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Super annoying ads

A while back I griped about the banner ads showing up in posts on the forums. It was explained as a necessity and I accepted that and kept my disgruntledness to myself. (If that’s not a word, it should be.)

But now, when I first go to the forums and then EVERY TIME I go back to the list of threads in whatever forum I’m in, my entire screen is filled with an ad and I have to scroll down to get to the threads. Every.Single.Time.

This is really nuts. Can anything be done to reverse this? Can I pay $$ to have my COTH Forums experience be ad-free?


I have intentionally not loaded an ad blocker because I feel dealing with the ads is fair for the free use of the forum… Until now. This new full page ad every time I go to a list of threads is ridiculous and excessively annoying and it makes me not want to deal with that vendor.

Edit to add, the full page ad is there when I open some threads too.


I agree the banner ad at the very top of the page is over the top. Like Trubandloki, I considered the smaller ads fair to deal with and did not install an Adblocker on my main computer. I don’t mind the ads on the side-bar, or even the flashing ads in between posts (although those are really disruptive to what a forum’s main theme is - discussion) but would love if TPTB could reconsider allowing an advertisement to take up a full page. For context my screen monitor is 1920 pixels - that’s a big ad.


It is so past just being a banner. If it was a banner that would be fine.

And I will say, I just played with it. There are words at the bottom of it that are cut in half and I can not figure out a way to read them, while staying in the forum. I am sure if I clicked on the ad I would see it. But I wonder if that ad was even formatted for that use?

And now it’s gone…! Maybe it was a mistake to begin with or there were so many complaints. Anyway, here’s hoping it’s gone for good!

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I was seeing that a few days ago (and hated it). I didn’t see it at all yesterday, and not so far today.


It was for sure here this morning for me.

I have not seen it this evening since I logged back on.

Do y’all use this link ?



That is what it says at the top of the page, yes. Why?



I have never seen what you described.

I have not seen it since the morning of the September 1st and it was only around for a couple of days. So maybe you were not on during the prime annoyance window or your device did not show it, because I saw it on one device and not on another.

I saw this again last night.


Here it is in all its glory:


The super annoying ads that make me NEVER want to ever buy those products are back.

I don’t know who thought this was a good idea, but it was not.

The bouncing arrow to hit to get down to the forum again ads another level of crazy stupid annoyance to the whole thing.


More this morning, every other page I navigate.

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Another twist to the annoyance – in the past week, I’ve had mostly ad-free experiences with the forum. Of course, I still see the embedded banner ads in the posts but I’ve gotten so used to them I don’t even notice them (note to vendors: imbedded ads DO NOTHING).

But a few days ago and then yesterday, the full screen ads I described in my first post were back. Full blast. Now, today they’re gone (yay!). Is this some sort of ploy? To make it random so that optimism prevails and the reader keeps coming back?

They are back this morning.
Every page change starts with some kind of full page ad to scroll out of the way. :crazy_face:

it appears that for a little while the site had a workaround on the ad blockers as there were ads all over the place earlier this morning, the ad blocker I use had at that time nine blocked but there were still banner ads.

Now the ad blocker use is blocking 14 and all banner ads are gone again