Show Hunters of the past

In the old folks thread, there was some talk about hunters of the past. Remind of us horses you remember, and who owned and rode them. If we stay on topic, and there is interest, we could have a nice, printable reminder of these special hunters. By all means, include your own!
Stocking Stuffer (August Busch), Super Flash (Mrs. Sylvester Johnson), Ruxton (Robrt Baskowitz), Just For Fun (Mrs. Haywood Nelms) and Weather Permittin (Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wheeler) were all shown by Charlie Weaver.

I also heard a rumor (Note: RUMOR) that the place may be on the market again some time in the future. It would be nice if Kate bought it, because it sure seems to have a history to it, and she would be a nice addition to its “glory days” as an owner… Also, she is a top trainer and would fill the place in a minute.

Buddy would like to thank whoever mentioned Sourball in this post…we have some spectacular pictures of him (tooo bad I can’t post them here). He would also like to make sure that Pathfinder is mentioned…one of his personal all time favorites!

Vanessa Brown

<BLOCKQUOTE class=“ip-ubbcode-quote”><div class=“ip-ubbcode-quote-title”>quote:</div><div class=“ip-ubbcode-quote-content”>Originally posted by Silver Bells:
My favorites…
March On
Third of August… </div></BLOCKQUOTE>
Amazing. Two of my alltime favorite horses! Mo was a sweetheart, and Auggie was a gem! I have a great picture of Auggie at MSG from 79 or 80 that will always make me smile. Little ears way up, great arch in her neck and knees perfect.

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I remeber Showdown when he was in CA., also Scott To Do, The Bird, Old Salt, Best Bet. I remember good horses from both coasts and in between. lol </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

I was at Fairfield when Dorlea had The Bird. She was a nice mare. She won a junior class at New York one year, and it was great excitement for us at the time! In those days, the small and large juniors were not split at NY, so it was truly the best against the best. I loved it that way.

Okay, many more from the 70’s:
Third of August Jane Womble
San Felipe shown by RJ
Automation RJ and owner, Katz Leib
Constant Comment and Castaway Barbara Butts
Kim Song Bruce Duchossois
Lemon Springs Sandra caldwell
No Alibi Penny Loeb
Loveable Truly ? Wasserman
Count Tuscan Steve Price for David Tarsi and then Ashley Lickle
Lost My Sock Winter Place Bernie Traurig
Sly Arrival Debbie Pearlman, then Jill Reinhold
Piece of Cake Mary Day
Henry the Hawk Jean Mckinney and James Hulick, then Jane Womble
Speech Maker Robin Rost
Something Else Debbie Malloy
The Sherrs Nacerima
Rally Dale Ellen Dixon
Mick McQuaid Buddy Brown ? for the Rudkins
I showed against most of these!

I’ll raise my hand and admit I was at Lake Placid that year. Jesus (sp?) was a great guy. I couldn’t believe it was him that did the shooting.

All of us Northeast folks should not forget General C - he did a fair share of winning!

I never saw Mr. Wheeler show Gozzi, but I did see him on Isgilde (sp?). Viscount is another chestnut that I really enjoyed watching. So, does anyone know if So No Wonder is still alive?

Oh…Kims Song’s retirement party in the hotel ballroom @ MSG was a trip!! From what I can remember KS had a stall set up in the corner of the party. I remember a sparkley covered bucket filled with carrots…THEN…“a piece of the film is missing”, as we used to say. LOL!!

radio…early to mid 70’s…yes

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[QUOTE]Originally posted by radio talk:
Mary Wade Warner? Rode against her so many times, of course we jogged behind. Is she now doing race horses?

Becky was AZ, and believe Mary Wade was Kennett Square if memories are correct. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

Mary Warner started Derbydown in Kennett Square. A wonderful lesson and show barn, and the place where lots of folk sent their kids to be started. Great at matching children with ponies. Wonderful horsewoman.

Mary Wade (as distinct from Mary) and Louise (only a few years younger than Mary Wade) rode and showed all the school and sale ponies and horses. I think their father was Buzz? (Bud?)

(flashback time)

So No belonged to Paul, well actually Old Salem Farm when Charlie showed him, and I will need a few minutes to think of the girl on Long Island who bought him. Italian name. He also had a nice grey horse named Mr. Jordon

Every time I see Ruby G’s sig line I think of him BH1…

Hand raised, remember walking onto the grounds, with not a groom in sight. Then hearing what had happened. It will always be remembered. Loved that horse.

Heard several of the trainers ended up doing stalls that year. We never went back after that. Like someone posted, it always had bad vibes.

Harry, boy you make me laugh, always… Oscar Meyer weiner wagon, now that truly would be in keeping with us olde fartes.

Alright,I’m coming Late to the thread…
But I didn’t know that Robert Hoskins Passed Away…How Sad…He was Young…Does anyone Know What Happened???
Sorry if I’m digging up memories…but I really had No Idea!!

Fabulous California/West Coast Hunters and a few others I remember:

Quail Run
Bavaria (Lise Quintero rode her to National Champ)
Sporting Spirit (Susie Hutchinson)
Dance Card (Megan Furth)
Black Ice (Laurie and Karen Chandler)
Code of Honor (National Champion)
First Impression (National champion, with Tracey Kestler)
Classic (Jenny Iverson)
Celebration (Christina Bauer)
American Hero (Twinkie Nissen)
Tanqueray (Brooke Bruder)
Country Boy (Rusty Stewart)
Silent Partner (Richard Keller)
Trade Secret (Hap Hansen and Stacey Trewitt)
Cabaret (Karen Ball)

I am sure there are many more… these are mostly from the 80’s and 90’s

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I loved Lemon Tree, a palomino who won the Local Hunters at Devon several years in a row.

In ponies I loved Snowgoose. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

And Fantasy…great pony!

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Birch Bark was Drew’s…Dana had a brown horse…I showed it a bit in Fla. 1974…forget his name tho!!!

Was Pax one of Kenny’s Horses or should I ask

I didn’t think our Raise The Roof was fancy enough to be remembered by the Olde Fartes…wrong horse! …but we did have fun turning his stall into a hot dog stand.