Sweetie's Saga- Rest In Peace Sweet Mare

So I had my mare for almost 30 yrs, I feel confident taking care of seniors with issues, I know how to medicate take care of colic, lameness issues, I can give shots, I do not ride anymore so I am honestly more comfortable with pasture ornaments… which leads me to the current situation.

My pony has been alone since June, I put down my friends senior who lived out his retirement at my place. I have thought about getting another pasture mate, but always say nahh, my pony is insanely low maintenance and the break from 3x a day feeding and no feed cost has been nice. I have thought about doing a cheap pasture board for someone, but then I realize people would be at my barn, therefore my house and I am a bit of a control freak so nixed that idea quick…

Bored and cruising craigslist today I came across this poor soul and started crying at work, I felt like I had to reach out and at least ask about her. Turns out her owners are good ppl, they just have no experience with horses, bought her off craigslist themselves and just cannot afford trying to get her well.

I told the ppl I want current coggins, shot records, any and all vet records concerning her worms situation, am I forgetting anything? I am thinking for sure have my vet out asap, a 5 day round of Panacur, senior feed of course, aloe vera to help her stomach (anyone ever use the Abler tablet ulcer treatment round? Thoughts on it?) Keep her separate from pony while she gets used to our place, plenty of hay, love, grooming and hand walking, then if she does gain weight back try just walking around on her and see if she is rideable, if not totally fine of course though.

Tell me I am doing the right thing, I have never brought a horse back from that much of a weight loss, or did the whole “rescue” thing… For 700 bucks including them delivering her to me from 2 hrs away, even if she is harboring a cancer or something fatal, at least I can try to get her well and if not, she can go peacefully vs some joe blow buying her, auctioning her to slaughter or trying to ride her with no further actual medical treatment.

I have already committed to buying her, I just reassurance that I am not insane for doing this I guess!!! 00a0a_cArmiUMMhUaz_0hT0CI_600x450 00L0L_cbJNWUj760Sz_0hT0CI_600x450 00z0z_jTUh8e2n2fqz_0hT0CI_600x450


I think you’re awesome for giving her a soft landing! She’s certainly thin but looks bright and alert.


Quarantine and get your vet involved for advice and oversight. She looks like a sweet girl, good luck!


I miss my mare everyday, this one just pulled at me for some reason. I showed my 9yr old and she immediately was all we have to rescue her mom we have to get her!!! Even with the money involved and her bday coming up she didn’t care. “It’s a horse mom, a horse…and she needs us just look at her!” That helped me feel better about it as well.


She looks like a kind soul! Thank you for giving her a home! She looks like she might need a farrier as well.


For sure will have my vet out hopefully within the week of her arriving :slight_smile:


I still cannot fathom how she is soooo skinny, I mean look at all that hay stacked in front of her!!! Makes me really wonder how much she is eating when they wall away and she is with the herd?

She might have GI issues. One of my friends has a mare who is just so difficult to keep weight on, even with good quality hay and grain in front of her all day.

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Right! Thats why Im thinking aloe juice in her feed. I would like to do a round of ulcer treatment but omg the cost! I came across Abler tablets online but cannot find much about them as far as in forums or reviews online? Thinking beet pulp pellets soaked if she seems like she needs extra help bulking up.


You’re not crazy. You’re awesome! Congratulations :slightly_smiling_face:


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thank you! I offered to pay them half now and they other half when they bring her and have not heard back…arrggg!

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I love your kid.:heartpulse:. I think she’s actually a really pretty color w a great face! I know you mentioned you will have your vet out…maybe a phone consult w a university internal medicine person could be helpful. We bought one from the track like this; his owner didn’t care and just chucked him out in a field w QHs who pushed him around. I don’t think k he was quite this thin, but he was thin and his feet were beyond terrible. He turned out to be very nice. Good luck!


I’ll enable you :+1:
She has a kind eye & aside from the ribs & hipbones, coat looks good.
She might just be a really hard keeper.
How old is she?
Friend had a TB who looked race-fit into his 20s.
She poured a zillion different supplements into him, fed good hay & a pelleted feed.
He was just never going to be more than slender.

Keep us posted on your new mare.
Does she have a name? New name?
Hope she & your pony form a “herd” :sunglasses:


She supposedly is a qh and was used for running barrels and passed around. Makes me want to just spoil her rotten now even more. My vet is amazing, he has to go to Tryon at least once a month he is so in demand out there with the show people. My mare wasn’t even his patient when she had ulcers diagnosed by UT. He looked at her in her paddock after she came back to my barn I boarded her at then, n goes to my friend/BO of that barn, lets call her in misiprostol and treat her for stomach and hindgut, oh n lets use CVS so Liz can use goldrx n save a ton of money too. Did not ever send me a bill for that and endeared me to him for life!


She is 19 according to the ppl selling her. I will ask my vet for his opinion on that one lol. They also said shes a qh? Her name is Sugar as of right now, we already have a cat named Sugar. If everything goes like it should and she makes it here I will let my daughter rename her if she wants to. She has already decided she has to help me with her…then again ask me if shes ever cleaned a litter box from the 2 indoor cats that we “just had to save from living outside”… :smirk:


Assignment for DD:
Think up a name that’s sweet, but not Sugar :thinking:


The “Canadian” ulcer treatment has been mentioned on this BB and I know a horse in my barn who has to live on Ulcergard just switched to it with great success. Maybe more palatable, cost-wise? I don’t know the name, but am sure others can chime in!

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She is super into minecraft, stranger things, and some weird anime hello kitty type stuff… I may regret that assignment lmao. Maybe we will just call her Sweetie, the pony is named Spirit so we would have ‘Spiridoodle’ (when he is not pissing me off hehehe) and Sweetiepie!


First of all thank you so much for taking her and your daughter’s response had me in tears, it nice to read some good news. Second, I wonder if she does not have some TB in her?


Awww you’re not crazy, good on you and good luck!