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Show Jumping!

I heard that the jog was quite exciting and saw some photos of it. Does anyone know if it was filmed and available on FEI TV? I’m not seeing it so I’m guessing no? Jumping is off to a bit of a shaky start from the ones I’ve seen (I got in at 9:11am show time). Anyone know if the live scores are being posted? I am on the Tryon2018 website and I can see the page I usually go to, but it doesn’t have any rider results shown at this time.

Does any one know who are the commentators?

Those photos were great! (http://www.worldofshowjumping.com/en/Events/World-Championships/Images-World-Equestrian-Games-horse-inspection.html#)

I’m watching. I’m actually glad I’m recovering from a stress fracture. Lots of down time, haha. Good excuse to watch all of WEG.

What happened to Ashley Bond? I tuned in a little late

Is it streaming on FEI TV? Seriously considering buying a subscription just to watch this week.

I know the female is Kim Prince, the guy does a lot on FEI tv but I don’t know his name

It sure is. The FEI TV subscription has been 100% worth it for me. Yes, there were some baubles day 1 and 2 with dressage - but everything else has been great to watch.

Didn’t catch who the rider was since I was on a call, but that is likely who fell off at the first jump in a combination… I think horse just popped her out - and went on to jump the next jump riderless. She was fine and got right back up.

Yes, FEI TV, all week. Vaulting, Para and Driving this week, and cheapest WEG package is around $27, so probably worth the money.

I see two riders listed as eliminated that I missed. So not sure who did what. Show Jumping is also live on the Olympic Channel, but there are commercials. FEI-tv is great though too

Did Ashley already ride? If so, I must have missed her somehow. I didn’t see her.

It’s cheaper then one day’s ticket at Tryon! That’s how I justified it.

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Devin Ryan is our first rider. Going now. GO Eddie Blue!

Good job. One rail, but quick. He is in 5th.

Link to live results. https://tryon2018.com/eventResults/2…/resultlist_J1


Yes, that was her. My friend who is there said thats what happened

So excited for showjumpng! But I can’t be the only one who is a bit sad about Beezie… really going to miss her being a part of this, it doesn’t feel like a US team without her. I saw an interview with her in an article on the Practical Horseman fb page yesterdsy and she was very professional but of course seems super bummed.


She really comes across as a class act. :slight_smile:


Wow, that Cas de Liberte horse is adorable.

SMF(?) Alice is up there on my list now too.

and Jannika Sprunger’s horse.

I’ll take all of them, actually.

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I’m with you!!