Stolen foal from Fort Lupton CO


Fort Lupton CO: Someone stole a baby foal away from mama. :frowning:

If you know anything, or see the baby, please call their number.

Edit: fixed location name

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This is pretty close to me, a friend sent this to me today too… it’s crazy. My first thought was an animal got it but that would be rare for the area and I guess the owner said there’s boot prints/ baby hoof prints/ tire treads outside the gate. I wonder if someone thought they were being a vigilante because it’s been cold here the past few nights so maybe someone thought they were saving it from the cold? I don’t know what to think… I’m baffled.

Here’s a story about it too…


Also it’s Fort Lupton, not Fort Lupine just an FYI.

Wow. I hope they find the baby. Poor mama horse. I can imagine how much she’s screaming for her foal.

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Thanks, it’s been about a year since I needed new glasses…

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4 days old. Good lord I hope whomever took this baby knows how to take care of it, for pity sake.


Poor baby and mama!! :frowning:

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Are there any updates on this?

I don’t think so. There was a picture circulating of what people thought was a foal in a dog crate in a pickup but the cops tracked it down and it was a goat.

Any updates?

As of 12 weeks ago, the sheriff’s office FB page said no updates still, and no leads.

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That’s awful. I wonder if the owners have any enemies.

That’s horrible. The poor foal. I hope whoever did this gets their just desserts with plenty of interest.

I hope it’s creme brulee

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:joy: With a hefty dose of laxative mixed in and only a very dirty public outhouse? And no TP? Sounds like a fitting punishment to me!


my heart still feels sad over this particular theft / loss. I dont feel positive for the outcome of that little baby

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Heartbreaking. Whoever did that deserves to die.


Clutch your pearls all you want, as if you wouldn’t shoot this person if they attempted this cruel theft on your property.

I try not to wish death upon people I don’t even know. Pearls unclutched bb

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