Secret Santa 2022!

HO HO HO!!! It’s that time of year! The reindeer are moseying over to my window and giving me looks of “get it together, lady!”.

Welcome to Secret Santa 2022!!!

People seemed to like how it ran last year and we’ll run it the same way this year. The official gift dollar amount is $35 before shipping.

I’ll assign people in order of official entrants like I did last year.

Secret Santa “proper” will be open from tonight to midnight November 15th. I’ll track entrants as I go so should be able to get emails out to assigned elves shortly after that. Like last year, we’ll have a “late group” for those who don’t think of Christmas until after Thanksgiving and the Late Group will be open November 16 - Nov 30th.

Please PM me with your email address, your name and address (this is important! Haha!) and a description of yourself and what you might want for $35. That in includes a description of your tastes in things, colors you like, styles you like, your shirt size, hand size for gloves if that’s on your lists, etc. Also list what you DON’T need. If you don’t need things like saddle pads or boot socks, let people know. (That said I once received a saddle pad in my favorite color with my horse’s name embroidered on in and I use it to this day. I also received Harry Potter Deathly Hallows polo wraps that are freakishly popular). Mention if you have allergies to something.

I will verify entries but I learned last year that I can only reply to 10 COTHers/day. So it might take a few days to get a verification from me. Please keep that in mind but definitely let me know if you sign up and I don’t respond. I’ll send assignments from a personal email account which is much easier.

We didn’t need any de-grinching last year but please mention if you’d volunteer to de-Grinch. That means you will step to the plate of a SS recipient who never received a gift or never received communication from their elf.

THAT said, we all know that “Life” happens, and if you find yourself in the position of not being able to follow through with your elf assignment, just let me know. NOT a big deal.

Lastly and importantly :rofl: I love SS!! I will insert myself into the chain if someone will volunteer to be my SS. I know that takes the “mystery” out of things for you! Last year, I had much fun with my volunteer SS and so loved her gifts and humor (looking at you, @Paint_Party!) . If anyone wants to be my elf and forego the “mystery”, please let me know.

Oh wait, more lastly, people usually make “elf accounts” through gmail, yahoo, etc. and post to tease their giftees and ask questions. There are so many platforms out there to make an email account through and then register with COTH with it. It is not only allowed, it is encouraged! If you have difficulty doing this, just ask on the thread! Seasoned elves can help you!!

Most lastly, @Moderator_1, can you please pin this thread?

Thank you @Moderator_1, and thanks to everyone in advance who participates and keeps this tradition going!!

I might have forgotten something. Please chime in if I did!

Wait no more, @Paint_Party! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

OH, ETA, please note if you are willing to ship internationally. We have Canadians and Europeans here. Please note if you are NOT willing to ship overseas! Thanks!!!


Yup, those deer have been waiting for this announcement. Huzzah! Secret Santa begins!

deer dance


That’s what I saw outside my window today! There must be a universal reindeer happy dance!!

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Thank you J Lu

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Count me in!

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Oh, of course I’m in, too! Just have to spend some time figuring out how to write up my info.

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FYI, I have my volunteer not-so-Secret Santa and I’m very appreciative that someone offered.

I know, @Paint_Party, I have to come up with my blurb, too.

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Yes! 100% will be joining! Will also need some time to write up my blurb…

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I’m in! Will get info to you soon, @J-Lu, but a lot has changed since last year…

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This sounds like fun! I’ll get my write-up done and sent to you :slight_smile:

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Oh, yes, I need this in my life! My last Santa was more of a Saint! I loved ever bit of my gifts! Can’t wait to send my info. Thanks, J-Lu!

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^^^^um, sorry for all the exclamation points. I was excited. :grin:


Excited is good!

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I’m in! Just have to find time to write my blurb.

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Yay! Just submitted mine! So glad this is happening!!!

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Keep them coming, peeps!

I’m so grateful to my own SS who hasn’t received my official blurb but is inquiring anyway.

I love SS!

PMed you, J-Lu!

Thanks for doing this!

Okay @J-Lu, I have officially PMed you, too.

I’m really looking forward to some holiday happiness and fun this year!

Woooo Hoooo! THANK YOU to everyone who has participated so far!!

We have two weeks to go for the first round. Take your time coming up with a description of yourself, your horse if you have one, your favorite hobbies and your likes AND dislikes. What do you need? What do you specifically NOT need? What do you want? What do you specifically NOT want? What are any allergies you might have? But don’t take too much time!! Santa will make his official list on November 15 at midnight! There will be a “late-comer’s list” November 16-30, for those who don’t think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving. We had some of those last year and I get it. I used to specifically reject Christmas thoughts before Halloween and often before Thanksgiving but here we are. :rofl:

Santa is making his list and is in the process of checking it twice. Reindeer are working out and lifting weights to make the journey this year, and are trying to lose the summer bon-bon weight gained at the pool parties. Reindeer seem to love bon-bons. And pool parties. And good tiramisu. Who would have thought?