System has logged me in as another user

I was just replying to a thread and when I hit post … I noticed that my reply showed up under someone else’s user account. I deleted the post and realized that I am actually logged in as someone else. I assume that means someone ELSE could be logged in under MY account and posting as me… which is very disturbing.


This is a known issue. They have been working on it.

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Yes, we’ve had a few scattered reports of this–@moderator_1 has shared that it’s the #1 priority of the dev team at the moment, and they’re taking it very, very seriously.

You can see what devices are logged into your account at your profile. Click on your avatar in the upper right, then your user name, then preferences. You can see what all is logged in or recently logged in under “recently used devices” there. If anything looks amiss, definitely contact mod1. You can also force logout of each device there (or all of them) and report straight from there if you don’t recognize a login.

Uhhh… yeah. The OP isn’t me. That’s horrifyingly creepy.

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so, is the system crossing IP addresses then miss IDs the user? … could using a VPN confuse the system ?

Hit up your profile and log out all devices. That will at least clear any other users.

I did that right after I replied to this post earlier. Thank you!


Just happened to me too. I was logged in as me and then suddenly it switched to user Danier. I logged out and then went to re-login but it automatically logged me back in as me. Very odd! And unsecure, I was able to see the other person’s email address and everything as if I were that person. Hopefully this gets resolved soon, but it’s hard to understand how this is even happening.

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The dev team is working to understand and fix this problem.


I have updated the development team and, while I know they are taking it extremely seriously, I recommended that we may need to take the site offline until we can guarantee that it’s not going to happen to anyone else.

This is an unacceptable issue.

From what I understand and dumbing this down extremely based on my lack of knowledge of how the tech side operates, the system has a queue of all of the actions and requests coming down the pipe…each click, each log in, etc. And somehow there is a mixup in the log-in requests coming through. I will provide as much information as I have available to me.

I 100% understand your concern and alarm. I share it, and we are working to permanently fix this issue.


As much as it would suck, I think this might be the best idea with this particular problem.

Because I am curious… is this a known issue with Discourse or something that showed up based on COTH’s implementation?

From what I understand, this is a Discourse issue.

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Hopefully Discourse sees this as a big an issue as we (COTH staff and BB users) do…

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I had this problem this morning.
I posted about it here: