Smartpak Shipping

Anyone else’s orders from SmartPak taking 5-7 days to ship the items? Just had to order two different things and both took almost a week just to ship!

That has not been my experience. That has to be frustrating.

I was just giggling about this very topic with a friend. How we are now spoiled with such quick shipping. Back in the dark ages we filled out that paper order form, mailed it and a check. Once received they waited 10 - 14 days for the check to clear and then processed your order, which you then had to wait to arrive.
It was so long between order and receiving that it seemed like a gift when it showed up.


Wasn’t it just a holiday in the US? Maybe that’s the reason for the delay.

I have had orders take well over a week to ship, and then they choose the slowest shipping option. I remember getting things nearly next day from them a few years ago, and now it takes more than two weeks. I still live in the same region. :confused:


I’ve also noticed a delay in shipping lately. Not the actual shipping time being any longer, but the time from order to it actually going out has been longer.

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Is it possible that they are having trouble receiving supplies? A lot of our local businesses place orders that are only half filled or have long delays for items.

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My guess would be that they are short on staff, just like every other business right now. If there aren’t enough people in the warehouse, then things go more slowly.


I had one arrive today and I literally thought to myself that it got here faster than I thought it would. Sorry!

Just looked. I ordered Thursday and it was here
Mid-day Tuesday.

Eta: my UPS tracking says it’s from smartpak c/o Bender Warehouse, so maybe it was a drop ship that made it faster?

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Yes. I ordered a fly sheet on July 1 with estimated delivery time of July 8 and just got an email yesterday that it had finally shipped.

Shipping with them is usually fast for me, but I ordered a bucket of MSM at the beginning of July, and after three phone calls and a cancellation and reorder, who knows if it will actually show up?

They keep saying they’re really behind when I call. It reminds me of the major issues they had a few years ago when a lot of people stopped shopping with them entirely because orders were shipping so slowly or not at all.

I’m sure they’re understaffed and can’t find new hires because (from what I’ve heard) the pay and management are atrocious, but who knows.

Ha, funny this thread just came up, I’m on their callback list right now for this very reason. ETA for my order is Friday, but they haven’t shipped it yet so who knows.

I got my order last month in 4 days from placing shipment, granted it was fly masks so nothing crazy.

Previous order took 2 weeks easily. Heard they are struggling keeping enough resources at the warehouse.

Yep. I ordered something from Smartpak the same day as something from the Netherlands and got the item from the Netherlands in 4 days while Smartpak hadn’t even shipped yet

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They just called me back - they’re way behind on orders after the holiday on July 4th, she said. She upgraded my shipping, but I told her I would be looking elsewhere for the product as it wasn’t something I can wait 2 weeks for.

There was a warning on the website right now about shipping delays. I would assume it is a combination of short staffing, supply chain issues, and the holiday. It seems to be gone now.

I have been back and forth with SmartPak for years now. Supplements in SmartPaks take too long and I’m usually out for a day or two (or three sometimes) before my new order comes in.
They billed me on 06/10/2022 and it didn’t ship until 06/16/2022. My July order was charged 07/08/2022 and has yet to be shipped. They say estimated arrival is 07/22/2022!

I’m trying not to get frustrated, as I know they’re having issues with what everyone is having issues with right now. The only reason I still do SmartPak supplements is because I full care board my horse now and it’s so much easier than bagging up supplements.

Yes, and they had a big 4th of July sale, so probably lots of orders to fulfill. I just received the blanket I ordered on the 2nd.

Yes, I remember the days of sending a written form and check to Jeffer’s Vet Supply and waiting with bated breath for my box of goodies to arrive about a month later. The catalogs mostly had line drawings and written descriptions, so sometimes the actual products were a bit of a surprise too!


Yes! Totally a surprise. You would go back and read the description to see if that was what you really ordered and realize that yes, it is what was described but not what you thought it would be.

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I had the same experience yesterday. Ordered on July 5 and it STILL hasn’t shipped yet. Needed it for a horse show I’m leaving for tomorrow and I’m basically SOL because almost noone else sells it and its too late to order and ship directly from the manufacturer.

For all that, Smartpak is usually awesome and they told me that they have a lot of people out sick, in addition to the holiday delay.

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I’ve had crazy waits on my last two shipments… I only order from them if it’s something I can’t get anywhere else (I like the house brand sunshirts and hay bags) and it’s not urgent at all.

I ordered bulk supplements yesterday. Shipping estimated arrival 7/25.