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Running martingale with carabiner clippy rings

Who makes these? I see them places, but googling yields little results.

PS of Sweden uses carabineers on their running martingales.

Are you ou talking about a market harbourer or the other name is a German Martingale.

No no. It’s a running martingale. But instead of round rings that require you to disconnect the reins, the ends are small carabiners so you can just clip them on. @ghst13 I’ll look at ps of Sweden. Thanks!

If this is what you want, it’s pretty easy to simply cut the stitching on ANY martingale and replace the rings. I’ve done it myself (as I like bigger rings than some martingales come with), with a hand sewing awl. Or, any leather worker can do it for you at minimal cost.

CWD makes one - the rings look like regular circular rings, but they clip on.

ETA - just found one by Prestige as well. When you Google, try “running martingale with clip rings”.

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Here’s a link to the picture I found. I feel like the irregular shape and the latch in the carabiner could catch on the rein, but I’ve never used this version, so that’s just a guess on my part.


Definitely PS of sweden. Unfortunately, they don’t stay behind the keepers very well.

If you are looking for convenience reasons I use a clip at the end were the martingale attaches to my breastplate, you have to get used to which way to flip the martingale so it stays straight but works well otherwise, easier than threading reins thru on a a tall horse and I can pull the reins over to lead etc…

In addition, it looks like everywhere is sold out - perhaps there’s a reason for that…

I only use the running when she’s particularly sassy, so every third ride or so. I don’t use it 100% of the time, because she doesn’t need it 66% of the time. Mares… :slight_smile:

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Just cut off the existing solid rings with bolt cutters, and put regular or circle carabiners on the leather loops. Or book rings.



They do make their own keepers that are sized to interact with the clips. But it’s annoying having to order and use theirs. I have two sets of reins with their own keepers that are also long enough for the carabiners, but the standard rubber ones that you can add to any reins aren’t big enough. All that said, I love mine, but I have all my reins set up to be compatible.

I wonder if they’re sold out due to a redesign? Seems like a smaller carabiner would solve the issue.

The EU sure has them in stock

CWD did make them, but stopped because they were breaking. I was told by a CWD rep that they’re in the process of finding a new supplier.

I was thinking the same thing. Have you tried this? I might want to test this. If you have tried this, do the linked clips close pretty securely?


Looking for one that can clip to a breastplate. I’m starting to think this isn’t a good design, hence why not everyone makes them and they’re kind of hard to find.

Maybe I’m wrong.

IDK, not a lot of women’s breeches makers put TWO front pockets on them still. Sometimes manufacturers just miss the mark, and Lord knows equestrians are all about their “tradition,” so they probably just don’t think there’s a big market.

@ParadoxFarm no I’ve never done it.

CWD and Devoucoux both had this feature for a while. I remember liking it at first especially in theory, but disliking it in practice.

While more convenient, I found they kept breaking as the carabiner is structurally not as “sound” as a closed ring is, and would break off at the ‘apex’ where reins often went through. They also would slide over the keepers, as mentioned, and the other issue was, they were bigger – and could get caught in things the way I never had closed rings get snared.

I like carabiners built into girths even less. Have seen this be a significant safety issue many times.