"sensitive" question for you girls out there

Ouch! I know what you mean…My answer has been to ride in men’s boxer briefs. Not nearly
as sexy as thongs, but because they don’t have either a center vertical seam, or a horizontal one
that sits in a spot most likely to come in contact with the saddle, no more rubs. When I read the post on shin rubs, I thought of this but
wasn’t brave enough to post about it. I’d trade a shin chafing instead of crotch chafing anyday!

Consider yourself enlightened, Duffy.

Y’all are crazy! Can’t say anything about the chafing, just getting ahead of myself over a jump and finding the pommel!

I’m buying that micro fiber stuff now. This time of year the cotton panties cause heat rash on my seat from sweat. Uncomfortable – especially when you spend all day sitting at a desk!!! I’m finding the micro fiber stuff dries faster, sort of wicks the moisture away, keeping me a lot more comfortable.

Liberal amounts of Desitin[diaper rash ointment]after the damage is done.

Or KY jelly or I think there is a product called Glide specifically for this problem but I cant find it.[As a preventative.]

Anyone know where to get Glide.???

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I have only had this problem when riding in saddles that didn’t fit (too small, usually). I never ride in jeans, so that may have something to do with it too.

Ok Duffy, you have to email me with the explanation; VTrider says she’s already deleted it. I’m as mystified as you were.

I bought some beautiful Schummacker breeches once on sale - VERY cheap - couldn’t figure out why, til I rode in them…

Ahem, the designer had bound all the seam edges with binding material rather than simply finisheing them by stitching (the normal way)…

After I tore the binding off, they were pretty comfortable - but that after that first ride, I thought I was going to die! Now, I always look…

I feel so incredibly lucky that I have never experienced this problem!! (And I ride in jeans and chaps!)

In a new Tack in The Box catalog I got yesterday. Hope that helps.

vector… i think you’re thinking of astroglide…

One of you has to email me also. I haven’t a clue either. Inverness, maybe we have led too sheltered a life. Or maybe I’m just old. <sigh>

Oh, yeah…definitely know about this one. Especially after a long trail ride going up and down, up and down these hills out here. Medicated Talcum powder has become my friend as of late.
Panty liners? To me they seem like what a hot wax treatment would feel like Tried it and failed!

Thank you so much Sannois,have been looking for that product for a long time.
All the ''young ''gals may have this to look forward to later in their riding lives,it is not funny and can be very unpleasant,especially if you have a two hour hack back to the trailer.

I never, ever, ever thought I’d see the word “astroglide” posted on the COTH BB. I am dying laughing, here!

Use your imagination - picture high rise jeans…

UU UU UU UU UU UU - lightbulb going off yet?!?!?!?!


fernie fox, Glide is also available from Dressage Extensions. New catalog came yesterday, many varieties from which to choose.

When riding dressage and doing sitting trot FOREVER, the chafing is miserable. We politely referred to it as “dressage crotch”. The Desitin remedy is very good, of course after the fact. I have even used it before and I think it helped some. Talcum powder before helps prevent sweating and some friction.

Most importantly, though is riding in breeches versus jeans. And over time, it does get better. Much the same way as callouses would on your hands avoiding blisters.

Oh the things we put up with for our passion…

Make sure that whatever jeans you ride in don’t give you camel toe - that can make matters worse.

Thank you VTRider. I just didn’t have the imagination to come up with that term.