Show coats that aren't black, navy or grey?

Looking for COTH’s collective insight.

I’m hoping to find a show coat that is a hunter green or darker burgundy/merlot colour. I’ve searched, but not really found anything that isn’t either a 3-button coat or in a brighter colour than I want.

I really love the Pikeur Paulin in blackberry, but it seems to be discontinued and the stores that still have it only have 1 or 2 very small sizes.

Any suggestions?

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QHP makes one that is maroon and black:

I bought a Paulin late in the season from Horse of Course mobile trailer. Might be worth a call to see if they still have some.

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These come in hunter green and primatova (wine) and they are soooo comfy!

I really like the cut of that one - is the mesh as transparent as it seems in the one picture??

Its not noticeable when its on, but it is mesh! They are really light weight. Here is mine in Navy, I had the aviator blue before too. Neither look mesh when you are on. I really want the Primatova for my grey :heart_eyes:


Annie’s and Flying Changes both do nice color options.

I just got the Kerrits Competitor one in henna (because it was on sale and I couldn’t resist) but it also comes in plum/hunter/bright blue/slate blue.

On the Kerrits website, it only shows skylark, plumeria, henna, navy, and black. Have you seen the hunter green somewhere? I would be interested in that. Their plumeria is too light I think for what I am looking for. it looks like maybe it is more olive than hunter now that I look, sorry.

I have this in the dark green, new with tags size XL (12-14) in case anyone is looking. They are really great jackets, I just decided to stick with navy + raising money to buy a new saddle just now. TAKEN!

The AA also comes in Espresso, although you have to search for it online!

(Photo by Meg McGuire)|690x492

I tried on the AA in stores a while back and I loved it. I thought it was so much nicer in feel and fit than some of the other tech fabric jackets.

The guy who leased my gelding last year had one and if you really zoomed in on a photo you could see the mesh but it wasn’t noticeable in person at all or on a photo that you didn’t zoom in for an ultra close up of. Even in the zoomed photo I thought it looked fine, you could just see it was mesh. I think if you wore one of those shirts with dark sleeves and a white “bib” you wouldn’t notice at all.

Question for those with the AA coats though: if they come in contact with Velcro (thinking accidentally with a Velcro collar, horse boots, etc) does the fabric pull badly? That was my only concern.

The colors are gorgeous in person! One of the reasons I don’t own one yet is I couldn’t pick!

color question: is dove-gray an option? Or does it have to be a dark gray?

I’ve seen dove gray before. To me it is a very bold option and calls a lot of attention to the stability of the riders upper body. The rider I saw was on a gray so it was more muted and blended in with the general color scheme.

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that’s my situation. A light palomino…and black looks horrible on her.

Have you considered brown? Brown looks very sharp on palominos too.

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Usually i’d agree. Navy/slate gray is really better on her. Her muzzle, her hooves and the skin that shows around her eyes and edges of her ears is truly gray. So, gray’s my go-to. Plus, my hair is finally beginning to gray and i’m gonna go with it :slight_smile:

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No Velcro won’t grab, it’s very smooth and silky :slight_smile:

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agree, also I have shown with a white shirt underneath and it’s not at all noticeable. And when you hold the jacket up, it’s see through! I call it my majikal coat

Just be sure its not too light.