So I did a thing today

On our local Lost and Found Pets page, someone posted a found kitten. She looked so tiny in the photos … she was outside … it’s hot and there are pop-up storms …

She was covered in fleas. Had a flea bath at the vet, to be repeated every 2 days or so. Full of worms; got wormed. Gobbled so much food and KMR that I had to take it from her. And tiny? OMG, so tiny. I am trying not to fall in love because I really need to find her a home, but when she purrs and rolls over for a tummy rub …


God bless you. Fingers crossed she “worms” her way into your heart and you decide to keep her. :heart:


What a cutie! It’s kitten season for sure.

Not quite a year ago, a kitten in similarly poor condition wandered into my barn. Wanna guess who is laying on my legs as I type this? Pick your girl a name you like. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Ack! Enablers!


And you’re surprised by this? :rofl:

She’s adorable with her big big eyes and huge ears. How old do you think?

(whispers) psst psst you know Hammie needs a girlfriend. You know he does. Her name is Molly.


I am a foster fail 3x over! But I also have placed other fosters. She is so lucky to have you!!! Hope you “fail” like me, but also understand that’s not always feasible. Either way, she is adorbs amd thank you for giving her a chance! :heart: Now off to feed my monsters… one is “yelling” at me now for late dinner!


Oh my, what a complete heart stealer. Thank you for giving her an upgrade, be it a stepping stone or a permanent rock!


She’s precious! We need more pictures…if she will be still long enough for you to take some. What do the other cats think of her?

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That little face is adorable! So glad you rescued her!


C’mon, you know you want to.


Oh, that’s the rub, isn’t it, the other cats? Tiny fell in love 100% absolutely, immediately. (“Mum! She’s tinier than I am! I want to hug her and kiss her and name her George!”) Sassy, Mick, and Nigel couldn’t care less - not their first rodeo, though once I start letting her out of the crate, they will care more. Hammie is perplexed. I worry that he doesn’t quite understand that she’s a kitten, not a plaything. Maximus Imperius is unhappy. Hissy-spitty unhappy, though he is less unhappy than he was when I brought home Ham last year. That was the apocalypse. This is not that bad . . . yet . . .


A little update - she ate and ate and slept and slept last night. Finally, about 10pm, she ate less, and was less frantic about it, so I think the worms are dying and she’s finally getting more full. She ate quite a bit this morning, and I will go home at noon and check her and feed her again. I left some canned in the crate for her, but we’ll see how that goes.

She’s content in the crate for now - plenty to see and she’s got plenty of toys to play with - but her little face lights up when I come to see her. She’ll probably get another flea bath tonight, to be on the safe side. I can’t have an infestation!


Blue Ribbon !

‘her little face lights up when I come to see her.’


your heart opens up when you see her !

there’s a reason for this addition ~ just enjoy it ~ bless you for giving ‘George’ her forever home !


The vet thinks she’s about 6 weeks. But a very tiny 6 weeks. She weighed 1lb, 2oz, and I think at least 4 oz of that was fleas and worms.

I really wish I could find her a very good home - I am happy with the status quo in the household. But what else could I do?


the only thing you could do = the ‘right thing’ invite her into your feline family forever !
Bravo !
You’re my superhero with “all things cats!”


I think you already have! She is so tiny she can’t eat that much and takes up no space and it seems that she has already settled in…


I am usually a foster fail, too. The one time I was successful was last year, right before Hammie - I was driving on our main street in town and this tiny orange ball of fluff dashed across all four lanes of traffic. I stopped and grabbed him. His name is now Hamilton, and I’m to blame for that, because I encouraged my vet’s wife to keep him and she’s as big of a Hamilton fan as I am. The second I said, 'You could name him Hamilton!" it was over. They love him to pieces, too. But they just adopted two from the humane society that needed eye removals, so . . . yeah.

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She’s already gone through two and a half cans of food! She may be tiny, but she can EAT! :slight_smile:


Stop calling her “she” :pouting_cat:
Her name is George. 🙅
& you must hug her and squeeze her… :heart_eyes:


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I keep calling her Itty Bitty. But that’s not really a name.