Tall socks- inside or outside

So this is a completely random question but its been bugging me for a while. I see so many pictures of people with their colorful tall socks outside of their breeches. I have even seen people walking around at horse shows like this. However, I always put my socks on first and then pull my breeches on over them.

So, what do you guys do? Is there a reason for one or the other?

Might make it easier for some to slip the leg in the boot without the breeches riding up.

I used to wear them over the socks though (no colorful long ones though) because I could open the velcro and fold the bottoms up in hot weather.
Looked like a Hippy but that was alright! :slight_smile:

besides, what good is it to buy pretty socks when you can’t see them!

I put mine over my breeches. They prevent rubs and makes it easier to pull on tall boots. However, I only wear black socks so it’s hard to tell where the boots end and the sock begins. :slight_smile:

I too pondered this question.

In the end, I decided that since most of the time I have to go to the store after riding, breeches over socks (I can’t drive with a clutch in tall boots) to sort of mitigate the geek look…

I must say, tho, I have some awesome socks I would LOVE to show off, just not at Safeway.

There was a looong thread about this - you know, the important things we worry about driving to the barn or work!

In the days before boots with zippers, silky socks over breeches to help boots slide over the breeches.

Now, with half chaps or boots with zippers, breeches over socks. I find it much more comfortable that way.

I have my socks on the outside. No reason why really. I like them that way.

I find that even with boots that have zippers, my zippers go up much easier when I have socks on over my breeches. And I do wear my socks like that to Safeway and lots of other places, too, because that’s just how I roll. I even have one pair that’s patterned just so that a couple of guys actually thought they were tattoos once! :lol:

Socks OVER breeches.

My first pair of tall boots were those rubber slip on kind, and the second were leather with boot hooks. Having the socks over breeches helped prevent the breeches from rolling up and bunching uncomfortably in the boot.

Now on my third pair of tall boots that are zip ups. Still prefer socks over breeches.

During the summer, if I really want to wear flip flops or shoes to/from the barn, it’s pretty easy to pull socks on or take them off if they are on the outside.

Well, OVER, of course. It makes it easier to put boots on, and more importantly, it keeps that bit of velcro at the bottom of the breeches from slipping off and scratching your skin.

Definitely outside. It just makes everything easier. Boots go on easier, breeches don’t bunch and get caught in the zipper, nothing rides up or slides down, and any potential wear/rubbing/damage/snagging/whatever that would have happened to my nice breeches inside the boot happens to the socks instead.

I also mostly have breeches that have the elastic bottoms instead of velcro, and trying to get everything off if you’ve put the socks underneath is a pain.

And I always thought that I was weird liking them on the inside!

I have Velcro closures on my breeches that leave a slight lump if I pull socks over them. Boots feel better and look better with the socks on the inside. The Velcro lump digs into my skin without the socks and chafes.

I hate not looking like a true rider with socks-over-breeches though, when I take them off :lol:

This is so interesting–“are you an innie or an outie.” The little things we discover about others on the Internet. I am just so glad I’m not the only innie!.

[QUOTE=Impractical Horsewoman;8508927]
This is so interesting–“are you an innie or an outie.” The little things we discover about others on the Internet. I am just so glad I’m not the only innie!.[/QUOTE]

Innies unite! I had the same feeling of am I not a real rider if I don’t wear them outside? But my breeches rub my legs if I don’t wear them inside! lol

I do feel sad that the designs on my cool tall boot socks always go hidden, though! And I’m a little bit old to wear knee socks by themselves with a skirt to show them off!

I was taught that socks go over boots to keep the pant leg down when you pull your boots on. I’ve been riding in zippered boots pretty much since the beginning though, so I just do it out of tradition.

I’ve given up tall boots years ago when I stopped showing in recognized shows. Since then I’ve been wearing my socks under my breeches, much more comfortable that way!

I wear my socks under my breeches. I find it much more comfortable.

Socks over breeches: zipper goes up and down easier, keeps breeches in place, prevents rubs. Did it with pull on boots, do it now with zip up boots. Do it when wearing paddocks and half chaps for the same reasons. But whatever floats your boat!

And I wear them over my breeches to the store, quite often with my pink flowered Muck boots. It’s very eye catching!

Definitely outside. Makes it easier to pull your boots on.

Inside! I get rubs from the Velcro if I wear them outside.