So much whinnying on TV! Bridgerton for example

OMG the overdone whinnying on “Bridgerton” is driving me nuts. It’s a great series but having the whinnies overwhelm every scene where a horse is doing anything: galloping full tilt, pulling a carriage 4-in-hand, trotting through a park, standing quietly…what is with these sound engineers? Have they spent even 5 minutes around real horses?

Once you start noticing it, it’s insane. Like, screaming horses as wallpaper.

I admit this is one of my pet peeves on TV and movies, but this series really tops the cake.


Don’t get me started on the Jackie Chan movie with a koala in the room!

And did you know that when bears stand up they do not make any sound at all.

Oh and that if you get shot people only fall down because they have seen it in movies.

And amnesia you do not forget your name, only on TV and in movies.

Lol You sure about the last two?


Yes, its annoying, I guess the directors think you might not notice the horse if it’s not making noise? I presume is the directors wanting those sounds, but still odd.

Also have you noticed that same guy riding past the house in every outdoor shot? We should have some kind of bingo for that!

They were discussed on a TV show called QI. Standing for Quite Interesting and deals with facts.

The bear I saw on another tv show. They showed the bear in real life with no noise. Then again with the roar in the movie, then again with a baby’s cry.

You’re probably right that it’s not up to the sound folks but the directors.
Now I have to go back and watch for the Returning Rider!

My favorite Bridgerton equestrian moment was when a character dramatically rips her tall boots off by unzipping them and throwing them to the floor. Zip boots? In the 1800s!? Was struggling with a boot jack not drama enough?!


That would be fantastic in a scene. Then getting a friend to do the bent over heave-ho to yank it off.


I would imagine “you don’t fall down if you get shot” is HIGHLY dependent on where that shot makes contact, eh?

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I participate in a number of period drama/ Austen lit discussion groups and while I don’t mind anachronistic, fun takes on the Regency, I admit hearing about that one gave me pause, just because I know so many people who lived pre-zippered tall boots. It’s one thing to say, pair a 1790s gown and a 1820s gown in the same scene, or have a man in an unbuttoned shirt in a ball room, but that seems almost to verge into Starbucks coffee cup territory. I still plan to see it, though, and look forward to it!


I noticed the same group of 4 bay ponies(welsh cobs?) pulling so many carts and carriages through the scenes too. Sometimes just single, sometimes double, sometimes all 4 together. Always with a whinny :slight_smile:


Yes! I’ve noticed them too!

Of course. They also said that a lot of people didn’t even know they had been shot until afterwards, so don’t fall down.

They must have been shot with clean rounds, because a hollow point will drop a bear let alone a human.

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It would have to be the maid, Rose, because who else would keep quiet?

Another thing I need to go back and watch for!

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I’ve been wondering what’s wrong with me as my horses are pretty quiet, like, they never whinny when they do stuff!!! But if I have a pocket of treats, sometimes I get soft nickers :heart:

It could be a drinking game!

I tired of the series by episode three Meh

So much sap

As @endlessclimb stated, whether or not you fall down if you get shot is very dependent on where you are shot and the ammo used. It would have been better to phrase that as “you don’t necessarily fall down if you get shot”.

As far as people with amnesia not forgetting their name, go tell that to Benjamin Kyle (an alias as he had no other identity for 10 years until a PI finally figured out who he was). So, it would probably be better to state that you do not necessarily forget your name - it depends on the origination of the amnesia".

I am not sure about the bear thing - I think they, like most other animals, do not make nearly as much noise as TV and movies would have you believe.

As far as horses whinnying, it doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the overdrama often seen in these typese of shows. I am usually to busy yelling at the characters to stop being stupid to notice how much the horse is whinnying.

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Haven’t watched it yet but man, horses whinnying everywhere on film is so frustrating. Bonus points if the camera is looking directly at an obviously not-vocalizing horse with the audio of a screaming neigh layered over it.

But, this article offers an interesting view as to why the constant horse noise:

tldr; audiences expect to hear it. The majority of whom, have no experience with equines whatsoever :slight_smile: (which includes the writers and directors too, for the most part! haha)