Stirrups - Share your Favorites

What’s the stirrup type/brand that ticks all the boxes for you? Something that comes in at least a 5 inch width. And doesn’t scratch up the saddle w oddly placed cheese grater pads.
Has the aluminum Jing type stirrup proven reliable xc? I was also wondering about the black polymer “Royal Riders”.
Stirrup super fans share your faves please.

I have and love two pairs (one for each saddle) of the Jin anatomic. I also let a barnmate try them and she wound up buying her own. They are quite solidly built.

We also have some Royal Rider fans in the barn. I personally prefer metal, with its more classic look, ease of cleaning, and heavier weight, which I find makes it easier for me to retrieve should I drop one. I also like the triangle tread on the Jins very much, as I find it to be the perfect level of grip without destroying my hands when I go to pull the stirrup down (as another friend’s Le Mieuxes did.)

I have had sprained both ankles to the point there has been ligament/tendon damage (like most other equestrians lol).
I have found my favorites to include the Free Jump, Lorenzini, Equipe (similar to JIN), and Flex On.

My jump I have the original Jins, love them, my knees are happy in them! For my dressage I have Royal Rider wide foot beds, like the grip.

I have Acavallo Alupros on both my jump and dressage saddles and am considering buying a pair of the Arena Aluplus to have safety stirrups for XC. They’re essentially just another version of the original Jin stirrups. Initially I only had them on my jump saddle but they made such a difference with my joints (ankles especially) that I sprung for a second pair for my dressage saddle so that I wouldn’t have to go through the hassle of switching irons every time I rode in the other saddle.

They’re also pretty hard to accidentally slip out of, but not so grippy that you can’t get loose if you fall (which I’ve done twice since I started using them), and even though they’re aluminum they aren’t super bouncy so it’s easy enough for me to pick them back up if I purposefully drop them for a few strides at the trot/canter.

Making a list of these suggestions. Thank you,

I love my Flexon stirrups. But they do scratch the saddle. I just use stirrup covers to protect my saddle.

I am a fan of the original MDC stirrups - they’re heavy, no flex (I hate the flex stirrups and they make me do weird things with my legs trying to stabilize myself), and the twist top lets you set them on a 45- or 90-degree angle.

I also put the Super Comfort grip wraps on them. I like the substantial feel.

I’ve tried the newer-style MDCs with the wide, thin footbed and didn’t like them as much.

Just a note from watching hundreds of dressage tests while scribing (eventing) over 8+ years - it seems like the very light composite or plastic stirrups tend to put riders in a chair seat. My very non-scientific guess is that when riders put their weight into their heels, the lightweight stirrups just push forward. Not to say that this happens to all riders who use them, but whenever I do notice a rider with their legs way too far out in front, they inevitably seem to have plastic stirrups.

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Tech stirrups. I like the version with the 5° slanted footbed, safety branch, and shock absorption.


I also love the Tech Venice stirrups with the slanted foot bed and I love that it is also a safety stirrup.

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I have had Jin stirrups for years and have no issues (and their hackamore is amazing). I just got flexon stirrups with the little give & safety arm for my jump saddle and so far I am liking them - another option.

Acavella Operas - a game changer! I’ve also “converted” three of my students to them.

I am an old fogie.
I use Prussian stirrups for jumping (they are lighter) and Fillis stirrups for dressage.
Both with rubber pads.

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I ride with Acavallo Alupros. I like them fine.

For a few months I rode in Freejumps and was surprised how much of a difference I felt. I thought stirrups are stirrups, but I found the Freejumps strangely more secure and, while I don’t have issues with ankles or knees, I did notice that they felt softer.

I don’t need to spend another $500, so I’m still in my Acavallos. But I would buy Freejumps next time I’m in the market.

I have safety elastic stirrups. How you heard of magnetic stirrups?

Free jump soft up Pro.
I have hip, knee and ankle issues and find these much more comfortable for longer than previous stirrups I’ve used, but weirdly they give me more leg stability at the same time.
They’ (alongside a LOT of Pilates) have made a big difference to my security in the saddle

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Another vote for FreeJumps! I also have the Vector Balance and Vector Control stirrups by Le Meiux and like those enough.
My requirements are aggressive tread, NOT terribly lightweight, wide footbed, safety release.

For a minute there, I thought I was the only one still using no-name regular stirrups from who knows when. I prefer the Prussians.

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Free Jumps all the way!

My dressage saddle has the first stirrups I ever bought - a nice heavy pair of Stubben fillis irons. When my dad took me to the tack store, the owner told us that if we invested in a good pair, they’d last a lifetime. This was over 20 years ago, they were $75, and he was right.

I do have the Super Comfort pads on them thought :slight_smile:

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