Barisone assessment

Maybe he didn’t think he had to since he’d ended the training agreement and staying at the house was connected with the training, and he worked out that agreement with her agent: daddy. Daddy, as her agent, accepted the notice to leave.

That’s another issue for the civil trial. Daddy was her agent, that legally obligates her to leave in accordance with her agent’s agreement. If daddy knew he didn’t have her agreement, he was fraudulently negotiating with MB by misleading him as to his authority to make agreements on her behalf.


I seriously think either RG or LK stuck a gun in his face when he arrived at the farmhouse. Again - RG testified that MB threw his hands up in the air. “Hands up - don’t shoot.”

I also believe that Rosie got out as either RG or LK was going in/out the door, and attacked MB, with the scuffle beginning as they were trying to get Rosie under control. And the gun discharged during the melee as MB and RG - or MB and LK - were wrestling for control of it. Thanks to shoddy police work by the Keystone Kops, we will never know whose fingerprints were on the gun, nor who had/didn’t have GSR on their hands.

As for who brought the gun to the altercation - wasn’t there testimony that MB told one of the mental health professionals that he remembered getting the gun from the safe? Or was it that he remembered putting the gun in the safe?


Weren’t the lawyers assembled before 8/5 since they had found the South American Olympic calibre barn down the road was located…?


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Ya, I found the assertion by @CurrentlyHorseless that LK was trying to find somewhere to move a bit of a head scratcher.

We know Daddio and MB, with the help of their lawyers, were trying to find her a place. But unless our horseless friend has access to first-hand information, there hasn’t been a shred of evidence to show Lauren intended to leave at all, let alone was actively trying to move out. In fact on Facebook she turned down numerous offers of help, places to stay, temporary stabling, and transport for her horses, remember?

But of course CurrentlyHorseless can’t possibly have any first-hand information, because she doesn’t personally know the Kanarek clan. Right?


So, you think her dad negotiating an exit at the end of July, that she refused, is meaningless?

I’ll play your game with notice for a second. All things being the same, dueling SS reports, police calls, building inspectors, SM posts, surreptitious recordings, ninja appearances, etc all remain the same. Notice is delivered by email Aug 5th, and served Aug 6th, per trial testimony. All other facts remain the same, including CPS showing up.

If the shooting never happened, what do you envision the 30 day notice accomplishes? Do you think everyone’s going to sit around a camp fire toasting marshmallows and singing Kum Ba Yah for 29 days and then LK and RG pack up on day 30 and get out, because now she has that piece of paper in her hands that is more significant than even her own father’s actions?

Or, version 2: the farm remains toxic for another 30 days. Possibly other clients leave, like the one who testified she was looking for a new barn already. MB’s got nowhere to freaking sleep short of getting an Air BnB while work can be done on the barn, ninjas keep popping up, recordings continue to happen, with private conversations still being posted on SM, etc…and on day 30 it all comes to an end, when again, that piece of paper makes her move?

Or, version 3: all of the above continues to happen, except she decides, what the heck, let him evict me. So now she and RG are dug in, while continuing their part in the toxicity at the farm. Day 31 - Mr Tarshis files eviction. Hearing is set for March 2020, because that’s about how long it takes to get an eviction hearing pre-COVID. Then COVID hits and courts are closed, and eviction moratoriums are enacted, and the nightmare grows worse and worse. How does that scenario end?


Given that both @equkelly and @RND were banned, I infer that there is a fair amount of flagging done by the posters other than me.

I do sometimes flag posts that I think violate the rules of the forum, as my understanding is that is the recommended (by the mods) way of dealing with it.

@FitzE posted that I, specifically, had flagged a post of hers for some completely innocuous word. I suppose there is a tiny chance I could have flagged her post by mistake, although I really doubt it. Unless a poster is informed of who is flagging their post, which I doubt, I conclude she just made up the assertion about my flagging her post to make me look silly.

You’re an old hand. If @FitzEs post was flagged, would she have been informed of who flagged it? Or was she just making it up?

If someone lobs personal insults at posters they disagree with, and those posts are flagged, and the thread shut down, who is responsible for getting the thread shut down, the insulter or the flagger?


Why are you tagging 2 banned users and 1 member that hasn’t posted anything involving you in quite a while?

Did you forget your conspiracy theory? Unable to let it go that you were wrong? Can’t accept that most of us don’t go around flagging each other without significant cause.


I disagree, IF the civil jury finds it credible that Michael shot Lauren. If so, they would likely deem him liable for her injuries, pain and suffering, etc. regardless of what his mental state was at the time.

However, they may also find it credible that Lauren’s relentless harassment caused Michael’s mental break. In that case they might deem her liable for his injuries, pain, suffering, loss of reputation, financial losses, etc. in the counter claim.

In the end would the two claims cancel each other out?


I thought there would be more discussion at the trial about the injury to LK’s hand. I can see a struggle causing it unless some other explanation was given for it that I missed.


Honestly, I see that as a very likely outcome if this goes to trial.


If I were LK, I’d be sweating bullets with this upcoming civil trial.

No matter how much LK tries to sway public opinion with slimy YT comments, no matter how hard she tries to sabotage MB with alleged recordings being sent to AK (the idea in itself proves her to be malicious even if the recordings don’t exist), no matter what her family says on message boards, EVERYTHING can be undone by one very simple question:


And there is NO answer LK can give to justify her not leaving. Difficult to move horses? No one is buying it, especially if your life depends on it. The more she argues she was at risk, the more ridiculous the answer becomes. Her entire defense is undone and the logic totally flawed. There is no doubt in my mind the jury will ask themselves the same question.

Sweating bullets.


Oof. I can’t even imagine going through all that time and trouble and expense to have the whole thing come out as basically a wash.


Except for the satisfaction of laying out the dirty laundry and saying, “See? Told you she was a nightmare no matter how hard to she bats those eyelashes and pretends she is a young debutante.” Someone, or lots of people, are going to hear/see the evidence and making it go away completely is very unlikely.


It’s always a roll of the dice with a jury. There’s something to be said for getting your story out there, and again, 5 neutral individuals may see it different, but I’m with you. It feels painful to consider that outcome.


This is such a great post. Thank you for saving me the time.

@CurrentlyHorseless, I wish you’d have the cahoonas to admit that you know exactly who IM is, you know them personally and you hang on to their every word.


I was pointing out that @equkelly and @RND must have been flagged by people other than me in order to get banned.


Well, yes, any trial can turn out any way. There’s comments upthread about the amount of responsibility. If one party is more than 50 per cent responsible in NJ they lose. Bang on 50/50 and its a wash.

My impression is that for civil suits the pretrial settlement period is a game of chicken. Both sides would typically prefer a settlement in their favor without a trial. Both sides will bluff and huff and puff to try to get the other party to moderate their claims. This can involve public statements too in media or SM.

Very often high profile or celebrity or newsworthy cases (like damages against corporations) huff and puff in the news a lot on both sides then settle with an NDA.

I think LK’s lawsuit looks a lot different after the trial outcome and her testimony than it did when filed 2 years ago. I realize LK may not be able to admit this, but I am sure her lawyers and even her actual family do.

At this point, her lawyers likely hope they can pressure MB’s team into a pretrial settlement based on him not wanting or needing a long civil suit hanging over his future. If he sticks with the “bring it on!” mindset, then LK’s team will have some more thinking to do.

All such negotiations happen in private and the outcome may never be publicly announced. So we wouldnt necessarily know when such negotiations begin.