. It should comfort you to know you did the absolute best thing for him…as always.

Dear Coreene,

You and Willem have brought this BB such joy! And with the same generous spirit that you gave us lightheartedness and insights, you gave Willem the dignity and release that he asked of you.

For your unselfish deed, may your heart heal soon and may you rejoice in the life you two shared. I’m so very sorry for your loss.

Thoughts and prayers for you both,
Joan S.


I am so very sorry. I am here with tears in my eyes. I have enjoyed so very much every post of Willem’s. I know how much he will be missed by everyone he touched.

Just getting by isn’t good enough.

I’m so sorry.
I’m not quite sure what to say…except to reinterate how much he touched every member of this board. He will be missed.

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I have always so loved Willem’s posts, and I will miss them very much. My heart and my prayers are with you…

Your pain and grief are shared by all of us, Coreene.

I know what a hard and painful decision it was for you to let him go - no matter if it was the right one to make. But I know you’ll ALWAYS remember how much joy he brought you and to all of us around the world who read his posts.

His legacy will live on in us all.


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<BLOCKQUOTE class=“ip-ubbcode-quote”><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by batgirl:

I will think of Willem when I drink Guinness (because of his alcoholic Oirish harse friend). I will think of Willem when I eat ice cream. I will think of Willem when I hear Oye Como Va. I will think of Willem when I see the beach. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

And whenever someone talks about “Virginia” (insert smiling through tears emoticon here)


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Coreene, I am so sorry for your loss.

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