Shoulder relief/anatomic girth

Saddle fitter was out last night to do some adjustments for my developing young horse, and said that given her shape, I might do well to look into an anatomical girth.

Last thread I could find on this was from 2019, and it looks like there are a lot more options out there now than just TSF and County. Saddles are Counties, so not opposed to going that route as I could match the leather, but they’re quite a bit more than the TSF ones. But I also see synthetic from ProChoice, Smartpak has their own, etc. Anyone have personal experience with anything they especially liked?

Here is a link to a recent TSF thread (May 2022). Lots of good feedback from people who have used the girth.

Thank you for that! The search does not do a good job showing the most recent things, even when sorting for “last updated”.

Sounds like TSF is very hit or miss with horses opinions. This is for a chestnut TB mare, so I’m thinking maybe cross that off this list :wink:


I was a poster on that thread. I found their “90 day use it - abuse it policy” very helpful!

I haven’t tried the TSF one, but I recently acquired the Professional’s Choice non slip one and I really love it. It stays put and fits well, no issues with gapping. Plus it’s convenient just being able to spray it down after a sweaty ride.

Love my TSF but I have the Pro choice anatomical short girth for my dressage saddle and I love that one as well. Pro choice was the only option for my last mare who had a VERY forward girth groove.

Avoid the tapestry girth. I spent $250cdn on it and had nothing but issues from day one, company promises satisfaction but didn’t stand behind the product.

Good luck!