Stallion Recommendations - Eventing (TB Mare cross)

It is an exciting time for me, I have decided to breed one of my mares next year pending all goes to plan. Before anyone shoots into a tangent she is a proven mare, who is quality and worthy of breeding. Vet has already approved of her physically being bred recently and we forsee no issues that would be apparent at this stage, which is the very very early stage of picking a sire.

Mare is 16.2 Thoroughbred, all legs. A bit long in the back, not uphill, but a very very nice big mover with tones of scope and bravery. She is on the hotter end of the hot scale under saddle but easy to handle on the ground. She is healthy and has not been unsound in the nearly 8 years I have owned her.

The foal will be for me in the future for eventing. I am hopeful for something that could do 2*/3* eventually but it would have a forever home with me regardless. We are located in Ontario Canada. Height is not a concern because I am super short and have no issue riding small or large horses. I do want something that is equally or nice mover than the mare. A big safe jump and a nice gallop is ideal, but the mare also has a fabulous gallop.

Originally I was hoping to breed her to Upsilon but now with his illness he is obviously no longer breeding.

So far the stallions that are interesting me are:

Derryinver Luxury Cruise:
Humble GS
Isselhook’s First Sight TSF

I also have interest in breeding to a straight Arab to have an Anglo, but I really have no clue where to start looking at Arab stallions.

Any other suggestions are welcome! I prefer a lot of blood so heavy warmbloods aren’t a big interest but I am open to hearing what other more experienced breeders think.

Pictures of the mare :slight_smile:

I am not a breeder and so have no useful advice as to sires, just want to say what a lovely redhead! Your mare is absolutely beautiful!

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Nice mare ,
We have a compact 16.1hh stallion with over 50% TB blood back in the pedigree, very proven and very suitable.
let me know if you have any questions. Early booking discounts now!
That is fresh or frozen


Thank you for the kind words :slight_smile:

He is absolutely stunning, and that canter is to die for! He is on my list now. Do you ship semen to Canada?

Wow so exciting!! my two favourite eventing stallions in NA are the Hirtentanz and Valentino. Valentino was 8th last year in the world for eventing and has a tonne of really nice offspring in Europe, he is located in British Colombia with dreamscape farms. Another one is the Trakehner stallion Hirtentanz, he is one of the only Trakehner ever to be approved with the Holsteiner studbook for his exceptional jumping ability. He is 34th in the world right now. I’ll post some links to videos of each of their progeny if interested:)

Hirtentanz offsping,

Valentino offspring

Another interesting young one is Andrea baxters stallion Coronado, he’s by chilli morning and out of her 5-star mare Estrella. He will be an exciting one to watch


Another nice one since you mentioned you liked the Anglo arabs is checkmate. He is very typey and is line bred to the famous Anglo Arab stallion Zeus.


For proven breeding with Arab lines, what about Biddesden Stud? Persiflage is well regarded and they also stand the Tamarillo clone.

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Breeding to a Trakehner could certainly give blood/not take any away… two of which you mentioned above, Humble and First Sight, are TK. If you’re looking for more blood, an interesting choice could be RUSTICUS. He is is by GP Show Jumper, Favoritas xx, out of an E.H. Bartholdy mare. He won best jumper at his stallion inspection in Germany.

I am also a big fan of Songline, Stiletto, and Tatendrang!


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Thank you all! A lot of gorgeous stallions I didn’t know about.

@Blugal thank you for that link! I am really interested in the Arab lines, I just wish I knew anything at all about them. I need to find someone who can help educate me.

Have you checked out the WBFSH rankings?

For instance if you click on studbooks for 2020, you can see which are the top horses contributing to the ranking of each studbook and their sires. For the French Anglo-Arab studbook, Vassily De Lassos is at the top, sired by Jaguar Mail. (I’ve heard Jaguar Mail throws heavy, but you can easily look that up to confirm.) It was his dam who was the AA however.

I like to cross-reference with Horse Telex to see extended pedigrees, performance, family, and blood %. Here’s Vassily de Lassos.


I didn’t even know this existed, so thank you!! LOL

Yes we ship quite a bit to Canada

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Connemara? :wink:


If you like Anglo-Arabs then I’d suggest Cestuy de la l’Esques, though I’m not sure if he’s available in North America: Cestuy la de l’Esques

And Espri du Figuier xx, by Upsilon but perhaps a 2nd useless suggestion as I’m not sure if he’s available in NA either : Espri du Figuier xx


This is a lovely mare, congratulations!

I want to throw in a coule of Trakehners that also carry AA - both of the worlds you might be looking for.

One is also the current FEI World Champion 7yr old from Lion d’Angers - doesn’t come much better than that.
His name is Sweetaters Ziethen TSF, he is by the German 1.40m show jumper and elite stallion Abendtanz out of a Campetot AA daughter. Ziethen is ridden by Germany’ Sophie Leube and without a doubt will go places.
He is - for the first time - available frozen in the US in 2021, and the semen is of excellent quality. You can find him in the current ATA Stallion Service auction, but I can also point you to an outside source if you’d like to know more. Videos are plenty on Yourtube or via his auction link here:

Then there is another brand new international eventing stallion available in the US, Felix Etzel’s fantastic Polartanz (Konvoi (French AA son) out of a Heraldik xx dam.
Same auction, and again also available via other sources:

And I really like all other suggestions here as well, especially Cestuy if you can get him, great horse!!


Thank you!!

What about Mighty Magic? WB, but a lovely type. I know someone who has a MM baby and I love him. Not at all heavy!

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Isselhooks First Sight is a very promising young stallion. Love the look of him.


I have an Anglo stallion who meets your needs. He has a spectacular canter, which all his foals inherit. You won’t ride a better canter. He also has a lovely jump, and adds size (I would expect a 17h foal out of his mare). Your foal would be a registered Anglo and would also be eligible for prize money for life.
His foals are winning in the hunter ring.
Ships fresh cooled or frozen.
He will not sire a chestnut foal.
Test negative for SCID/CA/LFS.

Have you looked at Doug Payne’s Quiberon? I admit I have never seen the stallion in person - only videos. However he has been showing in the hunters, jumpers and eventing and has been very successful in all three rings even though he is a young horse. he is a warmblood with a high percentage TB blood. Really lovely horse with great jumping technique and scope.