Steel toe boots- dangerous?

Was not sure how to phrase the Q. So my feet seem to need a wider shoe/boot. I have had a heck of a hard time finding WIDE width boots that I like. I found a pair of Women’s WORK style boots online, and ordered them, tried them on, and they were too long in the foot and not really wide at all. I had to send them back today at a cost of $13.00. I think i need to shop in person.

I know of a store in Allentown which sells all work boots and many with steel toes. Many years ago, 1992, I believe, I was dating a farrier who told me he would never wear steel toes around horses bc if he got stepped on, the steel part could amputate his toes. At the time, that made sense to me. So I guess I want to know if I can’t find soft toe in wide width boots, Are steel or composite toe boots safe to wear if I get stepped on.

Myth busters did a show on this. No, they’re fine to use, and protective.


Ditto to what Simkie said.

However, if you wear a wide boot, either muckers, winter boots or steel toed boots, make sure you use stirrups that are wide enough for your foot + the boots.

I had an acquaintence do some really gnarly damage to her knee when she fell, because her steel toes hung up in the stirrup for just long enough to put a lot of extra stress on the knee.


if your shoes get compressed to the point the steel toe cuts off toes, you would lose those anyhow.


Myth… as stated above.
DH has to wear steel/composite toe boots for work. He works with heavy equipment & the boots have actually saved his feet a time or two.


You probably have a specific style of work boot in mind but I have become attached to the Ariat MEN’S H2O Terrain. I order the EE width which is as wide as they come. Typically, I have to shop in the men’s shoe section because manufacturers think all women should have very narrow feet. I’m not even sure wide is an option for women’s shoes. I have worn steel toes but for some reason I felt clutzier than normal. Good luck!


Another one who has to wear men’s shoes to get the width.


I plan to bring a stirrup with me, to make sure the boots are not too wide on the outside, that way they can fall out of a stirrup. I have had similar issues with winter/snow boots and riding, so i always bring a stirrup if i can.


I saw that episode BUT I personally know a farrier that had his toes completely crushed by a horse stomping on his steel toed boots.


I have no special knowledge, I’ve always heard not to wear steel toed boots around horses.

I wonder if the steel part is sturdier in some boots, maybe myth busters tested a certain brand of boot with very good steel. Also I wonder if a horse hoof exerts more dangerous/focused force than what typically falls on a workers foot. Similar to why we don’t wear bike helmets when we ride horses.


You may need to buy wider stirrups for winter use.


Haven’t seen that Myth Busters episode, however, I do personally know someone who got their foot royally messed up when a horse stood on their steel-capped boot (while both of them were on concrete) and the steel plate gave in. Tendons were cut and they’re still having problems with that foot years after the incident.


This site here has the episode details from mythbusters:

If the steel plate fails, the outcome with normal boots probably would have been amputation.


Smart, Nezzy. That’s exactly the right thing to do.

My foot doctor, who was a professional competitor in a very tough discipline for many years, advised me not to wear steel toe riding boots.

When I asked why, he said there was a chance of repairing my toes if stepped on by a horse while wearing regular boots, but not if crushed/amputated by steel toe boots.


Squirt- that is my fear.

Sleipner, thank you. I was wondering if mythbusters didn’t factor in the way a horse will step on your foot.

Jarpur- Thank you. i guess i won’t be trying steel toe boots.

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You’re welcome.

I figured my doctor was very experienced with horses, boots, being stepped on, and foot injuries, so I took his advice.

I have decided to try a pair of Blundstones (with free shipping and free returns). From what I understand the half sizes up are wider than the originals. A bit strange to try to figure out my size, but in inches, I hope I got it right. Fingers crossed!

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