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Sporthorse TB breeding

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Not sure if this one is available in Canada or the US

Not sure he’s still available …

Another one …

Deceased but maybe frozen still available…

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Yellow Creek is deceased but he has a lovely true black son (Copy Cat Creek) 16.3 hh that will be standing in Ontario next year to outside mares. Registered TB and approved for breeding by the Canadian Sport Horse Association. Available live cover or AI. PM me for further details if interested and I will put you in touch with the owner.

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Fred has posted that a full TB son that she bred, who is by AFR out of a Yellow Creek mare, could begin a stud career next year. His name is probably HIghclere Romance.

Do you mean @Fred ?

I have no idea what you are talking about. I’m talking about COTH user Fred.

The young fellow is from 2 established TB sport horse lines and could well be an improvement on his sire and his damsire.


I just find it interesting that you find a way to bring that poster and her stallion up at every chance you get… and not often in a nice or good way either.
To me it seems like you have a bit of a ‘thing’ with that poster that moderators @Moderator 1 should maybe take care of.
JMHO of course.


Absolutely adore AFR, he would have been my first choice, so sad that he passed :(. But thanks for the recommendation, I’ll look into it!


WOW!! He is sooooooo gorgeous!! And his offspring are beautiful too, would you happen to know if he throws height?

I would think any questions regarding AFR offspring are best directed to his breeder, since we have the benefit here on COTH of her expertise and years of experience breeding TBs. OP, if you look up and send a message to @Fred, I’m sure she’ll be able to give you some helpful tips. A word to the wise: beware of people who may act as though they are knowledgeable in this area but have no actual experience breeding TBs


I can’t answer to the height, but it may be worthwhile for you to know that his son, T F Classic Twist (out of Skipping Class) is available at stud. A while back the owner posted someplace that frozen was available for Triple Twist (she posts on here, as well).


to be fair the poster asked for TB sport horse stallions. AFR is going to be brought up. he is one of the most eminent TB sport-horse stallions in USA/NA.


I have no idea. You would need to contact the stallion owner.

Yeah, did you see that dig at AFR in the last sentence? A backhanded compliment if I ever heard one. However, to be generous to Viney, donkeys DO fly.


Hard to miss.


Not sure if this one is available in Canada or the US

HUBBA HUBBA!!! This guy is the dream team all on his own! Gorgeous looking with tremendous scope and movement. I’ll be tracking him.

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TF Classic Twist has his own Facebook page too, and Melissa updates it regularly. He looks like a lovely young stallion with a great temperament - he’s treated as part of their family and that speaks volumes. Nice uphill boy, who is a good mover as well as jumper. Not very tall, but I believe he was the dam’s first foal and she was smaller too.

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So, I usually think recommending racing stallions for sport is a little silly. But I saw this news today:



He certainly piques my interest for sport. They are unlikely to ship semen, so I’m not sure how far that farm is from you. They may or may not entertain a non-race prospect, but the advertised fee is reasonable enough you might be able to make something work. I’ve seen him at Keeneland and he’s certainly a classic type; not sure if he ticks your height box from memory, but I don’t recall him being noticeably small…