Site feedback from flagging posts

Suppose a post of mine is flagged by a single user, and whether it’s reviewed by a moderator or not, no action is taken.

Would I, as the poster whose post was flagged, receive any feedback in the form of a notification that my post had been flagged? In particular, would I be notified as to the screen name of the person who flagged my post?

Second, if enough people flagged a post of mine, or the moderator agreed with the flag or flags that my post was offensive or inappropriate, what feedback would I receive?

I know posts are sometimes hidden, or edited or deleted by the mods. What feedback does the poster receive from the system or the mods if any of these actions are taken?

If I have not received notifications that my posts have been flagged, does that mean I may have received a flag or two that did not trigger action by the mods, but that I haven’t posted anything that was considered “crossing the line” by the mods?

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