Stallion for D line hano mare

My last post seems to have been lost in the ether…

Hi all, I have a dressage bred Hanoverian mare with strong D lines. She is a beautiful hunter, I would like to cross her with something that either stays the same or refines the baby, improve her neck, and improve her spring off the ground. She has plenty of scope, good mover, nice style, but can be heavy on take off. She has a strong work ethic but is ALL MARE on the ground. I would be breeding for a hunter but really don’t mind jumper sires with excellent rideability, temperament, and canter. The canter and jump being the most important thing to me.

I would be doing embryo transfer, so ideally something in the US but am not opposed to dealing with overseas either.

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What a nice mare! Can you share a link to her pedigree somewhere like Horsetelex or try the photo again? It is coming up too blurry to read for me.

Sorry! She isn’t in horsetelex, but I just put her in pedigree query.


Try this one :smiley: There you have the mother line :slight_smile:

No one? :slight_smile:

A few ideas:

Quite Easy


Sir Wanabi springs to mind, although he is big.

I think Jethro Tull could be a nice hunter stallion.

Balta C’zar (although I’m not sure he is approved AHS?)


Check out the stallion amazing the Balou de rouet should add some spring, also I can second sir wannabi, he will improve gaits and jump and will also lighten.

My only hesitation with Balou or the like is that my understanding is that Don Fredericos can be quite tough - not in a bad way but that they are smart and can be challenging for that reason. Paired with the fact that temperament is important here with the goal of a hunter, I’d worry about some of that toughness coming through along with the Baloubet toughness. I know everyone loves the Balou horses for hunters and I have seen some lovely ones but I have also seen some pretty tough ones so I’d be wary of the cross. I could be off base with this though and I am sure that many will disagree, but it wouldn’t be the move I’d want to make.

Also worth noting that Balou is positive for FFS and you should test your mare if you go that route. I’m not sure about the stallions I listed if they are or not, it would be worth checking.

ETA: Looks like Sir Wanabi is a carrier as well. I can’t find info on Balta C’zar, he may not have been tested. Harvard doesn’t say on his website that I can see but according to Horsetelex he is WFFS free, it would be worth checking. Checkmate, Jethro Tull, and Quite Easy are all negative. It is a pretty cheap test (~$20 or $30 IIRC) so it might be worth getting your mare tested for peace of mind.


Carrico, he’s fresh and fantastic. Balou’s are also great but can be spicy. If you are superbrave, Quaterback. As a breeder I have not been that brave any was thrilled with my Carricos. Decided to just buy a Quaterback 4 yo.

Thank you for your response. Of these I like checkmate the best, the rest don’t have the jumping style I’m aiming for. But checkmate worries be because of his lack of competition record and his only riding video is of cross rails. I have thought about reaching out to the owner to get the scoop, but no matter what, he’s not being shown for some reason.

I fear with carrico I’d end up with a giant thelwell pony. He’s so cute and thick. And so is my mare.

Why bravery with quarterback? Any history there?

This is the type I’m looking for. I absolutely love his jump and all of the offspring I’ve found. Looks like he complements heavy mares and has a great demeanor.

Contract terms are onerous though.

Thoughts on that cross or others that might be like him in the us?

Some of the nicest hunters I’ve ever seen are Quaterbacks, but he has pretty extreme dressage movement. However, the 4yo I just bought is out of a dressage mare and he was born to be a hunter. But when you watch the video of the stallion, you’ll see what I mean. Great lineage for good jumping form, and ends up with a lot of hack winners, but when you see his big dressage trot… it does not SEEM like he should throw brilliant hunters.

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Diacontinus frozen works. What about the contract is “onerous”? Celle doesn’t have a contract at all.

My confusion. I saw on the SES site the Schockemoehle contract, and made a poor assumption. Any thoughts on the specific cross with my mare? I have long been in love with Diarado, but I’ve heard so many times that he’s small and throws small. Though my trainer is trying to convince me that a 15.3 small junior would be perfect. I honestly don’t know much about either side of the Diacontinus bloodline other than my love of Diarado.

I have watched his videos, when I read that I needed to be brave to breed to him, I immediately thought I would need to be a brave rider due to possible behavioral issues. His movement doesn’t scare me off at all, quite the opposite, I think he would compliment my mare nicely, and I agree I have known so many quarterback hunters. That said, I wish I could find video of him jumping. I’m look for a specific jump type, and even though lots of hunters are quarterbacks, the mares might be influencing the jump. I don’t dislike my mare’s jump (quite the contrary), she jumps with the best of them. However, I do believe she needs a lot of spring influence on the sire’s side to create the kind of horse i’m looking for.

Another one to look at. He is not approved yet but will be presented this summer according to the owners. And I do not know either individual but he sure looks nice on Facebook. Doug Payne has a lovely Quite Easy stallion - Quiberon that is going to be pointed to the hunters and eventers. Lots of blood and he is a longer lined elegant type. Lovely jump. You can see videos on Doug Payne’s FB page. And lots of good jumping blood.

Since your mare does not have that much jumping blood I would look for a stallion with jumping blood not just a dressage horse that jumps. I am sure there are plenty of Holsteiner stallion that fit that category. I just don’t know enough about them to make a recommendation.

One other who Im a huge fan of you might want to look into is Valentino, he’s got a super jumping form and nice gaits plus he’s produced some nice hunters.

Is this a keeper or to sell the foal? It makes a difference. A Diarado or any top well-known hunter stallion out of a great mare will be in high demand. Reading between the lines I feel like you will love a Diarado… if you love the son, breed to the sire 😊 in any event, go with your gut. No one knows your mare like you do.

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