Secret Santa 2021 is there a thread?

I have no family to share Christmas with and the COTH secret Santa is a favorite. Has it begun? I look around my house and so many of my treasures came from Cothers. Tell me we will do it this year!


Alas, until this one, there has been no interest. I was just going to let it fade away into the sunset BUT… if there is more interest than last year, I will consider re-opening.

I’ll need to see at least 50 people express their desire to play below.


Pinned to help gauge interest. :santa: :evergreen_tree:


Wait, we have a Santa emoji? Wow!

I’d play. Bring it on!

I’m in!

@ChocoMare, I wonder if it would help to simplify things with a set amount for everyone instead of tiers? Just say $35 across the board? Just a thought.


Good idea.

Ok folks, if you wanna play, I still need a good amount of Elves. We’ll say $35 at the buying max for an item or items and allow $5 extra for shipping.

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Count me in!

I’m in, it was great last year!! We are already trying to figure out a photo Christmas card for this year :smiley:

I want in!!

I think setting one price level is a good idea. $35 sounds good to me.

Ohhhh I did the Christmas card exchange. Id do Secret Santa though too!

I’d be down to join!!

I’m in!

Me too!!

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I have never participated before. Going to play this year! Count me in.

I’m in.

I’ve had to back out of the last two but I’m doing it this time.

What about the christmas cards? Thats my favorite!