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Stellar TVR and New Horizon warning

Continuing the discussion from Ponies in the stallion testing?:

I would highly recommend that you do not contact this facility, and or consider any breeding to the stallion. I purchased a breeding to the stallion and put my mayor through the gauntlet. When it was all said and done, the stallion was unfortunately passed his age of sending ship semen. He was only passing on a 20% motility. The stallion Owner refused to do anything and suggested she would give me a small percentage of a foal. Once I looked at the prices on her website, I realize she was not giving me a discount at all. This has been extremely heartbreaking for me. I took tremendous time in looking over this cross in my mare would’ve been perfect. Now I am having to take the stallion Owner to court because she will not honor the LIFO guarantee whatsoever. Even the individuals that stood the stallion for collection stated they told the stallion on or he should not be standing. Unfortunately I was not told this information until I had already attempted to breedings and was in over $6000 at that point. So just be very wary of this particular stallion owner. He is a beautiful stallion but unfortunately, he is older stallion and can probably only produce a foal if it is live cover. Also, I want people to know that this stallion owner is just not doing the right thing. It’s obvious they’ve made a tremendous amount of money off the stallion, but now they’re into some nefarious business dealings . That’s just not the way the horse world should work. It has gotten more and more that way, but it is a unsettling.

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