Spin-off: full seat schooling tights (with silicone) that are NOT compressive - and have some give

After reading the tights/schooling breeches threads (and hearing a lot of positive reviews), I got the Free Ride tights - and though I do like them (they fit well, are flattering, have a good design in terms of the placement of the silicone, the pockets, etc.) - they are still a little too compressive for my taste.

I’m on the fence about the high waist; sometimes I like it and sometimes I don’t! At 65, I’m about 5’2’ 1/2 (damn thinning disks ), so when I pull them all the way up, they rest a bit high on my ribcage.

I have a fair variety of schooling tights, but a pair I got from Dover (I think it’s their house brand) is pretty much my favorite and I’m wearing them out. The material is a little heavy for summer - and only one thigh pocket - but the stretchy factor is nice in that I can actually take my fingers, pull on the material, let go, and they don’t snap back immediately. This provides me with a little “give” in the saddle. I bought them several years ago and now can’t find the same tights at my local Dover. sigh

I used to buy the Kerrits Ice Fils, but the f/s grip just didn’t last. :frowning:

I’m a pretty stringy old broad (around #117), so my thighs aren’t as “robust” as they used to be - but I like to feel like I can “sit around” my horse, separate my seat bones (and buttocks), and move in the saddle! I hate the feeling of being shrink-wrapped, and I don’t need (or want) the compression - but it seems like that’s the standard in f/s tights these days! I still want stretchiness though, more than the average breeches provide - and the more stick the better (within reason.)

I haven’t been competing much this year since we got a late start, but when I rode in my FITS fullseats for an event last month I was pleasantly surprised - I was able to move SO much better in the saddle, but still had tons of grip! I have a pair of FITS schooling breeches I got on sale a couple of years ago but the grip is MEH (they weren’t the deerskin/lambskin patches; just a fairly stingy amount of silicone.)

So, based on the above, Espirits are probably out - along with the MD performance.

How are the Tuffriders?

The Empowers?

The Mayas?


FITS Finley?



Lightweight, stretchy, sticky, and NOT sausage casings?

TIA for any input!!

Have you tried the Kerrits GripTek breeches? I know you said you’d like silicone, but as far as grippiness is concerned those things STICK, and if you’re already familiar with the fit it might be worth a try. My pair is about 2 years old now, and they’ve lost a little bit of their stickiness and the fabric has a little bit of pilling, but they are still stickier than my Crossovers that I bought a few months after.

The material is a lightweight stretch weave. I suppose it could be “compression” if you bought a size too small, but they’re not designed to be that way. I also survived a summer in El Paso riding in 98*+ weather, so I can vouch for them not being oppressively hot. The seat material is perforated so it breathes better than many of the other non-silicone alternatives.

The Free Ride Lux breeches don’t have any compression, in my opinion, and are extremely soft, stretchy and comfortable. I’m assuming you tried the actual tights, which are more compressive?


48yr old cheapster who also got fed up with the Kerrits stick not lasting. I’ve had 3 pairs of these for about a year, the stick is as good as day 1, no compression, and so so comfortable. Wish they had more than 1 pocket but for $42 and on Amazon? I’m not going to turn them down.


They aren’t tights but the Horze denim breeches are the most soft stretchy comfortable things ever, and have silicone. Almost like tights, just a bit heavier.

Don’t buy TuffRider. Terrible company with terrible quality, you get what you pay for. Your money is best spent elsewhere.

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The FITS Tech Tread full seat pull ons are very light weight and not compressive at all. They’re silicone seat, but not a super aggressive pattern. My only dislike of them is that, although they have the thigh pockets for a phone, they don’t have the pockets higher up, near the waistband which is where I usually stow some treats. So treats go in one cell phone pocket and cell in the other.

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Apparently I have the FreeRide leggings (just checked), so hmmm. Good to know, thanks!

These sound great!!, but when I went to the Amazon link, it advertised them as “silicone knee patch”, not full seat. They show you some pics, but the model is in black tights so it’s REAAALLY hard to see (even if squinting) whether or not the tights are full seats. Otherwise, wow - they are ideal (other than having just the one pocket.)

There are various models in that link, I promise one is full seat silicone! The color is “Color: Black-full Seat”

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I checked them out, thanks! They are on the higher end, price point-wise ($120), and though the reviews seem to praise the stickiness, I’m a little gunshy - I have a pair of FITS schooling breeches with the silicone pattern that are not at all sticky. (I’ll have to dig them out and see what “style” they are…)

Thanks @imbassetma!

If you’re in the U.S., Stateline tack has them for $107:

Stateline website FITS Techtread tights

Another vote for the Freeride Lux Breeches. The fabric is very soft and stretchy but is not compressive by any means. Super comfy!



Thanks everyone, most helpful :blush:

Okay, just because I have some direct comparisons I can make I’ll add another post.

I went on a tight buying spree (as in I bought three or four pairs of tights/breeches) this past spring. So I got both the Free Ride Hybrid Breeches (which are really pull on tights) and the FITS Techtreads. The FITS are way less compressive than the Free Rides.

So if you’re really looking for non-compressive, as in so non-compressive and lightweight that you might not be sure you’re wearing anything, the FITS are the way to go.

If you want some compression (and a somewhat sturdier and more robust feeling fabric), then definitely go with the Free Rides.

The Free Rides also suffer from the lack of pockets between the waistband and hip and have the cell pockets on both thighs.

I have switched completely to tights; The Irideon Issentials are quite light; perfect for my central Fla climate this time of year. Can’t speak for how the full seat holds up, because I bought knee patch; not a silicone fan. But love the tights. They make a cargo model with pockets but those are a bit heavier.

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The derby house tights are awesome. I get mine on ride away, the price is right even with duties and shipping. They’re super comfy and have a good grip.

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which ones! I have been curious how they are.

These ones

I find them super comfy, they fit like a legging. I wear mine constantly, they keep their shape, and I always toss them in the dryer and the silicone is still very sticky even with the abuse. The price made me try them and I have zero regrets, except that I want to buy more now!