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So.. I adopted a BLM mustang!

In a glaring case of thinking with my heart over my head, I decided to adopt a BLM mustang mare. I’ve always been an OTTB person and had never ever even thought of getting a mustang, until I saw this mare on one of their internet adoptions. Fast forward to this weekend when she was shipped from Nevada to Kentucky, and then hauled to Chesapeake, VA where she’ll be getting two months of initial training (since I have absolutely zero experience of this sort). She arrived Saturday afternoon and I drove down from PA to help work with her. By the end of the weekend I was able to touch her and even got her leading a few steps.

If anyone wants to follow along, she has a facebook page :slight_smile:

That’s a nice little mare, I think you’ll have fun with her. How old is she?

OMG THE DAPPLES. Look at those dapples. I’ve thought about mustangs, but never had the time or setup for them…have fun!

Oh man, I saw her on the online auctions and kinda fell in love with her (I window shop every year but would never be crazy… ahem, I mean… brave enough to actually get one!). IIRC, she was one of the taller ones too?

My mare’s stall neighbor is a BLM Mustang. Carts a 6 year old and a 14 year old around hunter/jumper. Talented l’il thing (I say little, but she’s around 15 hands. Decent height for a mustang).

Anyway: congrats! Love the name. :smiley:

Oh she is pretty, and looks like a nice mover.

Very cute! Wasn’t she a pic used on the dapples thread too? I rem thinking, wow.
Oh, and following the blog! :slight_smile:

Very pretty mare and seems sensible.

Wow she’s gorgeous! Good luck with her!

She is stunning!

I echo the comment about the dapples! Very cute mare. Good luck with her.

Gorgeous mare! Beautiful mover! Love the photos!


Gorgeous girl!

When you say she was born at the Nevada facility does that mean she was never out on the range?

Looks like she bonded with you pretty quickly. :smiley: Have fun with her!


Oh boy she is a looker! I think she was “internet famous” because I saw multiple people link / share her photos.

Good luck, what a fun project!

Beautiful! I love my “Ponystang” - he’s the perfect size for me, and oh so colorful and beautiful, with a sweet gentle nature towards humans and a killer nature towards things that don’t belong that can’t be beat.

She is lovely! Good luck with her. Mustang’s are the best! My boy is intelligent, the perfect size and he can just about do anything. :slight_smile:

She is gorgeous! Those dapples are just stunning. You are going to have so much fun with her :yes:

She’s lovely, congratulations! And welcome to the mustang fan club - I love mine and I’m a little obsessed with him! You have great adventures ahead of you! :yes:

We had years ago one of those feral horses from a herd in Nevada and he ended up being our best cowhorse ever.
He also became the boss in the pasture, but was such a smart boss he never ever had to make faces or pin an ear.
Everyone else behaved just because it was the right thing to do when he was around.

I expect your pretty mare will be like that, smart and easy going, once she gets what life is all about now.

Those dapples make her stand out also, beautiful coloring.

So beautiful. I feel like I was watching an episode of Heartland. :slight_smile: