So much whinnying on TV! Bridgerton for example

That’s what I figured, most people and all machines make noise pretty constantly, thus animals must too.

I imagine Godzilla in real life hardly ever vocalizes, nor dinosaurs. But it makes for a great scene to add sound.

How interesting! So they do know horses aren’t actually whinnying all the time, but they think the audience needs to hear it to stay involved. And yes, it is very often the single self-same whinny, over and over.

Once I started noticing it a few years ago, I became That Person who always has to say “that horse is NOT whinnying He is Eating Grass!”. etc.


OMG - The Canned Whinny!!! So freaking annoying. I haven’t tried Bridgerton yet, but have watched two episodes of Yellowstone and started the third, then gave up. The incessant but inappropriate horse whinnying was annoying. Evidently if a horse apears on-screen it must be accompanied by a whinny so people know what it is, I guess? :roll_eyes:

And yes, it was overly drammatic, annoyingly so. The beginning of the third episode - so bad! I know there are many that love it though. Dallas meets The Godfather in Montana and wonderfully trashy for some.

I want to believe that an audience can figure out it’s a horse without the whinnying. They do make tons of other noises, after all. Clippety clops, snorting, an array of farts. The horse noise palette is truly a remarkable smorgasbord of choices, doesn’t always need to be a randy stallion whinny :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Studios looking for sound designers – I am SO available for hire.


I think this particular horse sound is underrepresented in films. It would be, erm, refreshing? to hear something other than the horse equivalent of the Wilhelm Scream


Sound engineers are really missing out here. Nothing says “real horse” more clearly than one of the 10,000 different types of farts they can emit. Galloping ones, bucking ones, long almost silent standing ones, protracted dressage test ones (one per trot stride), sudden trombone like rips - I could go on. Talk about cinema verite!


TB21 that is the post of the day!

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