String for hay shredding

Those of you who shred hay using a leaf mulcher, what kind of string do you use? I have a Worx mulcher/shredder, and the string that came with it is pretty awful. It breaks off easily and then I have to sift through the hay to find it.


I think my shredder is an Evenflo, and I just use small weed whipper string off a roll. Cheaper by the roll. Does the shredder specify how big of string it can use? Thicker string does last longr, but may unbalance the head if too big for the machine.

I have DR push string triimmer and the DR folks recommend soaking the string in water for 24 hours before use. It does seem that the strings break less often. More " worn off" during use, then broke off. So I now soak all my new trimmer string before use.

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They don’t specify size, but I’m guessing as long as it fits it should be ok. I’ve never heard of soaking the string. I’ll give that a try as well. Can’t hurt!

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I used my worx blower shredder mulcher, but it was the electric one, no string, metal blades in the impeller. Worked great, I would worry about string only bc it does shred, so how much of it is in the hay at the end of the day?

Maybe this is what I need. I do actually go through the hay a handful at a time to pick out the string, and sometimes I STILL miss pieces.

I chopped hay for an entire summer with that worx mulcher blower n it held up great. It would jam sometimes though and i would have to turn it off, open it up and get the stuck hay out. Best way I figured out was to hold handfuls and let them get sucked up longways, not all crinkled up and then would go up the chute and chop right up. I used the attachment that the hose makes the choppings go over into a bucket or trash bin, I chopped twice since I needed them in tiny shreds but it worked great. Definetly dusty…but great!

This is the newest version of it with the attachment I used.

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Here’s a thread I started about using a chipper/shredder (with metal blades) to chop hay for my old guy, if you decide to upgrade equipment:

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Thank you both for sharing! I may look into that. I didn’t really want to spend more $$$ (their feed is 29.95 now!) But you know how that goes.

It’s for my 32 y/o senior girl. She actually eats hay ok (I don’t know how, she has like 6 teeth), but I find quids sometimes and I’m thinking this will make it easier for her.

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