So where is the search function? No can find. Trying to see if something discussed before

I like new forum. Just trying to get bearings. Thanks everyone who made possible.

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Search is offline, probably to return tomorrow. It’ll be up there in the green bar, a magnifying glass next to your avatar and the three line hamburger menu. And it’s FABULOUS, so much better than what we had before :grin:



I read this and thought - Green bar? I thought it was at the top. Where is this green bar then?

Then I realized that the bar at the top is not black but very dark green.

Search function is baaaack!

Hope everyone is happy now. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

:grin: I’ve been referring to it as “the dark bar” for just that reason!


Found it. Thank you.

One of the biggest ways I leverage COTH is to google a topic “Frank Baines dressage forum” and it pulls up options across a couple forums including COTH. However, anything that pops up on google will redirect you back to the forum home page.

I know that the search feature is an easy solution but do you know if there is any chance of the old urls being linked to here for google use? I think most of us found COTH forum via google so it would be a shame to loose that option.

Known issue, they’re working on it and it’ll be fixed :slight_smile:

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I’m glad the search function is back, and accessible under the COTH green bar, but honestly, I’ve always found Google searches with key words to be the most effective search mechanism. Now, however, Google shows me results, the brief 1-2 lines under the suggested results look promising, but when you click the link it only takes you to the main COTH forum page – not the specific thread. Is there a way/plan to fix that so google searches bring up the specific posts/threads?


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Any update on this? The new search feature doesn’t bring up anything close to the search terms or provide a way to filter by titles that I can find.

Wow, really? Search here is light years better than search on the previous forum. What are you hoping to find/what specific problems are you having? Maybe we can help you out and direct your searches more effectively.

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So is it beyond your capacity to not take things so personally since your were involved in the beta version? Not all of us have the time to research the new forum. @Moderator_1 your test subjects are acting like the rest of us have all the time in the world and that’s not a thing. Help!?

ETA: this is what pisses me off about the new forum. Someone asks a specific question and we have to read through a bunch of stuff. Fine if the question warrants that but it’s easy enough to just tell us.

Uh, what? I’m sorry you find an offer to help so offensive?

If you click on Advanced Search, after you open the regular search via the magnifying glass, there is an option to filter by title only. Does that help?

I have to agree that you take things oddly personally, and then blast members for being ungrateful. You did it to me weeks ago for a cosmetic issue I brought up. Perhaps I didn’t word it in a way that soothed you but other people also brought that up and now it’s been remedied.

I’ve tried to continue reading here in the hope some of the very minor questions I’ve had will be answered, but the “this is so great and I’m sorry me saying that was offensive” is not at all helpful.


I’m going to try and upload an image but when I use the “title” options I’m finding no search results come back. If I use a generic search like “prestige saddle” the results seem really incongruent with the search topic.

More than anything, I liked being able to google prestige saddle COTH and then click on the top links. Now, all of those old links on Google redirect to the home page of the new forum.

And another example. I feel like there’s not much of a correlation between my search term and the results. Also, I’m sure the answer to that search term has been answered in this thread. If anyone could reference the post number I’d be grateful!

I am no help with the search function. I am famous for my search fails.
But I can say that the google links to threads not working thing is a known issue. I think Mod 1 has it on the list of things for them to look into.


I want to reiterate that Mod1 is doing a great job and I appreciate that CoTH found a better platform that will keep up with technology.